The Ear: Scripture, Science, Experience in Sabbath School

Timothy Jennings, M. D., teaches a Sabbath School class that meets weekly in the Collegedale City Hall, near Southern Adventist University in Tennessee.  A board-certified psychiatrist, and president-elect of the Tennessee Psychiatric Association, he practices in Chattanooga.  

Mission Editor Reflects on 20 Years of Mission Stories

Charlotte Ishkanian recently stepped down from her travel-fueled job editing the Adventist Church’s Mission quarterlies, because of health reasons. In this exclusive interview, she reflects on her career with Mission and shares some insights about the places she has been and people she has met.

Question: You recently stepped down as editor of the Mission quarterlies for adults and children as well as the “Inside Stories” that appear in the Adult Bible Study Guides.  How long did you serve in that role?

The Ear: Theologian at Work 3

James Londis served substantial periods as religion teacher (at Atlantic Union College), pastor-preacher (at the Sligo Seventh-day Adventist Church near Washington, D.C.), and health-care administrator (both in Boston and in Kettering, Ohio).  Most recently he returned to teaching at Kettering College, from which he retired this past spring.

New York Marathon Winner on Running and Church

“That was a good achievement for me,” Adventist Kenyan Priscah Jeptoo told Spectrum, after winning the New York Marathon on November 3 with a time of 2:25:07. “I was not expecting to win in New York because it was my first attempt.”

Jeptoo passed Buzunesh Deba of Ethiopia, who had the lead for most of the race, at about mile 24.

The Ear: Theologian at Work 2

Roy E. Gane is Professor of Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Languages at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary of Andrews University.  Originally from Australia, he earned his undergraduate degrees (B.A. in Theology and B.Mus. in piano performance) at Pacific Union College and completed M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in biblical Hebrew language and literature at the University of California, Berkeley.

The Ear: Theologian at Work

What are Adventist theologians up to, and why?

Beginning this week, The Ear will present occasional interviews with practitioners of the theological vocation, some long established and others newer to their work.  The interviews will involve persons seen as conservative and those seen as not so conservative.  In every case, interview subjects will be passionate about interpreting Adventism for a community facing the ever-new challenges of faith lived out the world of today.

The Ear: Storefront Church in the City

Lisa Clark Diller and Derick Anderson belong to The Well, an Adventist congregation that meets in a gussied-up storefront in Chattanooga, Tennessee, on the “Southside” not too far from the center of town. 

The Ear: A Safe Place for Conversation

Vicki Saunders and Cynthia Westerbeck share leadership of the long-running “Choir Room Sabbath School” at Pacific Union College.  Saunders is assistant professor in the Nursing and Health Science Department and coordinator of the Health Science program, and also works as a registered dietician. Westerbeck leads the English department there, and takes as her scholarly focus British literature, especially Shakespeare and literature of the Enlightenment. She was PUC’s Educator of the Year in 2007.

Jason Satterlund and Garrett Caldwell Behind the Scenes on The Record Keeper

A new web series sponsored by the General Conference, called The Record Keeper, is about to be screened for the very first time. Spectrum interviewed two of the people behind the series. Garrett Caldwell, who holds a doctorate of ministry from Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, DC, is public relations director for the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. Jason Satterlund, who directed The Record Keeper, is a graduate of Walla Walla University, an independent movie producer and owner of Big Puddle Films.

The Ear: A Culture for Congregations

Raj Attiken has been president of the Ohio Conference since 1998.  He leads a network of 100 Adventist congregations, 20 schools and more than 11,000 members.   On its website the conference describes itself as “unapologetically Christocentric,” and affirms commitment to a gospel both “liberating” and, in its call for “radical” discipleship, “demanding.”  The conference’s values, reflecting what it believes to be God’s own values, are “compassion, justice, freedom, and peace.” 

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