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Article To Change the World VII: Difference and Dissolution Michaela Lawrence Jeffery 07/27/2012
Article Emergent Species: Pioneer Christians Joelle Chase 10/07/2012
Article Interruptions—Part II: Creed Daniel Peverini 12/10/2012
Article Sabbath Sermon: Descending into Greatness—Stanley E. Patterson Alexander Carpenter 02/16/2013
Article Hopeful Discontent: Tracing Spirituality in Christian History with Diana Butler Bass Joelle Chase 04/29/2013
Article Sabbath Sermon: David Asscherick Alita Byrd 07/13/2013
Article El árbol del ahorcado Juan Ramón Junqueras 10/03/2013
Article La Navidad: un enfoque bíblico y adventista Jonás Berea 12/17/2013
Article Important Lessons Learned So Far Regarding Women's Ordination Sakae Kubo 03/08/2014
Article A Year Without God Josh Wood 05/15/2014
Article Auto-Tuned Church Craig Hadley 07/31/2014
Article The Status of Women's Ordination Ahead of Annual Council Jared Wright 10/07/2014
Article Giving Thanks for All Who Gave on Giving Tuesday Bonnie Dwyer 12/03/2014
Article Review Editor Suggests Close Ties to Church Promote Health of Colleges Glen Robinson 02/13/2008
Article This Evangelism Corrupts Adventism Alexander Carpenter 01/10/2008
Article Is the Adventist Church Getting Too Political? Alexander Carpenter 05/25/2008
Article On the Campaign Trail Alita Byrd 07/20/2008
Article Adventist Cop in Jamiaca Honored for Honesty Alexander Carpenter 09/21/2008
Article Adventists = Contrarians David Hamstra 11/07/2008
Article The Significance of Barack Obama's Inauguration Jared Wright 01/21/2009
Article The "Spirit of Prophecy" Richard B. Lewis 03/23/2009
Article Church Leaders All A-Twitter 05/24/2009
Article Intersection TV: Why Are Young People Leaving the Church? Alexander Carpenter 08/21/2009
Article Evangelism and Spiritual Sex Sam Neves 11/03/2009
Article El vínculo de la paz Ron Osborn 01/24/2010

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