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Seventh-day Adventist Entities Respond to Charlottesville

In the aftermath of a clash that turned deadly on August 12, 2017, in Charlottesville, Virginia, Seventh-day Adventist individuals and entities from across the United States have responded with a call for love and prayers for the victims, denouncing the violence and hate that led to the tragedy. Below is a round-up of the various statements that have been issued thus far:

Blessed Are the Peacemakers: Ricardo Graham Responds to White Supremacist Violence

The following statement was published today by the Pacific Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists featuring Union President Ricardo Graham:

Elder Ricardo Graham
President, Pacific Union Conference

A young woman is dead in Charlottesville, Virginia. Her name is Heather Heyer. She was killed while protesting against a gross corruption of the American vision. She was protesting against hatred, against the idea that America belongs to one race, the white race, and one religion, the Christian religion.

The Vision: New Docu-Drama Series on Beginnings of Church in Europe

European Adventists Pilot a Video Series on the Beginning of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Europe.

Understanding our roots inspires our future! That is the impetus behind “The Vision,” a docu-drama piloted at the Global Adventist internet Network (GAiN) meetings, August 9, 2017 in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

GAiN Conference Day 5

Sunday marked the last day of the GAiN (Global Adventist Internet Network) conference. It was a half-day with only four presentations and a handful of “project slams.”

GAiN Conference Day 4 - Sabbath

I heard a rumor earlier in the week that a herd of capybara spend their mornings sunbathing at the pond across the street from my hotel. So on Sabbath morning a newfound GAiN friend and I trekked around the pond, enjoying the numerous birds and flowering trees along the path. And then, sure enough: on the opposite bank there was the little family enjoying the early morning sunshine.

GAiN Conference Day 3

What a difference a day away makes. When the buses arrived on the UNASP campus close to 9:00 a.m. for Day 3 of the GAiN (Global Adventist Internet Network) conference, the changes were evident immediately. More flowers had been planted, and some new grass laid.

GAiN Conference Day 2

The second day of GAiN, Thursday, August 10, was dedicated to exploring three Adventist institutions in Brazil: Novo Tempo

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