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Article Seven Reasons Life is Better with God Trudy Morgan-Cole 08/06/2008
Article The Search for Common Ground on Genesis: Darwin Revisited—II Jan M. Long 11/27/2010
Article The Chronicles of Narnia: Truth in Fiction Jennifer Payne 05/09/2014
Article SONscreen: SDA Film Festival in Image and Word Jared Wright 04/20/2009
Article Reviewing the Review: None Controversial Edition Andrew Hanson 03/12/2010
Article Video: CUC Constituency Session in Real Time Spectrum Editors 08/08/2012
Article Who Are the Real "Cultural Adventists"? James Coffin 05/15/2011
Article The Great American Vegetarian Experiment Rich Hannon 07/07/2008
Article Why Did Jesus Have to Die? A Pastoral Approach Clarence Schilt 04/19/2012
Article Reviewing the Review: Troubling NAD Trends Andrew Hanson 03/17/2009
Article Between Athens and Jerusalem: Plato for Adventists Zane Yi 02/09/2010
Article Second Report Regarding Ruguri Raises Questions About Church Statement Alexander Carpenter 12/21/2012
Article Ironman 2: How I Became a Progressive Adventist and What We Should Do About It Brenton Reading 05/31/2010
Article General Conference Statement on Sandra Roberts' Election as Conference President Adventist News Network 10/31/2013
Article “Imagen invertida” Jean Sheldon 04/04/2011
Article Sabbath Sermon: Sam Leonor, "Jesus, the Heart of Adventist Evangelism" Sam Leonor 08/29/2014
Article Why This Progressive Feels Proud to be Ted Wilson’s Adventist Brother Doug Wilson 03/07/2012
Article Our man in San Francisco: Two churches 09/11/2006
Article One Thing Jason Hines 11/22/2012
Article Gender and Discipleship Marilyn Glaim 01/28/2008
Article Woman Nominated to be President of Southeastern California Conference Bonnie Dwyer 09/20/2013
Article Atlantic Union College and Loma Linda University Explore Options Alexander Carpenter 10/07/2008
Article The Children of God Mark Schaefer 07/25/2014
Article Is a Loma Linda University Undergrad Degree a Good Investment? Alexander Carpenter 07/20/2009
Article General Conference Treasurer Calls Mt. Vernon Academy Saga a "Wake-up Call" Jared Wright 01/16/2015

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