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Article Peacemaking Heritage Series: Joseph Bates Part III -- The Advent Message in Slaveholding Maryland Doug Morgan 02/03/2008
Article Jan Paulsen gets it again 10/15/2007
Article Holding the Church State Council Accountable Alexander Carpenter 10/14/2008
Article UPDATE: Students Shot at School in Uganda Alexander Carpenter 08/01/2009
Article Southern Union President's Council Votes to Uphold Ordination Protest Michael Polite 10/08/2015
Article Expounding Romans 5 Stephen Bauer 08/01/2010
Article An Invitation to Write: Spirituality Blog Joelle Chase 01/20/2014
Article Colleges Confront Money Problems Gary Chartier 11/08/2007
Article Same Sex Marriage: The Empire State and the State of the Empire Keith Burton 07/01/2011
Article On Halloween and Facing Our Shadow Keisha E. McKenzie 10/31/2014
Article The Consolation of Philosophy by Boethius: A Study Guide for Adventists Rich Hannon 06/04/2012
Article PUC Academic Dean on NPR Alexander Carpenter 09/17/2008
Article Why Pray? Jason Hines 04/28/2016
Article Two Adventists Make Headlines For Alleged Sex With Minors [UPDATED] Jared Wright 06/17/2009
Article Spectrum Editor Wins Award for Excellence Alexander Carpenter 01/31/2013
Article Friday at the Unity Conference: Refreshed Understandings of Unity Bonnie Dwyer 06/18/2017
Article Jesus Ordains a Woman Donna Haerich 04/23/2010
Article Closed! Adventists Shut Down Starbucks at GC Jared Wright 07/02/2010
Article The Investigative Judgment Has Three Main Problems Harold A. McGregor Jr. 12/06/2013
Article What’s Next for the Children of the Disappointed? Charles Scriven 10/05/2014
Article Electronic Devices Will Change Voting at General Conference Session Ansel Oliver 03/31/2015
Article Emory Healthcare Will Renovate and Reopen Shuttered Emory-Adventist Hospital Jared Wright 02/29/2016
Article Top 12 of 212: Insights from the Interviews Section Midori Yoshimura 12/24/2012
Article European Adventist Scholars Discuss the Freedom of the Christian Helen Pearson 04/28/2017
Article Pensar la fe (1): Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) José A. Martín 10/28/2011
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