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A pastoral affair on film

This short documentary  - A Spiritual Affair - was created by an Adventist professor at Pacific Union College.

"Second Wind is a spiritual community in San Francisco started by two pastors who were kicked out of their church after having an affair. Forced to quit their jobs and leave the congregations they loved they moved to the city to start something new -  ­ a spiritual community with no strings attached. Welcome to Second Wind."

You might recognize a few of the faces in the film.

The director, Stephen Eyer, has submitted this to current TV, one of my favorite viewer created content media experiments. If enough people vote to "greenlight" this doc, it will be shown on cable. After you watch it, vote here (quick registration required). 

What do you think? Would you attend? And why? Feel free to post a comment below.


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For the discerning and faithful citizen

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Our man in San Francisco: What’s funny is that our evangelist probably spends the most money on his looks of anyone in the auditorium

Experiencing perhaps the worst evangelistic series ever, Trevan Osborn writes: "There was pressure being put on to baptize the young kids but luckily
we said that we needed to teach them and work with them before that.
One of the kids who wanted to be baptized asked me what the pool was
for when he saw it. Yes, I’m not kidding, he was going to be baptized
even though he had no clue what was going on."Note: The Spectrum Blog attended the meeting on Friday night. The
evangelist actually took $40 from his pocket and gave it to someone who
brought two people. As Trevan noted before, $100 was given to someone
earlier in the series for bringing people.  I've heard of "rice
Christians"but here the evangelistic leadership in Central California
Conference is apparently willing to buy the souls directly.

The evangelist spent the majority of the sermon on baptism talking
about how he saw people raped in prison and described the act in detail
several times. He speaks with less than a middle school understanding
of grammar. During the call for baptism, the bible worker rounded up
six kids, all preteens and herded them to the front.


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For your Sabbath pleasure: Zum Sanctus

South African Mass Male Choir 2005Recorded at Bellville Civic in Cape TownChoir members from Adventist churchesZum Sanctus

Heilig, heilig, heilig, heilig ist der Herr!
Heilig, heilig, heilig, heilig ist nur Er,
Er, der nie begonnen, Er der immer war,
ewig ist und waltet, sein wird immer dar.

Heilig, heilig, heilig, heilig ist der Herr!
Heilig, heilig, heilig, heilig ist nur Er.
Allmacht, Wunder, Liebe, Alles ringsum her!
Heilig, heilig, heilig, heilig ist der Herr!

Deutsche Messe, D872 (Franz Schubert)

It's been a long week - Shabot Shalom


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Ah, the good old "lifestyle" days in Adventist marketing

Apparently this ad appeared on Australian TV in 1989.

Message? Adventists are hot girls who help people - oh, and please forget that whole Lindy Chamberlain thing.

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Adventist Church Stands Up For Creation

If you're in the So. Cal area, chech out this smart event.  And if not, consider having your church screen the film and discuss it. On Sunday, October 8 at 7:00 pm the Hollywood Church will be screening the recent documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, in partnership with Progressive Christians Uniting. This is part of a week long effort on the part of churches to show this film and lead conversations about it's implications.

We are also very excited to announce that after our screening, two Loma Linda University professors will be on hand to speak and lead a discussion about creation theology, environmental ethics and climate change.

Dr. Robert Ford, M.P.H./Ph.D, is Professor of Sustainable Development, Social Policy, Earth System Science: Departments of Social Work and Social Ecology, and the Department of Earth and Biological Sciences, School of Science and Technology, Loma Linda University

Dr. David Larson, Ph.D., is professor of Christian Ethics, Theological and Philosophical Ethics, Biomedical Ethics at Loma Linda University. Dr. Larson is also a board member of Progressive Christians Uniting.

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Interfaith Blog Potluck

On Street Prophets, Pastor Dan gives  you all you need to know about our do-nothing Congress. Oh wait, yesterday it did pass a bill that would "cut off financial awards to plaintiffs who bring successful lawsuits against expressions of religion like Christmas displays on government grounds. The aim of the measure, approved 244 to 173, is to discourage lawsuits against local, state and federal governments over issues of separation of church and state."

If you missed your morning coffee induced heart-pounding visit Talk to Action where court stripping looks evan more exciting than you think. Joan points out that the main Representative (Hostettler R-IN) behind this act said this:"When the courts make unconstitutional decisions, we should not enforce them. Federal courts have no army or navy. The court can opine, decide, talk about, sing, whatever it wants to do. We're not saying they can't do that. At the end of the day, we're saying the court can't enforce its opinions."JSpot posts Stephen Colbert's Days of Repentence for Jews clip and also features Nathan Newman on how California taxpayer won't have to subsidize anti-union campaigns.

Chuck Currie speaks up on torture: "President Bush is pressuring the Senate to act on the compromise agreement this week, citing the need for intelligence gathering to maintain strong national security.  As people of faith, we are called to stand against policies and practices that violate fundamental human dignity."TAKE ACTION AGAINST THE TORTURE COMPROMISE HERE.

Philadelphia-based Leming writes on CrossLeft about the evangelical School for Social Change at Eastern University.

Muslim Wake Up wonders about the reaction within Isreal over the recent war with Hezbollah.

City of Brass writes: "among the reasoned responses to the Pope is Tariq Ramadan's essay, which argues that the real context of the Pope's address was to emphatically place Islam within the category of Other with which no true dialog can be undertaken."

Christo Lumen tells the Parable of the Good Homosexual.

Jim, over at Disples from the Left, provides a short ethical reflection on the recent Values Voters Conference.

Mainstream Baptist notes the growing discontent with the Iraq war. Where? Among retired military leadership. Why? Because Iran is looming and they don't want to go through another Rummy mess.

Answering the Rev. Deb Haffner's questions about sex on the edges of the public discussion, the Rev. Meg Riley writes about the importance of coalition building within the progressive movement. She states: "Over the years, in coalitions, I have watched a number of areas of disagreement--notably about the Middle East, abortion, and gay rights, take down too many good efforts. I think it is key to leave room for disagreement on some issues while moving forward on others."Even the Devils Believe posts "via Lutheran Zephyr, Beliefnet has a story about a Muslim group in Florida that is sending $5000 in seed money to Palestine to help rebuild Christian churches that were burned there. The group's spokesperson points out that the churches should be protected under the tenets of Islam. Allahu Akbar, and many prayers that we Christians can return to our Muslim brothers and sisters the love expressed in this gesture."

Johnny points out: "The enormity of what is happening in Utah cannot be understated.  They are embracing the future in a way no other state has - this truly is a progressive policy from one of our most religiously devout states."

Finally, listen to Provoke Radio! This week "don't miss this fascinating story of one man's awakening to the social justice message of the Gospels. Guest: Mr. Brian McLaren, best selling author of such books as, 'The Secret Message of Jesus' and others. Brian is a leader in the Emergent community and a man Time Magazine referred to as a 'paradigm shifter'. Special guest host: Dr. Steven Miles, Profesor of Theology, Loyola College of Maryland."

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Cool Adventist belief: no hell?

Adventist blogger and political science doctoral student Ron Osborn writes:"I keep having these odd conversations with people about Hell, including one with a man yesterday who grew positively (dare we say) fiery when I told him I don't believe it exists. Why, I am curious to know, would any sane and compassionate person want to defend the  idea of Hell if it could  be shown to be based on shaky theological foundations? In The Problem of Pain, C.S. Lewis wrote that "There is no doctrine I would more willingly remove from Christianity than this, if it lay in my power.""Hell no, he won't go" there!

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