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Article Awaiting Merger Approval, Atlantic Union College Faculty to Receive Pink Slips Bonnie Dwyer 07/25/2011
Article Is the Blockbuster "Interstellar" A Fundamentally Religious Film? Rachel Logan 11/17/2014
Article Introducing: "This I Vote" Series Alexander Carpenter 10/19/2008
Article I'm an Adventist because 11/05/2007
Article An In-person Report on the Adventist School Shooting in Uganda Tim Wolfer 08/14/2009
Article 'Healing the Gospel'—A Review Ken Peterson 02/19/2013
Article Homesick for Harry: Thoughts on the "Chosen One" Daneen Akers 08/21/2007
Article Exhortations from the Sanctuary Alden Thompson 12/27/2013
Article Richard Rice videos up and running 01/16/2007
Article Adventists Against Prop. 8 - Religious Liberty Alexander Carpenter 09/23/2008
Article Augustine for Adventists: More Thoughts on Faith and Reason Zane Yi 06/26/2009
Article La Navidad: un enfoque bíblico y adventista Jonás Berea 12/23/2010
Article Trans-European Division Votes for Equality in Conference and Union Leadership Alexander Carpenter 11/16/2011
Article Science/faith: Determine what appears in the next issue of the journal 04/06/2007
Article Wandering in the Wilderness Lauren Johnson 12/13/2009
Article Unity as Pretext Vs. Genuine Sought-for Reality Jan M. Long 08/23/2012
Article Commentary on Zechariah 1:7-17 Matthew Henry 06/13/2013
Article Creation in The Letter to the Hebrews Herold Weiss 11/12/2010
Article Behind the Scenes of Loma Linda's New TV Show Alita Byrd 04/26/2014
Article Peacemaking Heritage Series: Ellen White, Slavery and Politics - II Doug Morgan 04/27/2008
Article The Actual 'Adventist Alert' App 10/13/2011
Article Top 10: Spectrum Lovin' Cities Alexander Carpenter 12/22/2008
Article Depression in pastoral ministry Ryan Bell 10/31/2009
Article Columbia Union Conference Educates Constituency, Responds to General Conference Appeal Robert Jacobson 07/26/2012
Article Three Angles News—Friday, May 3, 2013 Alexander Carpenter 05/03/2013

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