Matt Burdette | Comments

Editor's note: Matt Burdette has written for Spectrum many times and, as you will see from his post, I twisted his arm a bit to get him to write again. His insight and wit have been incredibly helpful to me both when he studied at La Sierra and now as he finishes his doctoral work at Aberdeen, one of the most prestigious universities for theologic work.

Sterling Spence | Comments

There’s a bench on a hill behind the house where I grew up. I used to go there every night during the summers and look out on the San Francisco Bay. The lights from the refineries spilled out across the water and stretched openness where occasionally a tanker would slide out to sea. The emptiness begged to be filled with conversation, so my friends and I would go there to talk.

Sterling Spence | Comments

"Of the 50,000 elephants that roamed Chad 50 years ago, barely 2 percent are left. In the neighboring Central African Republic and Cameroon, the population may be even lower.

Donald G. Morgan | Comments

This piece will appear as a letter to the editor in the upcoming edition of The Spectrum Journal. Being that it is in response to a blog post, we have chosen to also post it here.  

I feel that I have a responsibility as a 1963 graduate of Columbia Union College (now Washington Adventist University) to comment on the article posted on the Spectrum Magazine website of May 18, 2014 captioned “Crisis in Leadership at Washington Adventist University.”

Shane Akerman | Comments

Many Adventists have taken the comments from Pope Francis regarding the need to prioritize humanity over economy, along with recent rulings from the U.S. Supreme Court, as an opportunity to tout the importance of “religious liberty.” We want to make sure that no one is going to bother us for keeping the Sabbath.

Alita Byrd | Comments

The cover story of this week's Adventist Review is titled "What Do You Mean: Seventh-day Adventist?1" The author credited and pictured is Lee Roy Holmes, a "retired pastor and academy principal from the Upper Columbia Conference of Seventh-day Adventists."

Sterling Spence | Comments

I would like to introduce you to the guest editor of the Spectrum blog for the next three weeks while I am on vacation. Sterling Spence works as program manager for Canvasback Missions based in California. He is a recent business management and religious studies graduate of La Sierra University, and will be studying theology at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley next year.

Charles Scriven | Comments

This is the second post in a nine-part series for Spectrum’s 2014 Summer Reading Group.

Loma Linda University Health | Comments

A record-breaking $100 million gift to Loma Linda University Health was announced this week — the largest single gift toward the biggest expansion in Loma Linda's history, dubbed Vision 2020.

Will Johns | Comments

I was nine years old playing with my brother in the balcony of our Adventist church. We were having a great time with a microphone stand, pretending to sing and acting like we were preaching. Then a deacon walked in. A deacon who took his job very seriously. A deacon who was not pleased to see children laughing in church. A deacon whose face looked like he drank vinegar for breakfast.

Alita Byrd | Comments

Last week, 1,150 people met in Geneva, Switzerland, to talk about health. The Global Conference on Health and Lifestyle, organized by the church’s Health Ministries Department, brought together health professionals and Adventist leaders from 81 countries.

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