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Article Pastoral Rant: Coddling When We Should Be Challenging Shayne Daughenbaugh 10/24/2014
Article Sabbath Sermon: Dan Matthews, "His Story, Our Story" Dan Matthews 10/24/2014
Article Good Deeds from an Evil Heart? Sabbath School Podcast on James Alden Thompson, Dave Thomas, Pedrito Maynard-Reid 10/24/2014
Article The Qualities of the Soul Matthew Henry 10/24/2014
Article La boca de los mentirosos y los oídos de los sordos Jonás Berea 10/23/2014
Article I'm a Democrat Because of My Adventist Faith Tom Gessel 10/23/2014
Article I'm an Adventist and I'm a Republican Michael Peabody 10/23/2014
Article Southern Adventist University Student Now Leads LGBT Collegiate Coalition Rachel Logan 10/23/2014
Article Houston: It’s Not a Problem Jason Hines 10/23/2014
Article The Gospel of The Disappointment Ray Tetz 10/22/2014
Article Happy Theological Humility Day Jared Wright 10/22/2014
Article Perspective: Is Women's Ordination Satanic Deception or God's Plan A? Nelson Fernandez Jr. 10/22/2014
Article Three Angles Headlines: Vegetarianism May Mean Low Sperm Count Pam Dietrich 10/22/2014
Article Almost News: New Adventist Church Potluck Rating System sevvy 10/21/2014
Article Perspective: Problems With Adventist Creationism John McLarty 10/20/2014
Article How to Promote Women In Leadership Alita Byrd 10/20/2014
Article White Estate Releases Online Game to Help Pathfinders Earn "God’s Messenger" Honor Eliana Zacarias, Rachel Logan 10/20/2014
Article The Good Lord Had A Different Plan for Ben Carson Jared Wright 10/19/2014
Article Leading Like a Woman Is a Good Thing Alita Byrd 10/19/2014
Article Viewpoint: Where Are We Regarding Ordaining Women? Sakae Kubo 10/19/2014
Article Abuse and Mentoring Both Discussed at Association of Adventist Women Conference Alita Byrd 10/18/2014
Article Adventist Docs Have Recommendations for WHO on Ebola Jared Wright 10/18/2014
Article I Am the Church Joelle Chase 10/17/2014
Article Sabbath Sermon: Leonard Sweet, "Seeing With a Creative Eye" Leonard Sweet 10/17/2014
Article The Ear: Roy Branson on Sabbath School as Gemeinde Charles Scriven 10/17/2014

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