Lisa Clark Diller | Comments

This is the sixth post in a nine-part series for Spectrum’s 2014 Summer Reading Group.

Alita Byrd | Comments

The International Pathfinder Camporee, held every five years, is a memorable event for young Pathfinders who come from all over the world. The last four Camporees have been held at the Experimental Aircraft Associations AirVenture Campgrounds in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. This year, about 47,000 Pathfinders are attending the five-day extravaganza, organized by the Seventh-day Adventist Church's North American Division and Center for Youth Evanglism in Berrien Springs, Michigan.

Rachel Logan | Comments

Hundreds of children are dead; thousands of missiles have been fired, and over a million people are living without access to water. With statistics like these showing up every night on the evening news, it’s a situation impossible to ignore.  

Alita Byrd | Comments

A bill that calls for stoning as a punishment for “aggravated homosexuality” or for any foreigner who commits a “homosexual act” has been proposed to Kenya’s National Assembly by a Seventh-day Adventist politician.

Pam Dietrich | Comments

1. Portugal's highest court has ruled that two Adventists have the right to not work Saturday shifts because of their religious beliefs.

Jonah Valdez | Comments

It was spring quarter of 2014 at La Sierra University.

Bodie Parkhurst | Comments

The summer I turned four The Sound of Music came out.

T Joe Willey | Comments

The moral case for doing a better job of giving Americans the opportunity to succeed is very compelling. The economic case is just as strong. If more Americans are educated, more will be employed, their collective earnings will be greater, and the overall productivity of the American workforce will be higher.

Edward Reifsnyder | Comments

Decades ago, evangelists, preachers and Bible teachers loved to assert that the clock of this earth’s time was past 11:59pm and that time was very, very short for probation to end and Jesus to return.  The second hand on the clock was described as positioned at just seconds to midnight.  

Bonnie Dwyer, Rachel Logan | Comments

The ASI 2014 Town Hall meeting on August 8 in Grand Rapids, Michigan presented and discussed questions about the Seventh-day Adventist church’s stance on several major issues including homosexuality, women’s ordination, the Spirit of Prophecy, the NAD moving out of the GC building, and the health ministry.

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