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Article A Prayer of Thanksgiving Alisa Williams 11/25/2014
Article "An Exact Transcription of God’s Very Words": A Review of Batchelor and Hall's "Strange Fire" Bryan Ness 11/25/2014
Article Atlantic Union College Names Dr. Avis Hendrickson President Jared Wright 11/24/2014
Article Adventist Society for Religious Studies Provides Rich Investigation of Ecclesiology Jared Wright 11/24/2014
Article Poems on Birds Joelle Chase 11/23/2014
Article Growing Up Adventist: I Tried To Make Jesus My Best Friend Sara Telemon 11/22/2014
Article Uruguay Adventist Academy Opens Bakery Alita Byrd 11/22/2014
Article Sabbath UnSermon: Deborah Haarsma, "BioLogos Interview with Deborah Haarsma" Deborah Haarsma 11/21/2014
Article Adventist Society for Religious Studies Votes Support for 'Yes' Vote on GC Ordination Question Bonnie Dwyer 11/21/2014
Article Columbia Union Conference Recommends 'Yes' Vote on GC Ordination Question Celeste Ryan Blyden 11/21/2014
Article La iglesia de la imagen Jonás Berea 11/20/2014
Article Adventist Pastor Becomes a Popular Meme Jared Wright 11/20/2014
Article Columbia Union Conference Creates Interactive Women's Ordination Timeline Jared Wright 11/20/2014
Article Getting the World’s Attention Loren Seibold 11/20/2014
Article UPDATED: La Sierra University, Oakwood University and Southern Adventist University Buck Negative Enrollment Trend Rachel Logan 11/20/2014
Article Canadian University College Uses Science Centre Explosion as Opportunity to Improve Complex Rachel Logan 11/19/2014
Article Adventists In The News: Veganism and Criminal Neglect, Bags of Love, and Boarding Academy Fire Pam Dietrich 11/18/2014
Article Viewpoint: I See Serious Problems With The Women's Ordination Question Sakae Kubo 11/18/2014
Article Is the Blockbuster "Interstellar" A Fundamentally Religious Film? Rachel Logan 11/17/2014
Article Cheap Copies of "The Great Controversy" Fill Big City Recycle Bins Jared Wright 11/17/2014
Article The Ear: Richard Rawson Discusses Innovation and Whole-Person Healthcare Charles Scriven 11/16/2014
Article Loma Linda University Church Shares Video of Ashley Picco & Lennon Picco Memorial Service Jared Wright 11/16/2014
Article Nicholas Miller Writes Open Letter to Doug Batchelor on Ordination Jared Wright 11/16/2014
Article Sabbath Sermon: Greg Boyd and Paul Eddy, "How Do You Reconcile the Wrath of God in the Old Testament with a Loving God? " Greg Boyd and Paul Eddy 11/14/2014
Article Pacific Union Conference Votes Statement in Favor of Divisions Deciding Ordination Policies Jared Wright 11/14/2014

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