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Article Viewpoint: Before Men and Angels - Sabbath at GYC André Reis 01/09/2014
Article How Christians have Killed God and Why They Must Resurrect Him Landon Schnabel 06/21/2011
Article Pastoral Rant: Coddling When We Should Be Challenging Shayne Daughenbaugh 10/24/2014
Article Escuela sabática: Una vida de alabanza Carmen Seibold 11/29/2007
Article The God Gap: Politics and the Adventist Christian II—Chris Oberg Alexander Carpenter 05/25/2012
Article Adventist Legislator Introduces Bill to Honor Michael Jackson Jared Wright 07/08/2009
Article Student Researcher Seeks Participants for Religious Disaffiliation Survey Jared Wright 04/11/2016
Article Orar por (lo que ya hemos decidido que es) la voluntad de Dios Loren Seibold 01/24/2013
Article Journaling GC: Part Two Rachel Davies 06/28/2010
Article Tuesday's Coming Bonnie Dwyer 11/29/2013
Article Is Adventism Excellent? Larry Downing 05/10/2011
Article Growing Up Adventist: Learning What's Really Important Ron Reading 09/30/2014
Article Y, ¿si el Génesis fuera feminista? Ramon-C. Gelabert 09/05/2008
Article PUC Student Drops Out To Join "Limbless Evangelist" Rachel Logan 03/24/2015
Article PUC's Osborn Joins WASC Staff Alexander Carpenter 05/26/2009
Article Alexis Davis Chooses La Sierra University Over UNC, Howard, to Honor Sabbath Commitment Darla Martin Tucker 02/19/2016
Article The Moral Law - Part A (Question of God - Alt. S.S. 7 of 11) Rich Hannon 04/04/2010
Article UPDATED: Ruguri Is a Board Director to Adventist Human Rights Org Alexander Carpenter 12/19/2012
Article One of the most successful Adventist ministers in New York was a woman Alexander Carpenter 10/23/2011
Article Revival of Justice 06/05/2007
Article Adventist News + Lutherans to apologize for Anabaptist persecution Alexander Carpenter 07/31/2008
Article Spousal Abuse and Tending the Flock Spectrum 02/13/2015
Article News Headlines: Tornado Destroys Homes of three Garland Adventist Church Families Pam Dietrich 12/29/2015
Article The Search for Common Ground on Genesis: Genesis Literalism and the Temple of Doom—II Jan M. Long 10/13/2010
Article Review: Loma Linda's Life on the Line Tompaul Wheeler 04/03/2014
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