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Article What are you missing in the current issue of Spectrum? Alexander Carpenter 12/29/2011
Article Adventist Churches on the Road—Conversation with Motorcyclist and Pastor Marvin Wray Bonnie Dwyer 12/29/2011
Article Adventism and the Intersex Problem Rich Hannon 12/29/2011
Article Pensar la fe (3): Sören Kierkegaard (1813-1855) José A. Martín 12/29/2011
Article Boasting On Jesus Alex Bryan 12/28/2011
Article Spectrum and the Christ-Child Charles Scriven 12/28/2011
Article Happy Advent, Advent-ists Alexander Carpenter 12/25/2011
Article Christmas Meditations* Donna Haerich 12/22/2011
Article El mensaje profético de Ester Rodrigo Méndez 12/22/2011
Article Adventist Ideas Whose Time Has Come, Redux Alexander Carpenter 12/21/2011
Article “Esperanza para el desesperanzado” Marvin Wray 12/21/2011
Article Constantinian, Colonial Adventism Yi Shen Ma 12/21/2011
Article Half the Sky: Microfinance and Opportunities for Women Jared Wright 12/20/2011
Article Loma Linda Meets McDonald's Alexander Carpenter 12/19/2011
Article Jesus, Galileo, and the Interpretation of Scripture Sakae Kubo 12/19/2011
Article HOPE FOR THE HOPELESS Marvin Wray 12/19/2011
Article Sabbath Sermon: Magnificat—Vadim Dementyev Alexander Carpenter 12/17/2011
Article Fourth Week of Advent: Wayfaring Savior Scott Arany 12/16/2011
Article Is Christmas Contaminated? Loren Seibold 12/15/2011
Article ADRA Norway Meets with 2011 Nobel Peace Prize Winners Alexander Carpenter 12/14/2011
Article Jeremías, un profeta en un tiempo de crisis Josep A. Álvarez 12/14/2011
Article A Case Study in the Closing of the Adventist Mind Jan M. Long 12/14/2011
Article The 2012 Advent(ist) Calendar 1844 12/12/2011
Article Adventist present [media] truth—a vision to be realized Ray Dabrowski 12/12/2011
Article Spectrum-Café Hispano muere de éxito Spectrum 12/12/2011

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