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Article Perspective: Noble Progressivism or Dangerous Apostasy? A firsthand account of “Surge Church,” a Seventh-day Adventist Sunday Service Sydney Freeman Jr. 02/19/2015
Article Documentary Film at Andrews University Brings Social Consciousness to Adventism Brenda Delfino 02/19/2015
Article The Ungathered Church Loren Seibold 02/19/2015
Article News Headlines: Oakwood University Church to Honor Trayvon Martin's Mother Pam Dietrich 02/18/2015
Article Viewpoint: Time to Change Adventist Education's Eggs-In-One-Basket-Approach Edward Reifsnyder 02/17/2015
Article The Temple in the Mirror Anonymous 02/17/2015
Article Editorial: Digging Deep Into Adventism Brenton Reading 02/16/2015
Article California Adventist Serves on Elite Baldrige Board Alita Byrd 02/15/2015
Article An Open Letter to Elder Ted Wilson on Adventist Fundamental Belief #6 Robert T. Johnston 02/14/2015
Article BRI: 'Mixed Persuasion' GYC / One Project Couples Unequally Yoked, Cannot Marry sevvy 02/14/2015
Article Spousal Abuse and Tending the Flock Spectrum 02/13/2015
Article "Old Fashioned," the Anti-"Fifty Shades," Opens This Weekend Rachel Logan 02/13/2015
Article Commentary on Proverbs 18:1-10 Matthew Henry 02/13/2015
Article Proverbios a ritmo de rap Nidek 02/12/2015
Article Precious Essence G.D. Williams 02/12/2015
Article What Do We Do with Suffering? Hanz Gutierrez 02/12/2015
Article After Collision with Truck, Walla Walla University Student Madison Baird Passes Away Rachel Logan 02/11/2015
Article One Project Vs. GYC, or One Project And GYC? Jared Wright 02/11/2015
Article Adventist Community Comes Together in Support for Critically Injured WWU Student Rachel Logan 02/11/2015
Article Failing to Reach Financial Benchmark, Mt. Vernon Academy Will Close Jared Wright 02/10/2015
Article Walla Walla Student Hit by Vehicle, Airlifted to Seattle Rachel Logan 02/10/2015
Article Valentine's Day Memorial Service for Those Who Loved Herbert Douglass Jared Wright 02/10/2015
Article ONE Project San Diego, Day Two Rich Hannon 02/10/2015
Article A Trinitarian Love Brittany Crawford 02/09/2015
Article Walla Walla University’s Amnesty International Promotes Human Rights, Equality. Rachel Logan 02/09/2015
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