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Before He Speaks: Pastors' Wives Get Their Day Via YouTube Parody

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Editor's Update: This video has now been viewed almost 112,000 times and was just featured on CNN Headline News as an online phenomenon (over 62,000 of those views came from this page)! If you haven't seen this genius bit of creatively vented frustration yet, read on.

And now for a little levity on the blog...Three pastors' wives from the Florida Hospital Seventh-day Adventist church in Orlando decided they were tired of having their latest household fiasco show up in sermon illustrations, so these women made a parody video to get their point across, revamping Carrie Underwood's popular "Before He Cheats" with their rendition of "Before He Speaks." Thanks to Donna Haerich for passing this fun piece on. And thanks to Vickie McDonald (married to senior pastor Andy), Tami Cinquemani (married to associate pastor Jeff), and Amy Achata (married to youth pastor David) for venting their frustrations so creatively!


CNN reports on the video.

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Sat, 08/05/2017
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