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Article Summer Reading Group: Flourishing Zane Yi 07/13/2016
Article SAU President Gordon Bietz Discusses His Makeover, Involvement in Charitable Giving Jared Wright 03/12/2011
Article Peacemaking Heritage Series: "Victims of an Absurd Theory" Yet Advocates of the "Great Radical Reforms" Doug Morgan 12/20/2007
Article Nueva iniciativa para la ordenación de la mujer Café Hispano 02/13/2012
Article Discussing Spectrum 10/25/2006
Article Time for Lent: Love Your Enemies Jeff Boyd 02/24/2010
Article Measure U wrong way to prevent development Napa Valley Register 11/02/2012
Article Videos Make 28 Fundamental Beliefs Personal Alita Byrd 09/01/2013
Article New Appointments at ADRA International Alexander Carpenter 02/01/2011
Article The De-Europeanization of European Adventism – European Holzwege II Hanz Gutierrez 07/10/2014
Article Spectrum Site Stat Update Alexander Carpenter 06/22/2008
Article New Feature: Stories with Nathan Brown Alexander Carpenter 01/04/2012
Article Fifteen Stories that Define 2014 in Adventist Higher Ed Rachel Logan 12/29/2014
Article Inspiración, Autoridad, y la Revelación Edward W. H. Vick 01/20/2009
Article Viewpoint: I Thought About Leaving the Adventist Church Sarah Ventura 10/28/2015
Article Los medios en español informan de la labor de ADRA en Haití Ruben Sanchez 01/20/2010
Article XXXVIII Convención de AEGUAE - El cristiano ante el sufrimiento Café Hispano 10/04/2012
Article La fe en la sociedad posmoderna (y II) Samuel Gil 07/18/2013

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