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Article Viewpoint: Adventist Seminary Has Trouble Getting Facts Straight in Homosexuality Statement Eliel Cruz 10/15/2015
Article Uganda: You Can Make a Difference Alexander Carpenter 01/09/2010
Article Southern Adventist University Reports 14th Year of Enrollment Growth Alexander Carpenter 09/21/2012
Article South Pacific Division Asks General Conference to Grant Same Rights to Commissioned Ministers Jarrod Stackelroth 11/25/2016
Article My Revelation and Hope: A First-Hand Account of NY13 Josh Wood 07/09/2013
Article War, Virtue and the Quest for a New Adventism Charles Scriven 05/19/2014
Article Film Club Discussion on The Power of Forgiveness Shasta Nelson 05/13/2008
Article Columna: La Verdad del Cristianismo Herold Weiss 01/15/2009
Article Adventist Community Service Meets Needs After Typhoon Soudelor Daniel Weber 08/31/2015
Article Up in Christian Smoke Loren Seibold 11/27/2009
Article Ted Wilson's Sermon: A Delegate Reflects Steve Moran 07/05/2010
Article Following the Money: Annual Council Diary Bonnie Dwyer 10/11/2016
Article Video: Africa's Forgotten Christian Heroes Alexander Carpenter 05/26/2011
Article "Dios en Zapatos": el Ministerio de la Mujer llega a Nebraska del Oeste Sue Carlson 05/02/2012
Article Top 12 of 2012: Previewing Votes on Women's Ordination Midori Yoshimura 12/30/2012
Article El extranjero que está dentro de tus puertas Herold Weiss 06/10/2010
Article Ted Wilson Writes About Religious Liberty for the Huffington Post The Huffington Post 11/07/2013
Article Inside Higher Ed Covers the Accrediting Controversy at La Sierra University Alexander Carpenter 04/13/2011
Article Adventist Culture Wars: The Conspiracy Theorists Marcos Torres 09/09/2014
Article The Fearless Factor of Dr. King Alexander Carpenter 01/20/2008
Article Open Thread on the Olympics 2008: What are you watching? Daneen Akers 08/10/2008
Article Columbia Union Reaffirms Request to Ordain Women Alexander Carpenter 03/20/2012
Article BuzzFeed Asks Whether Ben Carson's Political Ambitions Could Ruin His Legacy Spectrum 03/01/2015
Article "The Blue Parakeet: Rethinking How You Read the Bible" Steve Parker 04/29/2009
Article Preparation Day Round Up 08/25/2006
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