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Article Remembering Not Only Great Disappointment, But Also Great Failure Leslie Foster 10/22/2015
Article Religion Can Be Fun Jason Hines 10/22/2015
Article Dr. Steve Case Featured Presenter for 2015 GODencounters Conference Spectrum 10/21/2015
Article Rebuke and Retribution for the Hard of Heart Jean Sheldon 10/20/2015
Article Summer Reading Group: Need and Incarnation, Elimination and Regulation Brenton Reading 10/19/2015
Article Perspective: When Will We Stop Judging and Start Loving? Anonymous 10/19/2015
Article ADRA Serbia Assists Migrants Alita Byrd 10/18/2015
Article Seventh-day Adventist Church in Italy Reaffirms Committment to Ordaining Women Jared Wright 10/18/2015
Article Pray It Forward Anonymous 10/17/2015
Article News Headlines: Southern Adventist University Students Cover Ben Carson Event (And More!) Pam Dietrich 10/16/2015
Article The Last Five Kings of Judah: A Touch of Good, an Avalanche of Evil Alden Thompson 10/16/2015
Article Adventist Church in the Netherlands: "Leaders - All Genders May Apply" Jared Wright 10/16/2015
Article Viewpoint: Adventist Seminary Has Trouble Getting Facts Straight in Homosexuality Statement Eliel Cruz 10/15/2015
Article Jeff Boyd Replaces Ronald Osborn as Adventist Peace Fellowship's Executive Director Ronald Osborn 10/15/2015
Article Ellen White's Stature and Her Authority in Photos Jared Wright 10/14/2015
Article Nine Seminary Professors Request Commissioned Credentials Bonnie Dwyer 10/14/2015
Article Discussion of Young Earth Creationism vs. Old Earth Young Life Creationism Brian Bull, Fritz Guy 10/13/2015
Article Two Women of the Year Honored at GC Bonnie Dwyer 10/12/2015
Article Summer Reading Group: Sex and Privy Keisha E. McKenzie 10/12/2015
Article Annual Council 2015—Where Is The Real Mission Field? Bonnie Dwyer 10/11/2015
Article Annual Council 2015—General Conference Leaders Present "Appeal and Appreciation" on Ordination Bonnie Dwyer 10/11/2015
Article Annual Council Diary 2015—TMI's New Meaning Bonnie Dwyer 10/10/2015
Article October Spectrum 10/10/2015
Article Annual Council Diary 2015—Exploring Culture Bonnie Dwyer 10/09/2015
Article NAD Communicators to Strike Up a Conversation at Convention Alita Byrd 10/09/2015

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