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Article Three Angles News—Monday, April 29, 2013 Alexander Carpenter 04/28/2013
Article Pacific Union College Students and Faculty Send Messages to "In God's Image" Conference Alexander Carpenter 03/17/2014
Article What’s So Rad About Radical Orthodoxy? Andrew Willis 03/17/2008
Article Viewpoint: 7 Reasons White Christians Should Be Standing in Solidarity with Their Brothers And Sisters of Color Herb Montgomery 12/15/2014
Article Andrews and Spectrum Release Survey: Adventist Collegians on Public Issues Roger Dudley 11/05/2008
Article The Church’s Interaction with Sexuality: A Millennial's Perspective Jonah Valdez 07/03/2015
Article District 9 - An Alien Movie Backward Jared Wright 09/19/2009
Article A Call For Martyrs Keith Burton 05/07/2010
Article The Element of Surprise: Surprise as a Metaphor for Spiritual Growth Ken Curtis 07/09/2016
Article Washington Adventist University to Open a Branch Campus at Atlantic Union College. Alexander Carpenter 03/10/2011
Article Oakwood College Officials "Regret" Confrontation with Police on Campus Ansel Oliver-ANN 12/13/2007
Article Yo he vencido al mundo Herold Weiss 02/09/2012
Article Art: Web Roundup 10/27/2006
Article Reflexionando sobre las nuevas relaciones entre la División Norteamericana y la Asociación General Bonnie Dwyer 11/01/2012
Article The Ear: A Congregation That Works Charles Scriven 08/30/2013
Article Reading the Classics: Teresa of Avila’s "Interior Castle" Rachel Davies 01/31/2011
Article Viewpoint: Freedom of Speech Doesn’t Mean Freedom from Consequences James Coffin 07/06/2014
Article Words Matter: The California Supreme Court on “Straight Marriages” and “Gay Domestic Partnerships” David Larson 06/17/2008
Article Top Ten Adventist Stories in 2011 Bonnie Dwyer 01/01/2012
Article BRI Sounds Off on Women's Ordination, Polygamy and "Trangenderism" Jared Wright 12/27/2014
Article The Integrity of the Prophetic Gift Norman Young 02/23/2009
Article Let's make our leaders stop global warming. 01/23/2007
Article Best of Comments October 19 - 23, 2015 Spectrum Editors 10/23/2015
Article Comprometidos con Haití Ruben Sanchez 01/18/2010
Article Six Challenges to the American Experiment Jan M. Long 10/01/2012
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