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Major Media Outlets Pick Up Adventist LGBT Stories

Stories of LGBT+ Adventists and their families have caught the attention of major news organizations, pointing both to the power of the stories and their uniqueness as accounts from within the faith community.

Colorado Elementary Students Collect Donations for Needy Babies – News Shorts

Colorado Elementary Students Collect Donations for Needy Babies. Students in grades one through eight at Lighthouse Seventh-day Adventist Christian School in Fort Morgan, Colorado, participated in a spring service project that the principal Jodie Aakkolabeled a "Baby Care-a-Thon."Aakko developed the idea, having the students visit local grocery stores, asking customers to purchase items for babies, and then donating them to the students. "Our students stood at the doors with smiles to greet customers, hand them a cart, and tell them about our Baby Care-A-Thon," Aakko said.

Free Will or Determinism?

Does physical law entail that humans are no more in charge of themselves than machines? Are we self-deceived if we imagine that our choices make a difference?

Adventist Leaders in Russia Address Fake News on Church Status

Leaders in the Euro-Asia Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, a church region that includes the Russian Federation, released an official statement last week, as they try to counter false news circulating about the status of the church in that country. The statement, signed by the church regional president M. F. Kaminsky, and public affairs and religious liberty director O. Y. Goncharov seeks to allay fears after misinformation circulating online stated that the Seventh-day Adventist Church was about to be banned from that nation.

Adventist Women in Fiji Become Water Champions – News Shorts

Adventist Women in Fiji Become Water Champions. The Nakasi Seventh-day Adventist Church women’s group in Fiji has completed a two-day training from the Water Champions program. The 14 women who participated learned how water was delivered – from the source to the tap – and how to best protect this finite and fragile resource. Participant Loame Naituku said the program was an exciting experience for her. “I am really happy to participate in such a great program and to see what it actually takes to produce clean drinking water,” she said.

Outspoken: Debbie and Kris Widmer Open Up About Trans Daughter

As longtime Seventh-day Adventist pastor Kris Widmer points out in the newest installment of the “Outspoken” video series, there is no pamphlet put out by the church for parents of transgender children.

Netherlands Union Conference Postpones Ordination of Female Pastors

In a surprise effort to appease the General Conference and its Unity Commission, the Netherlands Union Conference (NUC) Executive Committee has “decided to postpone the ordination of female pastors until after October 2017 to contribute to the process of dialogue and reconciliation” within the Adventist Church.

The statement came as part of a 25-page question-and-answer document for NUC delegates, written in preparation for the upcoming Constituency Session held on May 4-6. The document was uploaded on April 21 to a secure part of the union’s website accessible only by delegates.

Young Adventist Honored for Fighting Gender-based Violence

For the second consecutive year, a Seventh-day Adventist young person was announced as a winner for the South Pacific region of the 2017 Commonwealth Youth Awards for Excellence in Development Work.

Jacqueline Joseph, the CEO and co-founder of a youth-led organization in Papua New Guinea (PNG) that uses sport as a tool to end gender-based violence, was presented with the award at a ceremony in London in March.

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