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Article Preaching: Spiritual Feeding or Breaking the Bread of Life? Landon Schnabel 01/21/2012
Article Sabbath Sermon: The Truth in Black and White—Dwight Nelson Alexander Carpenter 01/20/2012
Article “Dios como redentor” Norman Young 01/20/2012
Article “Juan 1:1-13: la Creación, la Divinidad, la Salvación” Karl. G. Wilcox 01/20/2012
Article The Purity Myth and Adventism Jesemynn Cacka 01/20/2012
Article What Dare We Pray? Loren Seibold 01/19/2012
Article Barry Black and Wintley Phipps on Adventist Arrogance and the Oakwood T. D. Jakes Disinvitation Alexander Carpenter 01/19/2012
Article Walla Walla University President John McVay to Step Down Alexander Carpenter 01/18/2012
Article ¿Debemos permanecer en silencio? Keith Burton 01/18/2012
Article God as Redeemer Norman Young 01/17/2012
Article The Real Martin Luther King Benjamin Baker 01/16/2012
Article Identidades adventistas Café Hispano 01/16/2012
Article When E. E. Cleveland Met Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Alexander Carpenter 01/16/2012
Article ABC Nightline—Some Loma Linda Adventists Fighting McDonald's Alexander Carpenter 01/15/2012
Article Creations—Outsiders Leslie Foster 01/15/2012
Article On Religious Liberty, Adventists Join Hands With Catholics Ron Osborn 01/15/2012
Article Sabbath Sermon: One Church—Chris Oberg Alexander Carpenter 01/13/2012
Article Curious Comments About Science In Glimpses Of Our God Phillip Brantley 01/13/2012
Article John 1:1-13: Creation, Divinity, Salvation Kim Papaioannou 01/13/2012
Article Who is Spectrum? Bonnie Dwyer 01/12/2012
Article I Finished the Work Herold Weiss 01/12/2012
Article Will Supreme Court Ruling Impact LSU-3 Case? Alexander Carpenter 01/11/2012
Article He acabado la obra Herold Weiss 01/11/2012
Article On Certitude Jan M. Long 01/11/2012
Article Searching for a God to Love—Chris Blake Alexander Carpenter 01/10/2012

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