New Film Focuses on Adventist Medical Mission

A new documentary focused on the Adventist medical mission is being released on DVD April 15. The ADVENTISTS 2, created by filmmaker Martin Doblmeier, is a sequel to his film The ADVENTISTS.

Spectrum asked Doblmeier what the film is about and what sparked his interest in the Adventist church and mission.

Questioning Beliefs: African Churchmembers Surveyed

Dr. Elizabeth Role is conducting a huge poll of Adventists across the continent of Africa, as part of a worldwide survey asking churchmembers about their beliefs. Spectrum asked her about the questions being asked, the answers coming in, and the reasons behind the research.

Defending Orphans

Norma Nashed is the brains and energy behind a charity helping vulnerable children around the world. Born in Palestine, Nashed grew up poor in Jordan amid many challenges. She went on to work for the founder of Jordanian Airlines, hobnobbing with the country’s king and queen – but gave up a career and salary to give everything to her charity.

Question: You started Restore a Child as a charity that would help provide children around the world with their basic needs. What inspired you to organize the foundation?

Church's first woman elder talks about her calling

Josephine Benton, now an 87-year-old great-grandmother in Maryland, was the first woman to be ordained as an elder in the Seventh-day Adventist church, and worked in ministry even after her retirement. She still serves as an elder in her local church. Benton has now been given emeritus ordination credentials and recognition for her years of service.

Embracing ministry outside Adventism - Part 2

Pastor J. Mark Martin tells Don Barton why he left the Adventist church to start his own ministry.

This is the second installment in a two-part series that looks at former Adventists who have not just left the church, but have embraced ministries in other denominations.  I wouldn’t have written this article if it weren’t for the fact that I knew these individuals personally, as we all studied theology together at PUC in the late 1970s.  I decided to find out why, and how, they could make such a major life change and asked to interview them. 

Embracing ministry outside Adventism

Former Adventist theology major Burton Villaverde talks to Don Barton about his work in a dynamic ministry outside Adventism.

With the advent of social media staying in touch with friends and acquaintances, both past and present, has become as easy as clicking a mouse. 

Bonnie Casey talks about the resurrection of her folk music

Adventist fans across the country have missed Take Three and Bonnie Casey & Daystar. Now the music is back. Bonnie Casey tells Spectrum the story.

How Adventists in Academia Would Decide the Election

Spectrum asks John Gavin of Washington Adventist University about a survey he recently completed that sheds light on the political, social and religious attitudes among Adventist college professors and staff.

Question: Why did you decide to survey faculty and staff at Adventist colleges and universities about their views on political and social issues?

Loma Linda Professor to Advise on USDA Nutrition Guidelines

Dr. Joan Sabaté, chair of the Department of Nutrition at Loma Linda University, has been named to a six-member expert panel that will advise the US Department of Agriculture as it creates its next set of national dietary guidelines. Sabaté is the only vegetarian on the panel.

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