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Article Bede the Venerable Gregory Dodds 05/25/2012
Article Concerning the Word of Life Herold Weiss 07/05/2009
Article “Why”? or “How”? Fred Kinsey 01/22/2013
Article Age, Ethnicity and the New General Conference Vice Presidents Keith Lockhart 06/28/2010
Article Open Court, Open Investigation Jean Sheldon 11/29/2013
Article Video—Rob Bell and the American Hell Alexander Carpenter 05/06/2011
Article Twisting the Tail of the Comet: Bill Loveless at the Beginning T. Joe Willey 09/28/2014
Article Pacific Press® publishes “Character of God Controversy” Jared Wright 08/30/2008
Article Lo que pudo haber sido y lo que realmente fue durante la Sesión de la Conferencia General de 1901 Gerry Chudleigh 03/23/2015
Article Heaven Donna Haerich 05/25/2009
Article Andrews University Professor Tiffany Summerscales Discusses Her Part in Extraordinary Scientific Discovery Clinton Jackson 02/18/2016
Article Time for Lent: Success Jeff Boyd 04/04/2010
Article Thanks for Filling the Cup Bonnie Dwyer 12/18/2012
Article Martin Doblmeier's Sequel, The Adventists 2: A Review Tompaul Wheeler 10/23/2013
Article Spectrum media presents. . .Alden Thompson on Ellen White and inspiration 06/07/2007
Article Una tablilla del Mar Muerto parece hablar de la muerte del Mesías Ramon-C. Gelabert 08/05/2008
Article Commentary on Proverbs 18:1-10 Matthew Henry 02/13/2015
Article Former General Conference President Robert Folkenberg Memorial will be January 10 Adventist News Network, Spectrum 12/28/2015
Article A Christian Reflection on 'Columbus Day' Matt Burdette 10/11/2010
Article Three Angles News - Assault and Robbery on Andrews Campus Pam Dietrich 04/02/2014
Article Church-hired Counsel Cites First Amendment Cover for La Sierra University Terminations Alexander Carpenter 09/15/2011
Article Call for gender justice response 08/20/2007
Article Adventist Church Launches YouTube Series Alexander Carpenter 10/06/2009
Article Creations—Random Leslie Foster 06/26/2012
Article unexpected K. Koppy 04/05/2013

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