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Article La expiación y la Iniciativa Divina David Larson 10/27/2008
Article La Asociación General aprueba directrices para responder a las prácticas sexuales alternativas Café Hispano 04/10/2014
Article Science and my Faith Herold Weiss 08/28/2009
Article Google Purchases Old Pacific Press Campus Alexander Carpenter 05/30/2011
Article On Kindness Maria Rankin-Brown 06/24/2010
Article Bearing Witness: The Rhetoric of Influence Karl. G. Wilcox 05/09/2012
Article Tweeting the Meeting: #MyChurchToo Edition Rachel Logan 07/11/2015
Article Union President Explains His Support for Women's Ordination Midori Yoshimura 07/03/2012
Article This Week in Adventist History Alexander Carpenter 04/17/2013
Article Lent: Looking to Spring Joelle Chase 03/04/2014
Article The Prayer of Abandonment Vitalia Tee 04/20/2011
Article Sabbath UnSermon: John Haught, Nancey Murphy & Kenneth Miller, "What the 'New Atheists' Get Wrong" John Haught, Nancey Murphy & Kenneth Miller 12/05/2014
Article “Orgullo y prejuicio y los Patriarcas” Nancy Lecourt 03/23/2012
Article In This Life Benjamin Baker 06/26/2015
Article Can Adventist Pastors Actually Speak to their Communities? 08/11/2006
Article Randall Balmer: God in the White House Alexander Carpenter 02/06/2009
Article Was Jesus of Nazareth Really the Son of God? David Larson 12/24/2009
Article News Reports: Adventists calls actions to ordain women 'mistakes' Alexander Carpenter 10/20/2012
Article What Peter Drucker Can Teach Us About the Church Rich Hannon 05/07/2008
Article Does Adventism really understand what Creation is all about? Hanz Gutierrez 08/15/2013

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