The Ear: A Congregation That Works

Briana Bunn belongs to the Church of the Advent Hope, located just east of Central Park in New York City. Her congregation describes itself as a “diverse community” whose members “share a love for Jesus and a commitment to demonstrating and spreading the good news of His transforming love to our neighborhoods, the city of New York, and the world.”

Briana became a baptized member in 2009, more than a decade after other members of her family (who were praying for her) had become Adventist.

The Ear: On Being a Conference President

Mike Cauley is president of the Florida Conference.  He leads a community of more than 61,500 Adventists who belong to 199 churches and 51 companies.  The conference’s mission is to “make mature disciples within biblical communities, preparing people to meet Jesus.”  One of its official values is “incarnational passion.”

The Ear: “The Team-Led Sabbath School Class”

Alden Thompson, the well-known Adventist author and Walla Walla University faculty member, shares teaching responsibilities for the Chan Shun Sabbath School class on the university’s campus.  Thompson, from the School of Theology, teaches with Joe Galusha, a biologist, Loren Dickinson, a retired communications professor,  and Gayle Norton, religion teacher at Walla Walla Valley Academy, along with two new members of the team, mentioned below. The class meets for 75 minutes each Sabbath, year round.

The Ear: “The Gift of a New Question”

The best Sabbath School classes “practice resurrection” (poet Wendell Berry’s phrase) by breathing new life into Seventh-day Adventist conversation and community.  The Ear hopes that short interviews of persons who lead such classes will inspire other classes and other teachers.

New ADRA President Shares His Plans for the Agency

Jonathan Duffy, ADRA’s new president, talks to Spectrum about his vision and priorities for the agency, and the changes he hopes to make.*  Duffy says he plans to strengthen ADRA’s relationship with the church and work to bring back the confidence of the staff after the turmoil and mass dismissals of the last few years.

The Ear: “Something Else Sabbath School”

Except for the best of dinner tables, there is nothing like a great Sabbath School class for building community through conversation.  The impression that Sabbath school is in decline may be widespread, but in small circles of the truly fortunate, Sabbath School is the highlight—certainly one highlight—of the week.

How so?

Singing His Praises

Angela Bryant-Brown is a singer and writer of worship and praise songs. Music is her passion. She talked to Spectrum about inspiration, her many projects, a memorable performance as a third-grader, her YouTube channel, and her record label.

Question: You wear many hats in your life, including singer, songwriter, inspirational speaker, talk radio host, nonprofit founder and CEO, wife and mother. Have I missed any big ones? What do you consider your primary occupation?

Champion Marathoner Talks About Running and Faith

Abel Kirui is one of the world’s fastest runners. The 31-year-old Kenyan has won the marathon race in the World Championships twice, and earned silver at last summer’s London Olympics. He is also a Seventh-day Adventist, and most Sabbaths he can be found worshipping at the Namgoi Adventist Church in western Kenya.

Spectrum talked to Kirui about his goals as a runner and as a Christian.

Question: I understand a stress fracture forced you to drop out of the field for the London marathon in April. Were you disappointed?

Looking Back at ADRA

In a candid and revealing interview, Dr. Ralph S. Watts - the longest-serving president of ADRA - talks to Spectrum about how his experience shaped him for the job, how he tackled ADRA's debt and changed its board, and the advice he would offer new president Jonathan Duffy.

New Film Focuses on Adventist Medical Mission

A new documentary focused on the Adventist medical mission is being released on DVD April 15. The ADVENTISTS 2, created by filmmaker Martin Doblmeier, is a sequel to his film The ADVENTISTS.

Spectrum asked Doblmeier what the film is about and what sparked his interest in the Adventist church and mission.

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