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Article North American Division Leaders Speak Out on Shooting Deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile Daniel R. Jackson, G. Alexander Bryant 07/08/2016
Article The Importance of Being Endorsed Bonnie Dwyer, Charles Scriven 07/07/2016
Article White Adventist America End Your Silence Jared Wright 07/07/2016
Article Deschutes County Sheriff: Big Lake Camp Worker Brian Robak Fell to His Death Jared Wright 07/07/2016
Article Why I Sympathize with Brexiters Courtney Ray 07/07/2016
Article Missing Camp Wawona Employee Kevin Canavan Found Deceased Jared Wright 07/06/2016
Article Facing Ebola and Embracing Service Hallie Anderson 07/06/2016
Article Adventist Health Reaches Agreement to Purchase Hawaii Pacific University Windward Campus Jared Wright 07/05/2016
Article Poetry and Music for Summer Alisa Williams 07/02/2016
Article Community Outreach Wendy Trim 07/01/2016
Article Evil – A Primer Rich Hannon 06/30/2016
Article The Trans-European Division of Seventh-day Adventists Puts Brexit in Perspective Victor Hulbert 06/29/2016
Article Viewpoint: LGBT Adventists Can Find Hope in the Adventist Civil Rights Movement Juan O. Perla 06/29/2016
Article Adventist History Spotlight: Anna Knight and the “Free State of Jones” Douglas Morgan 06/28/2016
Article Perspective: How a California Law Would Pit LGBT Rights Against Religious Institutions' Beliefs Michael Peabody 06/28/2016
Article The Virtue of Moderate Thought: A Review of Miller's "The Reformation and the Remnant" Phillip Brantley 06/27/2016
Article The Reformation and the Remnant: The Reformers Speak to Today’s Church Charles Scriven 06/27/2016
Article 22 Years Fusing Education and Faith: Andrews' Departing President Looks Back Alita Byrd 06/26/2016
Article Azure Hills Church Appoints Tara VinCross Senior Pastor Jared Wright 06/26/2016
Article The Adventist Podcast: Prohibition and Jazz Alexander Carpenter 06/25/2016
Article Living In Day Tight Compartments Carmen Lau 06/25/2016
Article Will Faith Leaders Push LGBT Solidarity Now that Adrenaline Has Stopped? James Coffin 06/24/2016
Article "I'm On Your Side," Trump Tells Fawning Evangelicals Michael Peabody 06/23/2016
Article Why Have a Church? Jason Hines 06/23/2016
Article Panamanian Union Mission Makes History, Appoints First Woman Pastor Jared Wright 06/22/2016

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