• Jason Hines | Comments
    Aristotle, in the Nicomachean Ethics, concludes that living a life of virtue is the way to be truly happy. Jesus came and died so that we, with His help, might live with that virtue.
  • Edward Reifsnyder | Comments
    According to Jesus, it is an uncommon demonstration of love toward humanity that is the distinguishing characteristic by which the world can identify his followers. The Adventist remnant doctrine takes a different view.
  • Alita Byrd | Comments
    A recent profile of the politically famous Adventist neurosurgeon in Politico Magazine maintains that Ben Carson's views aren't all neatly conservative.
James L. Hayward | Comments

The last article in this series presented much of the early foundational history with Adventism that would profoundly influence the evolution of Adventist thinking on issues of Genesis. In this current article featured below, we are provided a well detailed and rather mesmerizing history that has transpired up through the mid 1990s. It covers the politics of thought on Genesis, and the shifting alliances.

Adventist Review Staff | Comments

On April 8, Adventist Review published the following story.

Alisa Williams | Comments

On Sabbath, April 19, in a first-of-its-kind program, Andrews University conducted “A Conversation with LGBT Students.” This event focused on listening, understanding and caring, as LGBT students shared their stories and experiences.

James Coffin | Comments

Twenty-one years ago, on April 19, 1993, 76 religious extremists from a Seventh-day Adventist offshoot group known as the Branch Davidians died in the conflagration that ensued when U.S. Government law enforcement sought to seize control of the Davidian’s Mount Carmel compound near Waco, Texas.  

Alita Byrd | Comments

Today, the General Conference's Biblical Research Institute released a list it called "Theological Problems with The Record Keeper." The BRI enumerated what it believes to be inaccuracies under three headings:

  1. View of God and His Perfect Creation
  2. View of Christ and the Atonement
  3. View of the Holy Spirit

Here is the entire text of the document from the Biblical Research Institute:

Sam Millen | Comments

Growing up in the Adventist church, I was exposed to a brand of Adventism promoting what has been identified as Last Generation Theology (LGT).  We were taught that those in the church who disagreed with LGT were in apostasy.

Alita Byrd | Comments

On April 12, 1994, thousands of Tutsi refugees sought safety in the Adventist church in Mugonero, in the Rwandan countryside. And on April 16 - this day 20 years ago - they were killed. It seemed unbelievable. Adventists inside the church; Adventists outside. Adventist church members killing each other?

Suzanne Ocsai | Comments

Suzanne Ocsai spent about a year researching and writing a book on the first ten years of GYC, the youth-led Adventist movement and yearly conference, generally seen as particularly conservative.

Pam Dietrich | Comments

1. Long-serving mission pilot Bob Roberts died when his plane crashed shortly after takeoff in Papua Province, Indonesia, on April 9.  One passenger, Danis Kobak, also died, but five other passengers survived.

Bonnie Dwyer | Comments

For several months, a banner at the top of our web page has invited readers to join our Global Community Campaign.  Many of you have, and on behalf of the Spectrum Board of Directors, I want to say thank you to all who have participated.

Already, the increased funding has made it possible for us to do more reporting. Sending Larry Geraty to South Africa to report on the meeting convened there by the General Conference was made possible by gifts to the campaign. We plan to have coverage of the upcoming meeting in Germany about how World War I affected Adventism, too.

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