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Article Adventist Higher Education: Looking for the Point Charles Scriven 03/21/2008
Article Heroes or not heroes? Norman Loman 09/26/2010
Article Growing in Christ Alden Thompson 08/08/2014
Article Spiritual and Physical Fitness Herbert E. Douglass 04/11/2010
Article The Cost of Discipleship Gavin Anthony 03/26/2014
Article Union College Prepares for Emergencies Alita Byrd 09/15/2008
Article And Be Kind Dave Thomas 10/14/2011
Article Why the Canticles are Read at Passover Donna Haerich 03/25/2011
Article Born of a Woman—Atonement and the Incarnation Charles Scriven 11/17/2008
Article Praying for (What We’ve Already Decided Is) God’s Will Loren Seibold 11/15/2012
Article Equiping for Witnessing Herbert E. Douglass 05/21/2012
Article Meeting the Team: Jonathan Pichot Rachel Davies 11/30/2009
Article In All Things Jason Hines 11/28/2013
Article The Expert Keith Burton 06/05/2009
Article Commentary on Zechariah 1:7-17 Matthew Henry 06/13/2013
Article Teacher or Savior? Ernie Bursey 04/22/2008
Article Three Types of Contemplation: Reflections on Elder Ted N. C. Wilson’s Inaugural Sermon David Larson 10/29/2010
Article The Law Lori-Anne Poirer 09/08/2014
Article Sex and Divinity Herold Weiss 05/14/2010
Article Continuing a Fictitious Conversation: Lectio Divina Ken Curtis 04/25/2014
Article From “Foolish Gentiles” to “My Little Children” Warren Trenchard 11/24/2011
Article Liturgical Prayer Bill Cork 05/02/2011
Article Milton Friedman: Master of Disaster? David Larson 12/30/2008
Article Not Surprised Jason Hines 12/27/2012
Article Struggling With All Energy Johnny Ramirez-Johnson 11/07/2007

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