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Cool Adventist belief: no hell?

Adventist blogger and political science doctoral student Ron Osborn writes:"I keep having these odd conversations with people about Hell, including one with a man yesterday who grew positively (dare we say) fiery when I told him I don't believe it exists. Why, I am curious to know, would any sane and compassionate person want to defend the  idea of Hell if it could  be shown to be based on shaky theological foundations? In The Problem of Pain, C.S. Lewis wrote that "There is no doctrine I would more willingly remove from Christianity than this, if it lay in my power.""Hell no, he won't go" there!

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Art: The Curriculum at SDA Colleges in North America

By Sharon Fujimoto-Johnson

Fall quarter classes are just getting underway at many colleges in North America. How is art faring at Adventist colleges? Here's what can be discovered in a quick browse of art department web sites:

Andrews University Art Department

No. of Faculty/Staff: 6

Programs offered: BFA in graphic design, BFA in visual art (emphasis in ceramics, painting, photography, pre-art therapy, printmaking), BA in art (emphasis in art history, pre-art therapy, visual arts), BS in art education

Of interest: The pre-art therapy program for students interested in art therapy careers

Professor Greg Constantine's artwork was featured on the Spring 2000 cover of Spectrum. Atlantic Union College Art DepartmentNo. of Faculty/Staff: 1?Programs Offered: BA or AFA in art, BFA in drawing, painting, or 3-dimensional design, BS in business and management of art, BS in pre-art therapy, BS in pre-scientific illustration

Canadian University College Art Department

No. of Faculty/Staff: 1

Programs offered: courses in drawing, design, oil painting, pottery

Instructor John Hoyt's artwork was featured on the Winter 2002 cover of Spectrum.

La Sierra University Art Department

No. of Faculty/Staff: 6

Programs offered: BFA in fine art, BFA in graphic design, BA in art, BA in art/Pre-Den, Pre-Med Program

Of interest: The art program for pre-dentistry and pre-medicine students

Professor Beatriz Mejia-Krumbein's artwork was featured on the Spring 2005 cover of Spectrum. Professor Peter Erhard's artwork was featured on the Summer 2002 cover of Spectrum.

Pacific Union College Department of Visual Arts

No. of Faculty/Staff: 8

Programs offered: BA and BS in fine art, BS and AS in graphic design (with optional illustration or web emphasis), BS and AS in photography, BS in film and television

Of interest: The film and television major

The artwork of professors Milbert Mariano, Thomas Morphis, Cliff Rusch, and Tom Turner have been featured on various Spectrum covers.

Southern Adventist University School of Visual Art and Design

No. of Faculty/Staff: 12

Programs offered: BA in art and in art therapy, BA and AS in graphic design, BFA in fine arts and in art education, BS in animation, film production, graphic design, and animation & computer science

Of interest: Student-produced films and the animation program   Southwestern Adventist University Fine Arts & Music Department No. of Faculty/Staff: 2Programs offered: courses in drawing, painting, two- and three-dimensional arts, art history


Union College Division of Fine Arts

No. of Faculty/Staff: 3+

Program offered: BS and AS in graphic design, BS in art education, BA in studio art, AS in art

Of interest: The division of fine arts includes both visual arts and music programs.


Walla Walla College Department of Art and Department of Technology

No. of Faculty/Staff: 2 and 2.5 + adjunct professors

Programs offered in the Department of Art: BA in art with commercial art or fine art concentration

Programs offered in the Department of Technology: BS in graphic design, BS in new media imaging, BS in industrial design, AS in graphic communications

Of interest: Art classes seem to be split between the art and technology departments. Design is grouped with aviation and automotive programs in the technology department; fine art is in the art department.

(The above data on art programs was gleaned from art department web sites and is as accurate as possible, based on what I can determine from information available online. Did I miss anything? Let me know.)

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Are you at Jesus Camp?

I just saw Jesus Camp. Stunning!

If you enjoy:

  • thoughtful documentary filmmaking
  • brilliantly juxtaposed cinematography
  • thinking about American religion
  • understanding the political concerns of evangelical religion
  • knowing how young children mix faith and adult favor

According to a review in Salon:

"Jesus Camp" has now come under attack from the Rev. Ted Haggard, the powerful pastor of a Colorado megachurch, and head of the National Association of Evangelicals, who appears in the film. Haggard's real problem may be that he comes off like a cynical, showbizzy creep, especially compared to the profoundly committed and idealistic kids at the heart of the film. . .

For information from Christianity Today, see here.

Here is a calendar for when it releases near you. Interestingly, they have opened the film in the midwest and south first.


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Interfaith Blog Potluck

Oy! Is George Allen a self-hating Jew?  Jspot posts video of "Gevalt" Allen doing an angry, sputtering discussion of his heritage. Jew lover Mik Moore supplies sharp analysis: "This can only mean that he felt that the reporter was insulting him, or his mother, by talking about their Jewish ancestry. Coming right at the end of his remarks, it revealed that his alleged anger over the reporter’s disdain for the first amendment was a cover for what he was really angry about: being outed in front of his constituents as the son of a Jew."It's a values smackdown over at Beliefnet. Jim Wallis and Ralph Reed dialoging this week on the new God's Politics blog. Wallis states: "The Religious Right has now lost control of the evangelical political agenda  and here’s why."

Chuck Currie answers the question: according to the beliefs of your religion whats sorts of electronic material should not be found on the internet?

Posting for CrossLeft, Big Daddy Weave points out that Calvinism is on the rise in the Southern Baptist Convention.

For Talk to Action, Frederick Clarkson welcomes Sen. Danforth to the fold. Apparently Sen. Danforth confesses:"Maybe I was obtuse. . . But in my own mind, it didn't have the urgency until the Schiavo case. In the past year or so, what was maybe a general interest of Robertson and others in politics and one particular issue, namely abortion, has been transformed into something much more detailed and much more a full-fledged political agenda."Islamicate writes on Packer's New Yorker profile of Taha. And also weighs in on the Pope's recent comment. As does City of Brass, saying: "apology accepted, but the damage is done."

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American religion smack down

Catch the conversation between Jim Wallis and former Christian Coalition leader Ralph Reed on the question: "What should values voters value most?"

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Proof text?

For the Lord will not forsake his people; he will not abandon his heritage; for justice will return to the righteous, and all the upright in heart will follow it.  (Psalm 94:14-15)

Adventist like this

There exist lots of groups out there giving lip service to
"traditional" Adventism.

It's good to see more and more Adventists who know the deeds of our prophetic history, not merely the quotes.

Check out Hollywood pastor Ryan Bell's press conference with diverse religious groups on a real  "old time" Adventist issue.

Our man in San Francisco: devil, doctrines, and doing the Lord's work

As part of the Spectrum Blog's commitment to exploring Adventism,
Trevan Osborn, a blogger and seminary student writes about his
experience at an evangelistic series in San Francisco this Fall.Here are some quotes from this last week. To get the whole as it unfolds, click here.

"Once again, I have a problem with the sermon subject tonight. I don’t
have a problem with talking about the Great Controversy and the Devil
but I don’t like the placement. As I thought about the first two nights
I realized that from our series thus far, people have learned more
about the Devil than about God."

"Money is a powerful motivator. One man actually brought 10 people
tonight and the evangelist gave him 100 dollars. It really was amazing
and he was really excited about it. This wasn’t an Adventist either. . ."

"We were back up to typical numbers of probably about 60-75 people.
Typically, there is a dip in attendance after an off day but by the end
of the evening we were doing well."

"We went to the main street and decided to visit the businesses and
leave flyers with them. We talked with a few people on the street as
well. I noticed that everyone has a story they want to tell. Many
people just want someone to listen to them."

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