The Ear: Randy Roberts Connecting Text and Culture

For thirteen-and-a-half years, Randy Roberts has led the Loma Linda University Church.  Through his preaching and leadership, he ministers to some 6,000 members.  The church has a staff of 15 pastors.

A Year Without God

Josh Wood of The Voice, the student newspaper of Avondale College in Australia, recently interviewed former pastor Ryan Bell about his decision to live without God for a year. We are publishing an extended version of that interview here.

The Ear: Leadership on the Upper East Side

How could you not love an Adventist community whose members take pride in something called “The Last Trump Rook Tournament”?

NAD Women's Ministries Director Talks About Campaign to Combat Abuse

This weekend, the GC and North American Division are sponsoring a summit on abuse, as part of the enditnow campaign. We asked Carla Baker to tell us what is happening with the campaign against abuse, and what we can expect at the summit. Baker has been director of the North American Division Women’s Ministries department since 2006.

Gerry Chudleigh Explains the History of Headship Theology

Bonnie Dwyer conducted this interview with Gerry Chudleigh in May 2014. On July 4, 2015, Gerry succumbed to a long battle with cancer. His insights are as prescient and on point today as ever.

Behind the Scenes of Loma Linda's New TV Show

Melody George attended film school at Southern Adventist University, and then freelanced in Los Angeles for several years before joining the “Life on the Line” team. She directed and edited Episode 3: “End It Now,” and assisted in editing and shooting some of the other episodes.

The Ear: Fritz Guy, Adventist Embodiment of Candor and Passion

In Adventism, Fritz Guy occupies the leading edge when it comes to questions of faith and science.  He wrote, with Brian Bull,  God, Sky and Land: Genesis 1 as the Ancient Hebrews Heard It.  Earlier, he addressed the why and how of Christian intellectual

The Ear: Jonathan Henderson, Big City Pastor Evangelist

How, in a challenging time, do you lead a thriving Adventist congregation?

The Ear: Jan Paulsen, former General Conference President, on Theology

Jan Paulsen was president of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists from 1999 until June 25, 2010.  Born in Norway, he first served the church in his own country and, also early on, in both Ghana and Nigeria.

The Sabbath Sofa Seeks to Make Adventism Relevant

Vili Costescu is one of the three people behind the Sabbath Sofa project, where passersby in a busy London shopping area are invited to take a rest on a sofa, talk about what makes them tired, and consider taking a break from the world for 24 hours every week. He talked to Spectrum about the genesis of the project and how it works.

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