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Article "Abuela": Mentora y testigo viviente Ben Holdsworth 05/02/2012
Article Reflections on the NAD Women Clergy Conference Kendra Haloviak Valentine 05/02/2012
Article Searching for a President, WWU Proceeds with Two Candidates Alexander Carpenter 05/01/2012
Article Church Closes Language School Over Marriage Equality Advocacy of Founder Alexander Carpenter 05/01/2012
Article “God in Shoes” - Women’s Ministry Reaches Out to Western Nebraska Sue Carlson 04/30/2012
Article The dead book Nathan Brown 04/30/2012
Article Creation Seventh Day Adventist Church Faces Arrest Over Name Alexander Carpenter 04/27/2012
Article ¡Ubuntu! Cari Cerdán 04/26/2012
Article The Conundrum of Religious Liberty Jason Hines 04/26/2012
Article The LSU-3 Case Referred Back to Prior Judge, Continues on May 22. Jiggs Gallagher 04/25/2012
Article On the Northern German Union Vote for Women's Ordination Dennis Meier 04/24/2012
Article “Granny”: Living Witness Mentor Ben Holdsworth 04/23/2012
Article The Northern German Union Votes to Ordain Women Alexander Carpenter 04/23/2012
Article General Conference Seeks to Clarify Relationship with World Divisions Alexander Carpenter 04/23/2012
Article Creations—Shorts Leslie Foster 04/22/2012
Article Sabbath Sermon: He Is Risen In>Deed—Jeff Gang Alexander Carpenter 04/21/2012
Article Attack on La Sierra University Misfires Alexander Carpenter 04/21/2012
Article Voice of Prophecy Changes Leadership Midori Yoshimura 04/20/2012
Article “Muy emocionados –o muertos de miedo” Alden Thompson 04/19/2012
Article Why Did Jesus Have to Die? A Pastoral Approach Clarence Schilt 04/19/2012
Article Buscando redención por las calles de Buenos Aires Santiago Ramos 04/19/2012
Article Why It Will Happen Again Loren Seibold 04/19/2012
Article Really Excited – Or Scared to Death Alden Thompson 04/18/2012
Article This is What He Said Jan Paulsen 04/17/2012
Article Fundamentalism, Women, and the Adventist Church Alexander Carpenter 04/17/2012
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