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Article Spectacular Collapses, Remarkable Adaptations Alden Thompson 08/29/2011
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Article Spectrum Book Club on Prayer--All Welcome to Join the Discussion Daneen Akers 05/01/2008
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Article A Faded Piece of Papyrus Refers to Jesus' Wife Lawrence T. Geraty 09/19/2012
Article Off to Asilomar - Happy 40th, Spectrum! Alexander Carpenter 11/06/2009
Article Postmodern Apologetics?—4: Ricoeur and A God of Poetry and Superabundance Darin McGinnis 07/05/2013
Article Islamophobia: Stoking Fears about an American Community Joshua Stanton 08/16/2010
Article Viewpoint: A Response to the Adventist Review on the NFL's First Openly Gay Player Eliel Cruz 05/15/2014
Article Sabbath Sermon: N. T. Wright—Asking the Right Questions Alexander Carpenter 07/22/2011
Article "Old Fashioned," the Anti-"Fifty Shades," Opens This Weekend Rachel Logan 02/13/2015
Article Vatican: Muslims More Numerous Than Catholics Alexander Carpenter 03/30/2008
Article What are you reading? 11/09/2007
Article Nacido de mujer: la Expiación y la Encarnación Charles Scriven 11/20/2008
Article Adventist News + Annual Council quick links Alexander Carpenter 04/12/2009
Article Adventists in American Courts—State v. Baldwin, Iowa Supreme Court, 1881 Julius Nam 01/02/2013
Article Reviewing the Review: Kosher Edition Andrew Hanson 03/06/2010
Article NAD Clarifies Vote Affirming Women's Ordination Jared Wright 11/05/2013
Article Evangelism - like Elections? Jared Wright 01/16/2008
Article Committed Wins: Adventists Sweep NBC's "Sing-Off" Competition Jared Wright 12/20/2010
Article The Ear: Nicholas Zork on Ministry “Outside the Subcultural Vortex” Charles Scriven 09/05/2014
Article Film Review: 'One Nation Under God'—Church and State United on Purpose Jason Hines 11/14/2011
Article At the Church’s Dying Edge Loren Seibold 06/18/2015
Article Gone Baby Gone Steve Parker 07/01/2008
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