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Article The Christian Blue Pages Loren Seibold 03/02/2009
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Article Righteousness—the Fruit of the Spirit Herbert E. Douglass 03/07/2010
Article Southern Experiences Record Enrollment for 10th Consecutive Year Alexander Carpenter 09/16/2009
Article Making Himself Equal to God Herold Weiss 08/12/2011
Article Theodrama of an Anorexic Theology - 3 Hanz Gutierrez 02/13/2014
Article Leo Schreven: Taking Sabbath to the Super Bowl [UPDATED] Jared Wright 02/06/2011
Article Kenya: Workers at Adventist University Evacuated E. Lechleitner 01/10/2008
Article Papal Legacy Keith Augustus Burton 10/04/2012
Article Six Turtles but no Doves on the Twelve days after Consecration Daniel Thompson 10/12/2009
Article The Adventist Disconnect Donna Haerich 03/22/2012
Article Sharing the Earth - A Jewish, Evangelical Conversation Alexander Carpenter 07/16/2008
Article Hope Reinder Bruinsma 04/13/2009
Article The Problem with Purity Loren Seibold 10/17/2013
Article Spiritual Worship Rachel Davies 09/12/2010
Article The Lord of All Nations Shall Judge All Acts of Inhumanity Barry Bussey 04/25/2013
Article Saturday: Looking Back Rachel Davies 04/03/2010

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