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Article Priesthood of SOME Believers: An Adventist Woman Pastor Speaks Out Anonymous 09/17/2015
Article Mission and Message James Lorenz 09/17/2015
Article New Adventist Website Announces the Demise of the General Conference Jared Wright 09/16/2015
Article Spectrum Commenting Policy Extended Jared Wright 09/16/2015
Article Reflections on San Antonio by a Woman Pastor Two Months Later Anonymous 09/15/2015
Article Summer Reading Group: Contempt and Heresy Robert Jacobson 09/11/2015
Article The 9/11 Table of Silence Project Spectrum Media 09/11/2015
Article Perspective: Clarifying "Understanding Ice Core Science" Col J. Gibson, D. Stuart Letham 09/11/2015
Article Seventh-Gay Adventists Companion Film Premieres This Weekend at UltraViolet Festival Jared Wright 09/10/2015
Article A Sabbath for Homosexuals. An Oxymoron or a Blessing? Hanz Gutierrez 09/10/2015
Article The Closing of the Adventist Mind: Three Reasons and Two Solutions Eddy Johnson 09/10/2015
Article Andrews University Seminary Announces Launch of Student Journal Jiri Moskala 09/09/2015
Article Paul: Background and Call Kendra Stanton Lee 09/09/2015
Article Editorial: I Need Art to Blow Salty Sea Breeze into my Stale Room Jared Wright 09/08/2015
Article Painting for Understanding: Mindy Bielas Inspired by the Old Testament Alita Byrd 09/08/2015
Article South African Adventists March for Peace in Johannesburg Spectrum 09/08/2015
Article Millennials Reflect on Adventist Schooling Spectrum 09/05/2015
Article Does God Yell? On Listening. Duane Covrig 09/05/2015
Article "Super Exhilarating:" Aaron Beaumont Reflects on the Life of a Musician Alita Byrd 09/04/2015
Article Best of Comments for the Week of August 30 Spectrum Editors 09/04/2015
Article Perspective: Equality, Totalitarianism, and God's Divine Order Ole-Edvin Utaker 09/03/2015
Article Authentic Uncertainty‏ Courtney Ray 09/03/2015
Article Libertad para elegir mal Evelyn Vaughn 09/02/2015
Article Who or What Is a Missionary? Karon Powell 09/02/2015
Article Why Sabbath Was Such A Fitting Topic for Oliver Sacks' Final Essay Jared Wright 09/02/2015

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