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Oakwood President's Lucrative Hobby

IceMarathon 038.jpg

Delbert Baker, president of Oakwood University, is also a marathoner. He recently ran the Antarctic Ice Marathon just a few hundred miles from the South Pole, finishing the grueling race in six hours and 53 minutes. The race raised thousands for Oakwood University scholarships. Spectrum asked him about his running and other goals.

Question: In December you ran the Antarctic Marathon at the South Pole. What was it like running on snow and ice in below-freezing temperatures?

The Power of (Scary) Stories


Spectrum talks to author and pastor Dan Appel about writing and his recent mystery book, The Choice, published by Autumn House Publishing, an imprint of the Review & Herald Publishing Association. You can also view our Spectrum book review of The Choice.

Question: A pastor publishing a mystery novel seems a bit unusual. What sparked the writing of this novel?

Radio DJ Broadcasts Message of Forgiveness in Rwanda

Bahati Prince.jpg

Prince Bahati is the founder and program director of an Adventist radio station in Rwanda, which works to bring a message of hope and reconciliation to Rwandans - countering the messages of hate that were broadcast in the past.

Spectrum asked Prince Bahati about the radio station - its reach, its content and its goals.

Behind the Scenes in Disaster Relief

Mark Brooks5.jpg

Mark Brooks was one of the people behind the Hurricane Katrina clean-up – but his work went beyond clearing rubble and handing out food and water.

As an attorney for the US Federal Emergency Management Agency, Brooks works on the legal side of disaster relief – an important aspect of making things happen.

Brooks works on the ground, and in the field, but it can be his sign-off on a document that will ultimately bring life-saving water, food, clothing and shelter to hundreds or thousands of people.

Loma Linda Board Chair Speaks

Lowell Cooper.jpg

Spectrum asks Lowell Cooper about the collapse of the recent talks with Atlantic Union College, his duties as General Conference vice president and what he does to relax.

Question: As Loma Linda University’s board chairman, you managed the meetings in which Loma Linda University and Atlantic Union College agreed to a merger. What significance does AUC bring to LLU? What does LLU get out of the deal?

The Intersection of Work and Faith

Avis Buchanan.jpg

Avis E. Buchanan is the director of the Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia, where she works on behalf of people who need a lawyer and cannot afford to pay for one.

Washington DC’s Public Defender Service is regarded as one of the best public defender offices in the country — local or federal. Other public defender systems often measure themselves against the benchmark of the DC office.

PDS has a staff of 220, roughly half of whom are lawyers, and about half of those work in the trial division.

Director Avis Buchanan is also a Seventh-day Adventist.

Life as a TV Writer


La Sierra English professor Robert Dunn interviews his former student, Don Davenport, who wrote the screenplay for Hallmark Channel feature "Expecting a Miracle."

Question: Don, you were my student a number of years ago at what is now La Sierra University. Your success gladdens my heart. So far as I am aware, you were the first to write a novel in lieu of a thesis for a Master’s degree in English.

Adventist College Students and Politics


Spectrum asks Roger Dudley about a new survey he recently completed that sheds light on political and religious views of Adventist college students.

Question: Tell us about your recent survey of Adventist college students and their political views.

Answer: We surveyed students at North American Adventist students about their political and religious views a couple of weeks before the presidential election in November 2008. The results are published in the latest issue of Spectrum.

Rethinking Revelation Seminars in the Philippines


La Sierra University professor Kendra Haloviak gave students in her “Seven churches of the Apocalypse” graduate seminar this assignment: Interview a pastor who conducted a non-traditional Revelation seminar in the last three years.

Ministerial student Lambert Trinidad spoke to Guillermo Gucilatar, a pastor, evangelist, and administrator from the Philippines who recently retired in Southern California.

Go Ye Into All the World


David Park is a university student, and the president of ANEW - a network of Adventist university students that attend non-Adventist institutions. He talks to Spectrum about his organization, his goals and his convictions.

Question: ANEW is described as a retreat for Adventist college students attending non-Adventist schools - a weekend to get together, network, worship together and get inspired. How did you get the idea to start ANEW? Is this the first year the retreat has been held?

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