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Article Being Like Jesus Jason Hines 08/29/2013
Article Report on Inaugural Adventist Philosophy Symposium Alexander Carpenter 01/28/2011
Article Adventist Alert at, and The Review Gets into Video Sharing Alita Byrd 07/05/2014
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Article The Christmas Story as Told by Children Spectrum 12/25/2014
Article 'Jai Ho' - A. R. Rahman DJ ؟pekdrum 02/22/2009
Article Scientists and Christian leaders on global warming 01/25/2007
Article Perspective: 1844 - Pillar of Faith or Mortal Wound? André Reis 10/22/2015
Article ADRA and LLU Workers Enter Port-au-Prince Alexander Carpenter 01/15/2010
Article The Call—My Experience with Women’s Ordination Raewyn Hankins 09/30/2012
Article Donald Trump Appoints Dr. Ben Carson Housing and Urban Development Secretary Jared Wright 12/05/2016
Article Post-Zimmerman Verdict: An Emerging America Brenton Reading 07/17/2013
Article Silences in Our Texts: A Response to the Sexual Practices Guideline Julius Nam 05/26/2014
Article Developer Wins Award for Spectrum Site Alexander Carpenter 05/19/2008
Article A Family Attends the Obama Inauguration Aubyn Fulton 01/22/2009
Article Paul: Background and Call Kendra Stanton Lee 09/09/2015
Article Ron Numbers Lectures at LLU on the Adventist Origins of Scientific Creationism Matthew Burdette 12/05/2009
Article Yes, Creation!: Report III Lawrence T. Geraty 07/12/2010
Article Trumped Up Healthcare Issues? Mark F Carr 10/20/2016
Article Australian Conference Rejects Attempt By Pastor for Ministerial Equality Alexander Carpenter 06/02/2011
Article Struggling With All Energy Johnny Ramirez-Johnson 11/07/2007
Article Dios no da el Espíritu por medida Herold Weiss 05/10/2012
Article This Week in Adventist History Alexander Carpenter 01/07/2013
Article Reviewing the Review: Hope Edition Andrew Hanson 06/17/2010

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