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Article Bringing the Real World to Genesis: Odyssey of an Adventist Creationist Roy Benton 10/02/2013
Article Growing in Christ Alden Thompson 08/08/2014
Article Reviewing. . .Spectrum Andrew Hanson 07/12/2008
Article News Headlines: Ted Wilson Will Inaugurate Major Infrastructure Projects in Rwanda Pam Dietrich 01/28/2015
Article Reviewing the Review: Adventist World Andrew Hanson 03/27/2009
Article Stand Still and Move‏ Courtney Ray 12/03/2015
Article Join the F.E.A.S.T. Rachel Davies 02/17/2010
Article Saving the best for last John Brunt 09/19/2010
Article Ted Wilson's Theology of Power Alexander Carpenter 08/24/2011
Article One reason churches grow 09/25/2007
Article War, Peace and the Minimum Wage 07/14/2006
Article Sabbath Lunch at the Spectrum Café Midori Yoshimura 03/15/2013
Article Summer Reading Group: Deep Preaching William Johns 08/11/2010
Article First-ever posthumous award from the Anti-Defamation League to an Adventist John Weidner Foundation 01/31/2014
Article Peacemaking Heritage Series: Joseph Bates Part III -- The Advent Message in Slaveholding Maryland Doug Morgan 02/03/2008
Article No Fall Classes at Atlantic Union College Alexander Carpenter 07/18/2011
Article Millennials’ Relationship with the Church: It’s Complicated Alisa Williams 11/11/2014
Article Holding the Church State Council Accountable Alexander Carpenter 10/14/2008
Article Now that's a comment! 11/13/2007
Article The Role of Hope in Creating a Better World Alisa Williams 05/22/2015
Article UPDATE: Students Shot at School in Uganda Alexander Carpenter 08/01/2009
Article The Dilemma of European Multiculturalism Hanz Gutierrez 05/12/2016
Article The One Project: Day Two Report Charles Scriven 02/13/2013
Article The Ear: Scripture, Science, Experience in Sabbath School Charles Scriven 12/20/2013
Article Annual Council Diary V: Inspired Revisions Bonnie Dwyer 10/14/2014

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