The Ear: Heart, Soul and Mind in San Luis Obispo

Heart, Soul and Mind, a Sabbath morning discussion circle, has been meeting at the San Luis Obispo Seventh-day Adventist Church on the California coast since 2007.  The co-leaders are Arturo Tabuenca, a managing partner with a firm that specializes in socially responsible investing practices, and Craig van Rooyen, a prosecuting attorney and poet (see his

The Ear: The Pearsons on Sabbath School and Church Life “at the Edges”

Most adults who worship at the Newbold Church do not participate in a Sabbath School class.  At least in Adventism’s older strongholds, most churches are probably similar in this regard. But great classes still work. The Newbold class led by Mike and Helen Pearson has met for some 35 years, drawing anywhere from four to 40-plus to a room in Salisbury Hall, Newbold College’s administration building. Subject matter makes a difference.

The Ear: Oberg on Building a Community for Christ

After a career in clinical nutrition, Chris Oberg turned to biblical studies.

Behind the Scenes of SonScreen-Winning Film "The Hideout"

Daniel Wahlen has directed The Hideout, which won the most awards at the 2014 SonScreen Film Festival: Best Dramatic Short, Audience Choice Award, Best Cinematography, Best in Fest Sonny Award. The film is currently making its rounds in the film festival circuit and will be released to the public afterwards. The trailer, screening dates and other information can be found on the film's website ( 

The Ear: John Brunt, Pastor-Preacher-Scholar

Among Adventist preachers and academics, John Brunt is practically legendary for the simplicity and depth that somehow come together, week after week, in his preaching.  

The Ear: Jerry Arnold, Pastor-Evangelist

With his wife Karen, Jerry Arnold founded the Collegedale Community Church, near Southern Adventist University, in 2001.  The congregation now has 1,600 members. 

Behind the Scenes of The Desire of Ages Movie

Nancy Myers has directed and produced Jesus: The Desire of Ages, a full-length film about the life of Christ, based on the book by Ellen G. White. The movie is now being screened in churches around the US.

The Ear: Richard Rice on Affirming Faith and Challenging Distortion

Richard Rice is a prolific and influential Adventist theologian, having written, early on, a book on The Openness of God — the gift human freedom, he argued, puts limits on divine control and thus on divine foreknowledge — that continues to provoke discussion outside as well as inside of Adventist circles. 

The Ear: Randy Roberts Connecting Text and Culture

For thirteen-and-a-half years, Randy Roberts has led the Loma Linda University Church.  Through his preaching and leadership, he ministers to some 6,000 members.  The church has a staff of 15 pastors.

A Year Without God

Josh Wood of The Voice, the student newspaper of Avondale College in Australia, recently interviewed former pastor Ryan Bell about his decision to live without God for a year. We are publishing an extended version of that interview here.

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