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Article A Small Amount of Incense: An Open Letter to the Loma Linda University Church Ron Osborn 11/08/2012
Article This Week in Adventist History Alexander Carpenter 01/14/2013
Article Benjamin Carson Plans for Retirement Midori Yoshimura 03/26/2013
Article Bloggin' the 28: Holy Spirit Alexander Carpenter 06/11/2013
Article Postmodern Hope: The Coming of the Lord Brenton Reading 08/30/2013
Article Women Pastors Ordination - Beyond the “Theological” Claim! II Hanz Gutierrez 11/14/2013
Article Sabbath Sermon: Wintley Phipps, "The HPLP Gene" Wintley Phipps 01/31/2014
Article The Ear: Fritz Guy, Adventist Embodiment of Candor and Passion Charles Scriven 04/17/2014
Article Michigan Conference Did Not Support Pipim's Re-Baptism Michigan Conference 07/02/2014
Article Discipleship—9: The End of Discipleship Jeff Gang 09/05/2014
Article Besieged Keith Augustus Burton 11/06/2014
Article Reviewing the Review: Vol. 185, No. 5 Andrew Hanson 03/06/2008
Article Reviewing the Review: April 9 Andrew Hanson 04/16/2009
Article The Disappearance of Adam Smith’s “Invisible Hand” David Larson 07/09/2009
Article Signature in the Cell Ken Peterson 10/06/2009
Article Why I’m Neither Pro-Life Nor Pro-Choice Loren Seibold 12/18/2009
Article Time for Lent: Vegetarianism Andrew Gerard 03/03/2010
Article Mass Mailing the Gospel? Ryan Bell 05/05/2010
Article Reason, Faith, and Revolution: Reflections on the God Debate Daryll Ward 07/07/2010
Article Present Truth in Visual Media - The SPECTRUM Conference Alexander Carpenter 09/16/2010
Article La bondad de los extraños: La viuda de Sarepta Ruth M. Prakasam 12/08/2010
Article News about Adventism Alexander Carpenter 02/24/2011
Article Get Out of My Church Steve Moran 07/29/2011
Article Annual Council Diary, Tuesday, October 11, 2011 Bonnie Dwyer 10/12/2011
Article Recent Moments in Adventist History—Video Alexander Carpenter 01/03/2012

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