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Article “Oh, a la gracia, qué grandes deudores somos” Catherine Taylor 10/28/2011
Article Doc on Cesar Chavez Shoots in Loma Linda Market Alexander Carpenter 06/14/2008
Article No god but God of war? 05/17/2007
Article Change, Not Charity: What Ails the New Left-Right Coalition Against Poverty Rev. Peter Laarman 02/18/2009
Article Frank A. Knittel Passes Away Spectrum Editors 02/20/2015
Article ¿Qué hay en cuanto al Gobierno? Herold Weiss 01/13/2010
Article Sabbath at the Spectrum Café: A Pinch of Reminiscence Susheela Rai 05/22/2013
Article Interrogantes religiosos en el rescate de los mineros chilenos Ruben Sanchez 10/18/2010
Article Church Adopts Guidelines for Responding to Alternative Sexual Practices Mitchell Tyner 04/09/2014
Article Reformulate Fundamental Belief on Creation? Yes! John Baldwin 09/25/2011
Article Two Track Workers: The SDA Approach to Organized Labor Samuel Sukaton 05/18/2008
Article Memento mori and Ingmar Bergman 08/05/2007
Article U2 - Get On Your Boots DJ ؟pekdrum 01/20/2009
Article Confessions of an Adventist Mathematician Robert Jacobson 07/03/2012
Article Online Group Mobilizes Young Adventists for Social Justice Alita Byrd 08/14/2016
Article Video| Jan Paulsen on Caring for Creation Alexander Carpenter 12/02/2009
Article Markings of Maturity Delcy Kuhlman 04/16/2013
Article Conference on Innovation Returns Loren Seibold 09/08/2010
Article Caring for Words Book Club: Love Words Brooke Holland 03/04/2014
Article For The Bible Tells Me So: Religion and Homosexuality Daneen Akers 10/19/2007
Article The Great Controversy Goes Full Hollywood Jared Wright 12/04/2014
Article Headlines: Blackberry Adventist K-8 School Reopens after 19 Years (And More) Pam Dietrich 06/25/2015
Article Panamanian Union Mission Makes History, Appoints First Woman Pastor Jared Wright 06/22/2016
Article Among the Pots and Pans Beverly Beem 02/21/2011
Article A Different View of Revival—Part I Eddy Johnson 01/26/2012
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