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Article Bonhoeffer, AR-15s, and Adventist Ethics—Part III Daniel Peverini 03/05/2013
Article The Prayer Room Experience Nicola Carleton 08/02/2010
Article “Church is Simply A Means to An End,” Tweets Church Leader in the Visitor’s Twitter Chat Victoria Michelle Bernard 01/21/2014
Article Sabbath Sermon: Carlton Byrd—Death? What Is It? Alexander Carpenter 07/01/2011
Article NAD Year-End Meetings Report Slow Growth, Headquarters Move Julio C. Muñoz, North American Division 11/02/2014
Article Pathfinder vs. Pathfinder - Which Would Win? Adventist Caricaturist 10/07/2008
Article A Love Response Mary Trim 06/06/2012
Article God Bless Moms Jared Wright 05/10/2015
Article Pacific Union College Announces New President Jonathan Pichot 07/17/2009
Article Sabbath Sermon: Religious Liberty: Windows of Vulnerability?—Bert Beach Alexander Carpenter 02/02/2013
Article Dabrowski Bows Out Keith Lockhart 07/02/2010
Article Birth Giver: A Video Reflection for Advent The Work of the People 12/08/2013
Article The Status of Women's Ordination Ahead of Annual Council Jared Wright 10/07/2014
Article Cartoon de Sociology Alexander Carpenter 09/09/2008
Article Luke Matthew Henry 04/02/2015
Article Holocaust Survivor Elie Wiesel Reflects on Morality and War Alexander Carpenter 06/06/2009
Article NAD President Discusses Women's Ordination Jared Wright 04/10/2010
Article AIDS and Agriculture Rachel Davies 12/02/2010
Article Constituents Stand with NAD on Gender Equality Vote Jared Wright 10/28/2011
Article Spectrum Blog Liturgy: Justice for all Alexander Carpenter 12/08/2007
Article Mother of My Adventism 05/13/2007
Article North American Division Responds to Huffington Post Bullying Article Jared Wright 08/10/2012
Article The Great Disappointment Jason Hines 05/23/2013
Article Un descanso de la Sauna espiritual Víctor M. Armenteros 10/21/2010
Article General Conference Decides Not to Release "The Record Keeper" ANN Staff 04/11/2014

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