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Article Town Hall Meeting on Regional Conferences This Weekend Jared Wright 02/26/2015
Article Southern Africa Union Ordination Report Disproves Monolithic-Africa Narrative Jared Wright 02/26/2015
Article Too Much and Not Enough Jason Hines 02/26/2015
Article Inauguration for Union College President Vinita Sauder Set for March 5 Ryan Teller 02/26/2015
Article Perspective: An Ungathered Church (Attn: Loren Seibold) David Ellis 02/25/2015
Article Editorial: Spilling Coke on the Server Bonnie Dwyer 02/25/2015
Article NEWS HEADLINES: Sanitarium Can Keep Making Weet-Bix Tax Free* Pam Dietrich 02/25/2015
Article Young Philippine Missionary Akim Zhigankov Died from Poisoning, Parents Say Jared Wright 02/24/2015
Article Viewpoint: The Five Percent Solution Can Make the Education “Vision” Viable Again Thambi Thomas 02/23/2015
Article Viewpoint: Adventist Education Has Two Faces Chester Hitchcock 02/23/2015
Article Adventist Hospitals Recruit White, Male, Adventist Leadership Trainees sevvy 02/22/2015
Article PUC Alum Tad Worku To Play Benefit Concert With Symphony Alita Byrd 02/21/2015
Article Frank A. Knittel Passes Away Spectrum Editors 02/20/2015
Article Perspective: What Will Africans Do With Women's Ordination? Clifford Owusu-Gyamfi 02/20/2015
Article The Way of Wisdom Norman Loman 02/20/2015
Article Perspective: Noble Progressivism or Dangerous Apostasy? A firsthand account of “Surge Church,” a Seventh-day Adventist Sunday Service Sydney Freeman Jr. 02/19/2015
Article Documentary Film at Andrews University Brings Social Consciousness to Adventism Brenda Delfino 02/19/2015
Article The Ungathered Church Loren Seibold 02/19/2015
Article News Headlines: Oakwood University Church to Honor Trayvon Martin's Mother Pam Dietrich 02/18/2015
Article Viewpoint: Time to Change Adventist Education's Eggs-In-One-Basket-Approach Edward Reifsnyder 02/17/2015
Article The Temple in the Mirror Anonymous 02/17/2015
Article Editorial: Digging Deep Into Adventism Brenton Reading 02/16/2015
Article California Adventist Serves on Elite Baldrige Board Alita Byrd 02/15/2015
Article An Open Letter to Elder Ted Wilson on Adventist Fundamental Belief #6 Robert T. Johnston 02/14/2015
Article BRI: 'Mixed Persuasion' GYC / One Project Couples Unequally Yoked, Cannot Marry sevvy 02/14/2015

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