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Article A Close Reading of General Conference Working Policy on Ordination ONE in Christ 08/12/2012
Article A Community of Loneliness Alisa Williams 08/29/2014
Article A Conversation We Should Join About Short-Term Mission Trips Clinton Jackson 01/10/2014
Article A Conversation with LGBT Students at Andrews University Alisa Williams 04/20/2014
Article A Crick in My Neck: Prayer As Authentic Voice Joelle Chase 06/11/2013
Article A cult is a religion without political power Alexander Carpenter 12/14/2007
Article A Death Worth Pondering John Ptacek 05/02/2014
Article A Defense of Liberal Education Eric Scott 08/23/2008
Article A Difference in Focus Julia Ruybalid 07/07/2015
Article A Different View of Revival—Part I Eddy Johnson 01/26/2012
Article A Different View of Revival—Part II Eddy Johnson 07/31/2012
Article A digital cache of contemporary Adventist thought Gordon Rick 12/04/2012
Article A Disciple of Jesus — My Experience With Women’s Ordination Marlene Ferreras 10/09/2012
Article A Discussion about Adventism on 'Interfaith Voices' Alexander Carpenter 06/11/2013
Article A Dynamic Theology Loren Seibold 02/02/2012
Article A Faded Piece of Papyrus Refers to Jesus' Wife Lawrence T. Geraty 09/19/2012
Article A Fallen Hero, A Hardened Sinner – and Grace Alden Thompson 05/01/2011
Article A Family Attends the Obama Inauguration Aubyn Fulton 01/22/2009
Article A Family Reviews Secret of the Cave The Stanyer Family 02/11/2008
Article A Felicitous Journey Ryan Bell 07/21/2009
Article A Fictitious Conversation: Listening for God in the Other Ken Curtis 04/08/2014
Article A Foray into Myth: The Origins of the Genesis Flood Story Eric Scott 09/30/2008
Article A Framework for Balancing Competing Concerns: RFRAs and Adventists in the Public Square David Hamstra 04/16/2015
Article A Free Life Found In the Justice and Mercy of the Old Testament Barry W. Bussey 07/22/2016
Article A good homily 12/28/2006
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