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Article A Bible for the Church Rachel Davies 07/23/2010
Article A Biblical–theological view of history David Trim 02/29/2012
Article A Blessing in Disguise Carrol Grady 07/09/2013
Article A Boon for The Voice of Prophecy Alexander Carpenter 04/30/2013
Article A Brazilian Pastor's Perspective on Women's Ordination Robson Sousa 10/31/2012
Article A Brief History of Gay Adventism 06/15/2006
Article A brief history of the cigarette and Adventist action 05/30/2007
Article A Call for Conversation and Wall Cracking Charles Scriven 09/21/2013
Article A Call For Martyrs Keith Burton 05/07/2010
Article A Case for Indie Adventism 08/22/2007
Article A Case Study in the Closing of the Adventist Mind Jan M. Long 12/14/2011
Article A Center for Adventist Women Trisha Famisaran 02/04/2011
Article A Challenge to Fellow Millennials: Be the Change You Wish to See Alisa Williams 07/11/2015
Article A Charge to Two-faced Christians Keith Augustus Burton 01/01/2015
Article A Chef's Story: From the President’s Table to Loma Linda Rachel Logan 05/07/2015
Article A Christian conversion 10/30/2006
Article A Christian Reflection on 'Columbus Day' Matt Burdette 10/11/2010
Article A Christian Slave: A Story of Being Illegal in America Alexander Carpenter 05/19/2008
Article A Christmas Story: After Thirty Years Nathan Brown 12/24/2012
Article A Church Beyond Walls: A Call to Surrender Danielle Pilgrim 07/24/2015
Article A Church Scorned: Church, State, Marriage, and the Quest for Power Michael Peabody 11/13/2009
Article A Clash of Stories: Humanism and Christianity Eric Scott 08/29/2008
Article A Close Reading of General Conference Working Policy on Ordination ONE in Christ 08/12/2012
Article A Community of Loneliness Alisa Williams 08/29/2014
Article A Conversation We Should Join About Short-Term Mission Trips Clinton Jackson 01/10/2014

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