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Article Sabbath Sermon: What's the Good in Losing?—Vaughn Nelson Alexander Carpenter 03/16/2013
Article Creation: Darwin's Tension and Ours Steve Parker 08/11/2010
Article ANN Removes Article Indicating Movement Toward Women's Ordination Worldwide Jared Wright 01/30/2014
Article Mudhouse Sabbath: A Book About Those Things I Miss Shasta Nelson 02/07/2008
Article An Adventist First: Mother and Daughter Pastors Jared Wright 07/15/2011
Article Conversation Upgrade! Jonathan Pichot 11/11/2014
Article Soul Reason Ruben Sanchez 10/14/2008
Article Kenneth Newport Explains the Flames of Waco 11/16/2007
Article Freedom to Choose Badly Evelyn Vaughn 05/21/2015
Article InFocus Adventist News Alexander Carpenter 08/01/2009
Article Out of Hand: The Ben Carson Story Jason Hines 02/12/2013
Article Losing People for the Sake of Policies Loren Seibold 12/19/2013
Article Annual Council Diary IV: On to the Fundamentals Bonnie Dwyer 10/13/2014
Article Dr. Mary K. Barnhart on Breast Cancer Alexander Carpenter 09/17/2008
Article Adventist History in the Making: Norma Osborn Ordains Her Son Trevan Jared Wright 04/13/2015
Article Adventist Preacher's Daughter: In Stores Now Jonas Uribe 06/17/2009
Article Sauna espiritual (1): El Sentido de la Vida Víctor M. Armenteros 04/22/2010
Article Overseeing the Servants? Or Servant-Leadership?: A Pastor Speaks From His Heart James Coffin 12/27/2010
Article Half the Sky: Sexual Honor, Violence and Maternal Health Jared Wright 11/07/2011
Article Resources for greening Adventism 04/20/2007
Article Otra unión estadounidense decidirá si permite la ordenación de la mujer Café Hispano 08/17/2012
Article Sabbath at the Spectrum Café: Deborah Madison Midori Yoshimura 06/13/2013
Article Uriah the Hittite: “These Things Happen” Laurence Turner 10/31/2010
Article Tradition: Pitfall and Potential Robert Wilcox 04/18/2014
Article Wow! This Spectrum Site Has a Wide Audience Alexander Carpenter 04/18/2008

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