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"I think it's very, very important to remember that we didn't come to this moment hastily," says former General Conference president Jan Paulsen in a just-released video from Adventist "elder statesmen." The video, "It's Time," features six senior Seventh-day Adventist Church leaders who are speaking out publicly, some of them for the first time, in favor of allowing women's ordination to move forward.

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Baptists Disinvite Prospective Candidate Ben Carson. Retired Seventh-day Adventist neurosurgeon and possible presidential candidate Ben Carson withdrew from speaking to the annual Southern Baptist Pastors Conference in Columbus, Ohio. Baptist21, a group of young pastors, objected to his appearance due to his Adventist beliefs: Sabbath worship, accepting all people as God's children, and evil-doers not burning eternally in hell.  Other Baptist21 members were concerned that Carson is too tied to politics.

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In a special edition of the North American Division NewsPoints, the Administration of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America, issued the following statement on April 28, 2015, in response to the growing number of demonstrations following the funeral of Freddie Gray who died tragically in Baltimore, MD:

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Seventh-day Adventist doctors and ADRA workers sprang to work in Nepal after a powerful earthquake on April 25 killed more than 4,000 people.

The Adventist Scheer Memorial Hospital in Banepa, 15 kilometers east of Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu, was overflowing with patients injured by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake, which struck around midday about 80 kilometers from Kathmandu.

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A Seventh-day Adventist splinter group was involved in a shooting with police and security units in the central Angola province of Huambo, leaving nine officers and 13 members dead. The police and security officers were attempting to arrest José Kalupeteka, executing an arrest warrant issued after some of his followers attacked 10 unarmed police officers in neighboring Bié province.

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Happy Earth Day from Spectrum! In this week's Adventist-related news headlines,

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The world's attention has been drawn to Johannesburg, South Africa today after photographer James Oatway caught a violent attack on camera. During a night of unrest in Alexandra township, South Africans looted and destroyed foreign-owned shops. The next morning, Emmanuel Sithole of Mozambique was walking in the area when he was attacked by four South African nationals. Sithole was beaten and stabbed, and left for dead. Oatway captured graphic images of the attack that lasted just over two minutes.

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El Centinela, the Spanish Language monthly magazine for the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists published by Pacific Press, has announced plans to distribute one million copies of the May edition of the magazine throughout the NAD. Each magazine contains a Bible study enrollment card. The plan, according to Pacific Press President Dale Galusha, is to encourage each church member personally to give copies to their friends and neighbors.

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