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Article Raafat Kamal Confirmed as New TED President Trans European Division 07/10/2014
Article Prophetic Short Sermon Series | Beyond the Either/Or God - Yvette Flunder Alexander Carpenter 06/20/2008
Article Una historia improbable, o no. Esther Villanueva 01/05/2012
Article Ten Stories that Caught Facebook's Attention in 2014 Jared Wright 12/31/2014
Article I Believe: The Inaguration of Dr. Patrick Allen, Governor General of Jamaica Garnett Weir 02/27/2009
Article Understanding Bible Times - demons 01/17/2007
Article Adventists in the Spotlight Loren Seibold 10/29/2015
Article Video | Jan Paulsen on Racism Alexander Carpenter 01/20/2010
Article The Embrace — My Experience With Women’s Ordination Carmen Ibañez 10/04/2012
Article Hacksaw Ridge Nominated for Three Golden Globe Awards Jared Wright 12/12/2016
Article Three Angles News - July 21, 2013 Alita Byrd 07/21/2013
Article Jan Paulsen Speaks About Ordination as TOSC Meets for Final Session APD - Adventist News Agency 06/02/2014
Article Flip on Catholics, Flop on Jews: The Religious Right's Hagee Men Alexander Carpenter 05/22/2008
Article Spectrum Passes One Million Pageviews! Alexander Carpenter 01/25/2009
Article New Adventist Website Announces the Demise of the General Conference Jared Wright 09/16/2015
Article What about the Government? Herold Weiss 12/10/2009
Article Those Cursed Women Loren Seibold 07/16/2010
Article The Broken Wall Jason Hines 10/27/2016
Article En el principio era el logos Herold Weiss 06/09/2011
Article Escuela sabática: Ver el rostro del Orfebre 11/18/2007
Article LSU Responds to Biology Professor Lee Greer La Sierra University 05/15/2012
Article Adventists in American Courts—The Sunday Law Cases Julius Nam 01/11/2013
Article On Kindness Maria Rankin-Brown 06/24/2010
Article Are All the Church's Decisions Holy? Loren Seibold 11/21/2013
Article Sauna espiritual (12): Licet translata, Sola Scriptura Víctor M. Armenteros 04/29/2011

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