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Article Hanukkah In the South Raymond Thompson 12/07/2007
Article Engaging Creatively: A Review of Karen Armstrong’s “The Bible: A Biography” Lisa Clark Diller 10/01/2008
Article Después de la XIX Asamblea de la Unión Adventista Española Jonás Berea 08/30/2012
Article The Disappearance of Adam Smith’s “Invisible Hand” David Larson 07/09/2009
Article Sabbath Sermon: What Do You See?—John Brunt Alexander Carpenter 06/21/2013
Article Building Cultures of Trust Bob Cornwall 11/18/2010
Article Christ and the Sabbath Lawrence T. Geraty 05/02/2014
Article Recording of Roy Branson Memorial Service from the Azure Hills Church Spectrum 08/08/2015
Article LiveBlogging the Good News Tour - Manuel Silva Jared Wright 09/06/2008
Article Creation Seventh Day Adventist Church Associate Surrenders to Redlands Police Jared Wright 08/01/2012
Article Video|God, Religion and Weeping Statues Alexander Carpenter 05/27/2009
Article The Story of Jonah—an Adventist Irony? Jean Sheldon 05/10/2013
Article I'm a social justice Christian Ryan Bell 04/05/2010
Article Salvation is from the Jews Herold Weiss 04/12/2012
Article Outside the Alamo 3: WO Is We Chris Blake 07/07/2015
Article Film Club Discussion: Babette’s Feast Scott Moncrieff 08/01/2008
Article La Sierra University Reports on Its Constituency Meeting Alexander Carpenter 05/24/2010
Article Happy Great Disappointment Day Alita Byrd 10/22/2013
Article ADRA Board to Review Reasoning for Layoffs Alexander Carpenter 03/23/2011
Article The Ear: Heart, Soul and Mind in San Luis Obispo Charles Scriven 08/22/2014
Article Who's afraid of 'the One project'? Jules Johnson 02/27/2012
Article Adventist Church Stands Up For Creation 09/28/2006
Article Sojo's Humorous Economic H'rumphs Alexander Carpenter 11/24/2008
Article UPDATED: North Pacific Union Votes Three Step Engagement with Constituents on Women's Ordination Alexander Carpenter 11/15/2012
Article Reviewing the Review: Conspiracy Edition Andrew Hanson 10/11/2009

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