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Article An Open Letter to Adventists Who Voted for Trump Sari Fordham 02/05/2017
Article Book Review: The Day the Revolution Began Carmen Lau 02/04/2017
Article 'Outspoken' Short Film Series Celebrates Voices and Contributions of LGBT+ Adventists Jared Wright 02/03/2017
Article News Headlines: Zimbabwe Robbers Apprehended, Adventist Church Property Recovered (and More!) Pam Dietrich 02/02/2017
Article Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now? Courtney Ray 02/02/2017
Article God Pours the Spirit Without Measure Herold Weiss 02/01/2017
Article North American Division Responds to Québec Mosque Shooting Jared Wright 01/31/2017
Article The Message Behind the New Film from Coming Out Ministries Alita Byrd 01/31/2017
Article Feminism and Why Adventism Needs It Megen Molé 01/30/2017
Article Andrews University Responds to Trump’s Immigration Orders Andrews University 01/29/2017
Article Complete. Millennial Women Respond to Societal Expectations Spectrum 01/28/2017
Article Obama, the Lamb: Why Obama Didn’t Do Anything about Trump Timothy Hucks 01/28/2017
Article Women’s March on Washington -- January 21, 2017 Wendy Trim 01/28/2017
Article Union Conference Presidents Declare the Basis for Their Unity Bonnie Dwyer 01/27/2017
Article The Camel, the Trojan Horse, and the Other Shoe Edward Reifsnyder 01/27/2017
Article The Personality of the Holy Spirit Dave Thomas 01/27/2017
Article Why I Dislike Adventism Jason Hines 01/26/2017
Article News Headlines: Adventist School Guard Killed by Robbers in Zimbabwe (and more headlines) Pam Dietrich 01/25/2017
Article The History Behind Oscar-nominated Hacksaw Ridge Alita Byrd 01/24/2017
Article Wintley Phipps Tells His Story Alita Byrd 01/23/2017
Article Communicating in Truth Dennis Hollingsead 01/21/2017
Article General Conference, NAD Joint Statement Follows Closed-door Meeting Jared Wright 01/20/2017
Article The Divinity of the Holy Spirit Ferdinand O. Regalado 01/20/2017
Article What Some Do not Understand About Spectrum and Adventist Today Loren Seibold 01/19/2017
Article Adventist Forum Grows with New North Carolina Chapter Jared Wright 01/19/2017

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