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Article "Growing in Circles: My Struggle to Make Peace with God, Myself, and Just About Everything" Trudy Morgan-Cole 02/14/2010
Article El asunto del diezmo (y III): animando a la devolución del diezmo Jonás Berea 06/27/2013
Article Lest We Forget - Part II Donna Haerich 11/26/2010
Article Commentary on Romans 7 by Matthew Henry Matthew Henry 05/09/2014
Article Best Comments of the Week August 10-14, 2015 Spectrum Editors 08/14/2015
Article Huffington Post Covers Disinvitation of Adventist Anti-bullying Ministry Jared Wright 08/06/2012
Article The Election and My Vote Dennis Hollingsead 10/01/2016
Article Double-Take: A Second Look at LSU's Biology Student Survey Jared Wright 05/13/2011
Article Peacemaking Heritage Series: Joseph Bates Part III -- The Advent Message in Slaveholding Maryland Doug Morgan 02/03/2008
Article Really Excited – Or Scared to Death Alden Thompson 04/18/2012
Article Gay Theology Without Apology Raymond Thompson 12/27/2007
Article Video | Adventists Talk About Why They Oppose Prop. 8 Alexander Carpenter 10/13/2008
Article Bloggingheads TV: Ron Numbers Goes Inside the Mind of a "Creationist" Alexander Carpenter 07/27/2009
Article General Conference Delegates Discuss Women's Ordination Spectrum Media 07/09/2015
Article La Sierra University Responds to the Michigan Conference Action Randal Wisbey 05/28/2010
Article The Good Shepherd: Dostoyevsky’s Penultimate Trajectory for Ethics Gabriel M. Riojas 10/30/2013
Article Film—When God Spoke English: The Making of the King James Version Alexander Carpenter 04/02/2011
Article Pharisees and Ferguson Jason Hines 08/28/2014
Article “Un punto de vista teológico-bíblico de la Historia” David Trim 03/06/2012
Article Union College Prepares for Emergencies Alita Byrd 09/15/2008
Article Second Reaction to Davidson / Gane / Tonstad / Larson 09/13/2006
Article Five Adventist Students Killed in Papua New Guinea Crash Inter-American Division of Seventh-day Adventists 01/01/2016
Article Reasoning Backwards Rich Hannon 06/14/2009
Article Bonnie Casey talks about the resurrection of her folk music Alita Byrd 11/20/2012
Article Questioning Power Joelle Chase 04/19/2010

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