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Article AUC Reopens This Week — Q&A with New President Alita Byrd 08/22/2015
Article Sabbath Sermon: Alex Bryan, "A More Abundant Adventism, Part Two" Spectrum 08/22/2015
Article Best of Spectrum Comments - August 16, 2015 Spectrum Editors 08/21/2015
Article Amazing Facts Says Batchelor Will Move Meetings from Florida Conference to Michigan Spectrum 08/20/2015
Article How the “Stingy Critics” Get It Wrong Loren Seibold 08/20/2015
Article Cross Cultural Mission Lisa Clark Diller 08/20/2015
Article NPUC Affirms Women Leaders, Cancels Ordination Constituency Meeting Jared Wright 08/19/2015
Article BREAKING: North Pacific Union Votes to Cancel Ordination Constituency Session Jared Wright 08/19/2015
Article A Message to the North Pacific Union as they Discuss Ordination Today Brent Stanyer 08/19/2015
Article General Conference Says Unions Exercise "Delegated Authority" on Ordination Jared Wright 08/18/2015
Article Florida Conference Calls Doug Batchelor a "Polarizing Influence," Discourages Speaking Appointment Jared Wright 08/17/2015
Article Why Hermeneutics is Our Biggest Problem Alita Byrd 08/16/2015
Article Sabbath Sermon: Alex Bryan, "A More Abundant Adventism" Jared Wright 08/15/2015
Article Best Comments of the Week August 10-14, 2015 Spectrum Editors 08/14/2015
Article To Whom Do You Pray? Kent Hansen 08/14/2015
Article Injured Union College Gymnast Heather Boulais Leaves Rehab Hospital Jared Wright 08/13/2015
Article Niels-Erik Andreasen to Retire as Andrews University President in June 2016 Andrews University 08/13/2015
Article How Multicultural is the Adventist Church? On The General Conference Presidential Election II Hanz Gutierrez 08/13/2015
Article News Headlines: Gas Pipeline Threatens Historic Adventist Site (and More!) Pam Dietrich 08/13/2015
Article Jesus the Missionary: Startling, Intriguing, Shocking, Inspiring Alden Thompson 08/12/2015
Article Mid-America Union Conference Selects Gary Thurber as President Jared Wright 08/11/2015
Article Summer Reading Group: Purity, Moral Reasoning, Shame and Guilt Jody Washburn 08/10/2015
Article Understanding Spectrum's New Commenting Policy Jared Wright 08/10/2015
Article The Closing of the Adventist Mind Revisited, and Confirmed Eddy Johnson 08/10/2015
Article World Authority on Laughter Talks Us Through the Research Alita Byrd 08/09/2015

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