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Article Ellen White Remixed Jeremy Brandeis 02/17/2012
Article All True Christians are Activists Alexander Carpenter 02/16/2012
Article Asambleas de la Unión Adventista Española: aprender de la historia Jonás Berea 02/16/2012
Article Reflections on The One Project Sam Neves 02/16/2012
Article New Browser Extension Enhances Spectrum Commenting Robert Jacobson 02/16/2012
Article Let Us Not Be Practical Dennis Meier 02/14/2012
Article Leaders Respond to the GC/NAD Conflict Over Equality for Adventist Women Spectrum Editors 02/14/2012
Article The One Project Alexander Carpenter 02/13/2012
Article Nueva iniciativa para la ordenación de la mujer Café Hispano 02/13/2012
Article Thinking Strategically about Scripture Jan M. Long 02/13/2012
Article Sabbath Sermon: There and Back Again—Jeff Gang Alexander Carpenter 02/10/2012
Article An Adventist in an Evangelical World Alyssa M. Foll 02/10/2012
Article My Reflections on God as Lawgiver Phillip Brantley 02/09/2012
Article Yo he vencido al mundo Herold Weiss 02/09/2012
Article I have overcome the world Herold Weiss 02/09/2012
Article Adventists Celebrate Prop 8 Invalidation Alexander Carpenter 02/08/2012
Article How Do You Build an Altar? Sheila Clark 02/08/2012
Article Tea Party Jesus Alexander Carpenter 02/08/2012
Article Dan Jackson Letter to NADCOM on Women in Ministry Alexander Carpenter 02/07/2012
Article Legal Opinion Contests North American Division Vote on Commissioned Ministers Bonnie Dwyer 02/06/2012
Article Division President to Jamaica: Adventists Oppose Legislating Morals Alexander Carpenter 02/06/2012
Article The Regular Nathan Brown 02/06/2012
Article Sabbath Sermon: Annual Council 2009—Jan Paulsen Alexander Carpenter 02/03/2012
Article Paulsen Honored by King Harald V of Norway Spectrum Editors 02/02/2012
Article Former Head of National Council of Churches Speaks at Andrews Seminary Symposium—Part II Landon Schnabel 02/02/2012

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