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Article BREAKING: Montana Plane Crash Has Adventist Connections Alexander Carpenter 03/23/2009
Article The “Old Spirit of Blind Sammy Hancock:” Meeting a Colorful Early Adventist Preacher André Reis 07/29/2013
Article Spirituality and Spectrum Rachel Davies 02/15/2010
Article Why Using “Landmark Status” to Block the NY Mosque is a Threat to Religious Land Use Rights Michael Peabody 09/07/2010
Article A Conversation We Should Join About Short-Term Mission Trips Clinton Jackson 01/10/2014
Article A Theology of Peace II Jeff Boyd 02/19/2011
Article Southern Adventist University Student Now Leads LGBT Collegiate Coalition Rachel Logan 10/23/2014
Article Grace and Judgment: An Orchestra, Not Just a Bugle Alden Thompson 01/25/2012
Article Escuela sabática: Etnia y discipulado Samir Selmanovic 02/04/2008
Article Reflections on war 12/04/2006
Article Holding the Church State Council Accountable Alexander Carpenter 10/14/2008
Article What If 'We' Would Listen? Patti Cottrell Grant 01/18/2013
Article 1985 Postponing Difficult Decisions Bonnie Dwyer 07/30/2009
Article In Defense of Women Pastors Ryan Bell 03/20/2010
Article Veggie Loaf Rx The Vegan Lunch Box 11/27/2013
Article “LA MEJOR CURA PARA LA ANSIEDAD” Dave Ballard 01/16/2011
Article Riverside Adventist Academy in India Flooded, Teacher Drowned Rachel Logan 09/25/2014
Article The Secret to the Adventist Life Style Alden Thompson 12/11/2011
Article Loma Linda University Health Installs Health(ier) Vending Machines Rachel Logan 03/23/2015
Article The future of science and its common recursive awareness with religion 02/26/2007
Article PUC Academic Dean on NPR Alexander Carpenter 09/17/2008
Article Spectrum Top 12 of 2012: Open Letters Midori Yoshimura 12/17/2012
Article The Language of God Marc Wagner 11/16/2007
Article A Living Community Andrea Luxton 06/15/2009
Article The Gifts of the Spirit vs. the Demands of IBMTE Greg Schneider 10/18/2013
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