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Article Three Angles News—Wednesday, Nov. 21, 2012 Alexander Carpenter 11/20/2012
Article New Feature: Three Angles News Alexander Carpenter 11/20/2012
Article Drilling a Little Deeper: How long has snow fallen in Greenland? André Reis 11/20/2012
Article My God is Still the God of Heretics Patti Cottrell Grant 11/19/2012
Article New Feature: 'Spectrum' Flashback Alexander Carpenter 11/19/2012
Article Sabbath Sermon: Neighboring Well—Chris Oberg Alexander Carpenter 11/17/2012
Article Arming Ourselves for the Great Controversy Tom de Bruin 11/16/2012
Article Major Newspaper Covers Students Attempt to Establish LGBT Support Club at La Sierra University Alexander Carpenter 11/16/2012
Article Seven More Women Approved for Ordination by Pacific Union Conference Alexander Carpenter 11/16/2012
Article Separate, but United? The Conundrum of Race-based Conferences Mia Lindsey 11/15/2012
Article UPDATED: North Pacific Union Votes Three Step Engagement with Constituents on Women's Ordination Alexander Carpenter 11/15/2012
Article Praying for (What We’ve Already Decided Is) God’s Will Loren Seibold 11/15/2012
Article Voces por la transparencia en la iglesia Jonás Berea 11/15/2012
Article La implicación política de algunos adventistas en las recientes elecciones norteamericanas Café Hispano 11/15/2012
Article Pennsylvania Conference Delegates Re-elect Conference Administrators Barbara Rutt 11/12/2012
Article The Road to Women's Ordination in the Netherlands Tom de Bruin 11/12/2012
Article The Genesis Account: Six Hebrew Words Make All the Difference Brian Bull, Fritz Guy 11/12/2012
Article Creations—Documentary Leslie Foster 11/11/2012
Article An Open Letter to Ron Osborn and Spectrum Randy Roberts 11/09/2012
Article A Turning Point—My Experience With Women’s Ordination Barbara Rutt 11/09/2012
Article A Small Amount of Incense: An Open Letter to the Loma Linda University Church Ron Osborn 11/08/2012
Article Where Are You From? Herold Weiss 11/08/2012
Article "¿De dónde eres tú?" Herold Weiss 11/08/2012
Article At Human Speed: A (non-fiction) story Nathan Brown 11/08/2012
Article Standing Firm Against the Forces of Evil David Trim 11/07/2012
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