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Blog Three Angles News - Adventist Health System Says It Paid Some Doctors Illegally Pam Dietrich 06/18/2014
Blog Constituents Vote for Restructuring of Publishing Houses Adventist Review/NAD Communications Staff 06/17/2014
Blog Viewpoint: Headship of Adam or Headship of One (Adam + Eve)? Sakae Kubo 06/17/2014
Article Christ and the Law Herbert E. Douglass 06/17/2014
Review National Unity Under God: Ben Carson’s Manifesto Douglas Morgan 06/16/2014
Article Behind the Scenes of The Desire of Ages Movie Alita Byrd 06/14/2014
Blog Publishing Houses Restructuring Plan Fleshed Out Alita Byrd 06/13/2014
Article Revolutionizing Camp Meeting Rebekah Helbley 06/13/2014
Blog Sabbath Sermon: John Walton, "Reading Genesis with Ancient Eyes" John Walton 06/13/2014
Article Matthew Henry's Commentary on Acts 10 Matthew Henry 06/13/2014
Blog An Open Letter to the GC Officers Concerning Ordination Peter S Marks 06/12/2014
Article The Eurosceptic Adventist Soul – European Holzwege I Hanz Gutierrez 06/12/2014
Blog On the Seventh Day A. Josef Greig 06/11/2014
Blog Bringing the Real World to Genesis: Some Concluding Thoughts that Motivated this Series Jan M. Long 06/10/2014
Cafe Hispano Article La mayoría de la TOSC apoya la ordenación de la mujer Bonnie Dwyer and Alita Byrd - ANN 06/10/2014
Blog Viewpoint: The “Biblical Qualifications View” in the TOSC’s Final Report Sakae Kubo 06/09/2014
Blog How to Live to 100 BuzzFeed 06/06/2014
Article Here: Poems on Place Joelle Chase 06/06/2014
Blog Sabbath Sermon: Mark Carr, "Should We Not Love Certain People?" Mark Carr 06/06/2014
Article No Sabbath School Commentary This Week No Author 06/06/2014
Cafe Hispano Article El pragmatismo adventista ante la guerra Helen Pearson 06/05/2014
Article The Ear: Richard Rice on Affirming Faith and Challenging Distortion Charles Scriven 06/05/2014
Blog Majority of TOSC Backs Women's Ordination Bonnie Dwyer and Alita Byrd 06/05/2014
Article Maya Angelou Finds Her "Voice" Keith Augustus Burton 06/05/2014
Blog Large Conversations Alexander Carpenter 06/05/2014

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Ronald E. Osborn, Ph.D., A 2014-2016 Mellon Postdoctoral Fell ow in the Peace and Justice Program at Wellesley College (Boston), and a 2 015 Fullbright Scholar to Burma/Myanmar, Formerly an Adjunct Faculty Membe r in the Dept. of International Relations at USC, and in the Honors Progra m at UCLA. Topic: "Death Before the Fall?: A Conversation with Ronald Osbor n."

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