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Article Banff Dispatches: Macroevolution, Long Chronology, Humility Kenneth Wright 07/31/2011
Article Sabbath UnSermon: Deborah Haarsma, "BioLogos Interview with Deborah Haarsma" Deborah Haarsma 11/21/2014
Article Comiendo en Singapur Ferran Sabate 04/07/2008
Article Faith in Our Streets Geoffrey Nelson-Blake, Sarah Jawaid 06/09/2015
Article Vote Postponed on La Sierra Bylaw Changes Bonnie Dwyer 02/21/2013
Article Slain Canadian Missionary Leaves Legacy of Service North American Division 01/05/2014
Article Andrews' Hamel Ranked #1 Business Thinker Alexander Carpenter 08/05/2008
Article Spectrum Blog in NYC 01/07/2007
Article Life Lana B. Martin 04/20/2009
Article North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists Calls for Peace in Baltimore North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists 04/28/2015
Article The Spade and the Book Herold Weiss 03/12/2010
Article Memo to Elder Wilson Charles Scriven 12/31/2010
Article Viewpoint: The “Biblical Qualifications View” in the TOSC’s Final Report Sakae Kubo 06/09/2014
Article Occupy Till I Come Steve Yeagley 11/24/2011
Article Reviewing the Review: Flee the Captor edition Andrew Hanson 07/07/2008
Article Art: Da Vinci Goes to the Dogs? 03/26/2007
Article Surviving in Zimbabwe Rachel Davies 03/16/2009
Article Trans-European Division Statement on Women’s Ordination to the Pastoral Ministry Bertil Wiklander 08/29/2012
Article Great to Good Mark Castellino 02/07/2010
Article North American Adventist Publishing House Boards Asked to Consider Merger North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists 06/20/2013
Article After Annual Council Bonnie Dwyer 11/18/2010
Article La asociación adventista de universitarios en España publica su memoria del curso 2012-13 Café Hispano 05/01/2014
Article The Perfect Conservative Danger Jason Hines 10/20/2011
Article Spectrum's Updated Commenting Policy Goes Into Effect Monday Jared Wright 08/07/2015
Article A Different View of Revival—Part II Eddy Johnson 07/31/2012

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