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Article Bring on the Desert! Erik C. Carter 02/03/2016
Article Viewpoint: How Adventist Higher Ed is Like a Trip to the Ice Cream Shop Bradford Goodridge 02/01/2016
Article Over 10,000 Entries Planned for New SDA Encyclopedia Alita Byrd 02/01/2016
Article Southern Adventist University Considers David C. Smith to Succeed President Gordon Bietz Jared Wright 02/01/2016
Article On the Cusp of a Second Reformation Carmen Lau 01/31/2016
Article Rejecting LGBT Children of God Means Rejecting the Full Body of Christ - An Interview with Eliel Cruz Jared Wright 01/29/2016
Article The Stranger in the Gate Evelyn Vaughn 01/29/2016
Article The Road through the Void Smuts van Rooyen 01/28/2016
Article Criminally Law-Abiding Jason Hines 01/28/2016
Article New Pew Data Shows Evangelical Support for Carson, Increasing Willingness to Vote for Irreligious Candidates Jared Wright 01/27/2016
Article News Headlines: Arkansas-Louisiana Conference Sues City Over Religious Freedom (and more!) Pam Dietrich 01/27/2016
Article The Missiological Influence of Gottfried Oosterwal Russell Staples 01/26/2016
Article Asia-Pacific International University Appoints New President Diana Riesenberger 01/24/2016
Article Intervening from New York to Save Lives Alita Byrd 01/23/2016
Article Paul and His Opinions Matthew Reeves 01/23/2016
Article Florida Hospital for Women Celebrates Grand Opening Jared Wright 01/22/2016
Article Adventist Community Services Responds to Flint, Michigan Water Crisis Jared Wright 01/21/2016
Article Why So Few Large Congregations? Loren Seibold 01/21/2016
Article Viewpoint: Could Ted Cruz Have Gotten This Far Without His Wife Heidi? Jared Wright 01/20/2016
Article Twenty Years of Minutes: Proceedings of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (GC)—Part 5 (Conclusion) Robert T. Johnston 01/20/2016
Article Our Faithlessness, His Faithfulness David Larson 01/19/2016
Article Twenty Years of Minutes: Proceedings of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (GC)—Part 4 (1879b-1882) Robert T. Johnston 01/18/2016
Article Martin King's Letter to White Clergy - A Message for All Ages Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 01/18/2016
Article The Seventh-day Adventist Church and Transgender People Jared Wright 01/17/2016
Article Praying for Open Eyes: See Yourself as God Sees You Marc Alan Schelske 01/16/2016
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