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The Steep and Narrow Path to Unity

The Jerusalem Council has been reference point of choice for a great deal of the Adventist church’s discussion of unity and diversity. In her ground-breaking lecture, appropriate for what would usually be the Sabbath School hour, Dr. Olive Hemmings, Professor of Religion at Washington Adventist University and President of the Adventist Society of Religious Studies, gave a profound exposition of scripture.

Policy Matters—It Matters a Lot!

Lowell Cooper, former vice president of the General Conference (1998-2016) clearly recognized that his title "Issues in Church Policy"—especially at the end of a day in which six hours had already been devoted to lectures and discussions—was hardly a subject guaranteed to set the intellectual pulses running.

Circumstances Change the Relations of Things

Thursday afternoon at the Unity Conference Rolf Pohler, theological adviser to the North German Union Conference, Germany, examined Ellen White’s attitudes to theological continuity and change in the light of the Adventist church’s contemporary struggles with unity. With a variety of sometimes seemingly contradictory quotations, Pohler made it clear that a close look at Ellen White’s responses to issues of church authority, policy, and structure yields no simple answer to today’s church challenges.

Adventist Conductor Herbert Blomstedt Wins Brahms Prize

The 2017 Brahms Prize of 10,000 euros was presented to the Swedish conductor Herbert Blomstedt on June 10. The ceremony was held in the St. Bartholomew Church in Wesselburen (Kreis Dithmarschen / Schleswig-Holstein). The Brahms-Society Schleswig-Holstein pays tribute to artists who have earned the prize by dedication to the music and the artistic heritage of Johannes Brahms.

Thursday at the London Unity Conference: Transformational Moments in the History of Church Authority

And so it began, the Unity 2017 Conference, with worship, of course. Gary Patterson, retired General Conference field secretary, known to many in the room for his insightful interpretation of church policy, showed his pastoral side with a creative devotional on the book of John, on light in the darkness, on the women to whom Christ made his most significant announcements. It was the woman at the well to whom Jesus first personally declared his Messiahship. It was to Mary that Jesus appeared upon his resurrection.

London Unity Conference Set to Reframe Conversation about Church Authority

Which came first in Adventism, discussion of women’s ordination or discussion of unity? All three words seemingly have been worn out in the conversations about them, particularly in the last ten years, but really since the beginnings of the church in the 1860s. Does the conversation change depending on whether or not you are in a division conference office, or a union, or a local conference office?

Florida Adventist Church Honors Local Law Enforcement and More News Shorts

Florida Adventist Church Honors Local Law Enforcement Officers. During a special ceremony at the church, the Sinai Seventh-day Adventist Church in Plantation, Florida, honored deputies from the Broward County Sheriff's Office and officers from the Plantation Police Department for the personal sacrifices they have made in service to the community. Kerline Jeanmary, the social services director of the church, said members felt compelled to give back and express their appreciation, especially with all the negative media attention surrounding law enforcement as of late.

With Apologies to Gary Kent, IIW Oceania Moves On

Donors to It Is Written Oceania gathered last weekend to meet with church officials in the aftermath of the program’s recent leadership change. Speaker/Director Gary Kent was removed from his position in May by the Adventist Media Center Board, according to a story in the South Pacific Division’s Adventist Record, regarding “conduct inconsistent with the responsibilities of the speaker/director.”

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