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Article La Sierra University Board of Trustees Reaffirms Action Jared Wright 02/12/2010
Article God is Not One Luke Ford 09/15/2010
Article The Personality of the Holy Spirit Dave Thomas 01/27/2017
Article Review: 'A Public Faith' by Miroslav Volf Ryan Bell 08/18/2011
Article Religious right runs for third 10/02/2007
Article Creation, Sabbath and Social Justice Alyssa Foll 03/13/2013
Article The Onion Riffs On...Adventism? Jared Wright 08/07/2010
Article Religious Conservatives - And Their Neighbors - More Likely to Divorce, Study Finds The LA Times 01/26/2014
Article Torture is a moral issue Alexander Carpenter 01/28/2008
Article Finding the Words Andrew Hanson 07/11/2011
Article This I believe...or think I believe! Mel Campbell 11/07/2014
Article Editoon: Marrying Church and State? Adventist Caricaturist 10/09/2008
Article ADRA Int'l Board Meeting Called to Review Direction and Leadership Alexander Carpenter 06/14/2012
Article Head of Headship Warns "Crisis Ahead" Jared Wright 05/19/2015
Article The Prophetic Career of Ernie Knoll Loren Seibold 07/24/2009
Article We Will Be a Masterpiece: Meditation from a Rehab Facility Caroline Kim 05/07/2016
Article Ban on Sales of Assault Weapons to Civilians Neal C. Wilson 02/08/2013
Article Sabbath at the Spectrum Café: Kung Pao, Then and Now Andre Wang 12/13/2013
Article Getting Personal: Annual Council Diary II Bonnie Dwyer 10/10/2014
Article Reviewing the Review: Equal Opportunity Andrew Hanson 09/12/2008
Article From a Voracious to a Wise Depressive Narcissism - On European Adventism - I Hanz Gutierrez 04/09/2015
Article What About Dissidents? Herold Weiss 06/12/2009
Article Ben Carson's Next Move: Ride Trump's Coattails? Jared Wright 03/11/2016
Article Sacred Water and a Thirsty Christ Bonnie Dwyer 04/18/2010
Article New Strategic Plan Adopted by North American Division Alexander Carpenter 12/10/2010

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