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Blog Patriotism, Piety, and the Perfect Storm 11/02/2007
Article Paul and Peter Stephen Bauer 10/12/2011
Blog Paul Harvey 1918-2009 (UPDATED) Jared Wright 03/01/2009
Article Paul's Achilles Heel Herold Weiss 08/06/2012
Blog Paulsen Addresses Question of Reelection Jared Wright 06/24/2010
Blog Paulsen Honored by King Harald V of Norway Spectrum Editors 02/02/2012
Blog Paulsen Speaks to AIA on Women's Ordination Jonathan Pichot 04/09/2010
Blog Paulsen visits Cuba 11/10/2007
Blog Paulsen's Call for 'Freedom Fighters:' Reason 143,999 Why I'm Optimistic About the Future of Adventism Alexander Carpenter 04/07/2008
Blog Paulsen: Adventism and Environmental Care Alexander Carpenter 07/06/2008
Blog PBS on Seventh-day Adventists and Health Alexander Carpenter 03/28/2012
Blog PBS Profiles Ben Carson Alexander Carpenter 09/15/2008
Blog Peace in an Age of Empire Alexander Carpenter 06/18/2008
Review Peace in the Middle East: Will It Ever Be Achieved? David A. Pendleton 09/03/2009
Article Peace-making in Palestine Rachel Davies 04/02/2009
Blog Peacemaking Heritage Series | "Beecher's Bibles" or the Sword of the Spirit? Doug Morgan 02/16/2008
Blog Peacemaking Heritage Series | An Abolitionist Urges Adventist Action Doug Morgan 02/29/2008
Blog Peacemaking Heritage Series | An Abolitionist Urges Adventist Action II Doug Morgan 03/08/2008
Blog Peacemaking Heritage Series | Disappointing Satan Doug Morgan 03/29/2008
Blog Peacemaking Heritage Series | Gerrit Smith - Doing "more for the cause of the slave" as a Millerite Doug Morgan 02/09/2008
Blog Peacemaking Heritage Series | Politics Before the All-Seeing Judge Doug Morgan 03/21/2008
Blog Peacemaking Heritage Series | Religion and Politics - 1856 Doug Morgan 02/24/2008
Blog Peacemaking Heritage Series: "Victims of an Absurd Theory" Yet Advocates of the "Great Radical Reforms" Doug Morgan 12/20/2007
Blog Peacemaking Heritage Series: Abolitionist, Feminist and Millerite Doug Morgan 01/04/2008
Blog Peacemaking Heritage Series: Am I my brother's keeper? Doug Morgan 01/12/2008

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