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Article Those Cursed Women Loren Seibold 07/16/2010
Article Seances, Spirits and Black Magic Loren Seibold 06/17/2011
Article Crisis of Leadership Jason Hines 07/26/2012
Article Take the Risk! Jason Hines 07/25/2013
Article The Ear: Leadership on the Upper East Side Charles Scriven 05/09/2014
Article Born of the Spirit, the Water and the Blood R. Muñoz-Larrondo 08/27/2009
Article Ethnicity and Discipleship Samir Selmanovic 02/04/2008
Article European Racism and the State of Israel Keith Burton 03/04/2010
Article Holistic Spirituality as a Key to Understanding Ellen White Harri Kuhalampi 01/10/2011
Article On The Ambiguities of Holiness Greg Schneider 01/30/2012
Article Jesus is More than a Provider Herbert E. Douglass 02/19/2013
Article Discipling Through Metaphor Gavin Anthony 01/06/2014
Article What About James? Pedrito Maynard-Reid 10/10/2014
Article Surviving in Zimbabwe Rachel Davies 03/16/2009
Article Life and Death in the Same Frame Loren Seibold 07/31/2008
Article The Disappearing Center Loren Seibold 08/20/2010
Article I Pledge Allegiance: A Prophetic Parable Keith Burton 08/05/2011
Article Touring in the Shadow of Virginia-Gene Rittenhouse Alita Byrd 09/04/2012
Article Waking a Generation of Dreamers Keith Burton 09/05/2013
Article The Eurosceptic Adventist Soul – European Holzwege I Hanz Gutierrez 06/12/2014
Article Are We There Yet? Keith Burton 10/01/2009
Article Not in an Ivory Tower Jean Sheldon 10/05/2009
Article Romans 8 in context Herbert E. Douglass 08/21/2010
Article Restless Like Augustine: A Journal Reflection Vitalia Tee 08/08/2011
Article Taking Tookie Keith Augustus Burton 09/06/2012

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