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Article Comment Rating Alexander Carpenter 07/29/2011
Article Frank A. Knittel Passes Away Spectrum Editors 02/20/2015
Article NOW | God and Global Warming | PBS 10/29/2007
Article Ethical Standards, Mores, and Violation of Religious Freedom pat travis 02/01/2008
Article Open Thread: What Have You Been Reading? Daneen Akers 07/22/2008
Article Things Learned From Reading Every Single Word of the Bible Alexander Carpenter 03/03/2009
Article Prison Activist and Spoken Word Poet Visits Pacific Union College Elizabeth Rivera 04/18/2008
Article Millennial Weaver Alexander Carpenter 01/22/2008
Article World Church: Redefining the Meaning of Adventist Mission 01/10/2007
Article Online Group Mobilizes Young Adventists for Social Justice Alita Byrd 08/14/2016
Article Just Passing Through? Zane Yi 05/03/2009
Article Un colectivo de adventistas lanzará una revista de periodismo social y alternativo Miguel Roth 01/03/2013
Article This Adventist Life: A Lesson on Listening Carlyn Ferrari 11/07/2009
Article La Pala y el Libro Herold Weiss 03/11/2010
Article Why the Supreme Court's Ruling on Prayer Won't Affect All Christians James Coffin 11/11/2013
Article The Singing Revolution Rich Hannon 08/15/2008
Article New Year's Resolutions for Adventism Alexander Carpenter 12/30/2010
Article How to be Meta Jonathan Pichot 09/13/2014
Article First Week of Advent: The Annunciation Bill Cork 11/23/2011
Article Headlines: Blackberry Adventist K-8 School Reopens after 19 Years (And More) Pam Dietrich 06/25/2015
Article Noam Chomsky and the terrors of the earth 03/28/2007
Article Panamanian Union Mission Makes History, Appoints First Woman Pastor Jared Wright 06/22/2016
Article The General Conference Should Not Vote on Women's Ordination Sakae Kubo 12/04/2012
Article My African Story Keith Burton 02/05/2010
Article SDA Senate Chaplain Barry Black Prays During Government Shutdown: "God Save us from the Madness" Christian Post 10/05/2013
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