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Article “Pablo y Pedro” Stephen Bauer 10/13/2011
Article Pandering to Christians at Christmastime Loren Seibold 12/24/2008
Article Adventist Postmodernism: Analyzing the Credibility of Fundamental Belief #6 Jan M. Long 08/04/2015
Article Cuando hayáis entrado en la tierra Anthea Davis 11/02/2009
Article To Change the World VII: Difference and Dissolution Michaela Lawrence Jeffery 07/27/2012
Article News Headlies: Ohio Pastor Leads Community in Healing After Police Shooting Pam Dietrich 09/20/2016
Article BuzzFeed Lists "31 Signs You Grew Up Adventist" Alexander Carpenter 05/06/2013
Article Adventist Women In Ministry: Progress or Regress? Jared Wright 03/24/2014
Article Times Review on Nussbaum, Conscience, Adventism Alexander Carpenter 03/25/2008
Article Four PUC Students Die in Tragic Accident Julie Z. Lee 11/16/2008
Article Delegate Diaries: Points of Dis-order Victor Pilmoor 07/06/2015
Article Aire Espiritual Patricia Mutch 05/19/2010
Article A Free Life Found In the Justice and Mercy of the Old Testament Barry W. Bussey 07/22/2016
Article Cenicienta aún cree en su príncipe o "El Señor viene" 1 Cor.1:22 J.M. López Yuste 03/17/2011
Article Eyewitness Report: Oshkosh Pathfinder Camporee Angelica Chan 08/17/2014
Article Creation Care or Could Care-less? Ben Holdsworth 02/21/2012
Article Adventist Peace Messengers 10/09/2006
Article Video | The Futures of Progressive Christianities Alexander Carpenter 03/02/2010
Article A Small Amount of Incense: An Open Letter to the Loma Linda University Church Ron Osborn 11/08/2012
Article Samir Selmanović on the Importance of Diversity Alita Byrd 09/08/2013
Article How Oakwood Became the Mecca of Black Adventism Benjamin Baker 02/09/2011
Article Growing Up Adventist: Dysfunction and Healing Will Johns 07/16/2014
Article On the Ten Rules of Friendship David Larson 06/26/2008
Article Will Supreme Court Ruling Impact LSU-3 Case? Alexander Carpenter 01/11/2012
Article At The End of his Year Without God, Ryan Bell Speaks Out Jared Wright 01/04/2015

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