Keith Bowman on a a New Hub for Adventist Videos

Keith Bowman has a vision. He believes Adventist pastors and educators and leaders - and your average Adventist young person - need a centralized hub to find Adventist-made videos and media. He couldn't find anyone who wanted to create the hub, so - without a background in film, and with only the help of a few like-minded students - he set out to create the hub himself. The new site for Adventist videos launched on January 1.

Chris Blake on Why He Is Neither Conservative Nor Liberal

Chris Blake, associate professor of English and communication at Union College, wrote the cover story of the January 16 Adventist Review, titled: “In Christ There Is Neither Conservative Nor Liberal. We asked him some questions about his politics and the piece he w

The Ear: Japhet De Oliveira on The One Project

Seattle is upon us — the next “gathering,” a week from now, of the One Project.  

What’s it all about?

Gilbert Valentine Shares Lessons We Can Learn from the Anglicans

Yesterday the Anglican Communion held a service marking 70 years since its first woman priest was ordained. "It is living history we have here," said the Reverend Clare Herbert at the ceremony in London, "all the more so at the moment because the Church of England is entering the final stages towards the frocking of women as bishops. To be at this service today is very significant. She is a real inspiration to women in the church today." 

The Ear: Sigve Tonstad, Physician-Theologian

Sigve Tonstad is currently working in Oslo, Norway, where he teaches and produces scholarly writing, as well as working as a physician.  At the same time, he holds the position of associate professor of religion at Loma Linda University, from which he earned his medical degree.  He has also studied at Middle East College, Andrews University, Duke University and the University of St. Andrews, where he earned a Ph.D. in biblical studies.

The Ear: Kendra Haloviak Valentine—Theologian at Work

Kendra Haloviak Valentine is a biblical theologian and associate professor with the H. M. S.

The Ear: Scripture, Science, Experience in Sabbath School

Timothy Jennings, M. D., teaches a Sabbath School class that meets weekly in the Collegedale City Hall, near Southern Adventist University in Tennessee.  A board-certified psychiatrist, and president-elect of the Tennessee Psychiatric Association, he practices in Chattanooga.  

Mission Editor Reflects on 20 Years of Mission Stories

Charlotte Ishkanian recently stepped down from her travel-fueled job editing the Adventist Church’s Mission quarterlies, because of health reasons. In this exclusive interview, she reflects on her career with Mission and shares some insights about the places she has been and people she has met.

Question: You recently stepped down as editor of the Mission quarterlies for adults and children as well as the “Inside Stories” that appear in the Adult Bible Study Guides.  How long did you serve in that role?

The Ear: Theologian at Work 3

James Londis served substantial periods as religion teacher (at Atlantic Union College), pastor-preacher (at the Sligo Seventh-day Adventist Church near Washington, D.C.), and health-care administrator (both in Boston and in Kettering, Ohio).  Most recently he returned to teaching at Kettering College, from which he retired this past spring.

New York Marathon Winner on Running and Church

“That was a good achievement for me,” Adventist Kenyan Priscah Jeptoo told Spectrum, after winning the New York Marathon on November 3 with a time of 2:25:07. “I was not expecting to win in New York because it was my first attempt.”

Jeptoo passed Buzunesh Deba of Ethiopia, who had the lead for most of the race, at about mile 24.

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