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Health Care

Loma Linda University Health Raises Its Minimum Wage to $13 an Hour

In a letter to employees, Loma Linda University Health President and CEO, Dr. Richard Hart, announced that the institution "is adopting a living wage to ensure that every employee, working at least 20 hours per week, that shares with us their skills and commitment receives a wage that will help support a family."

Adventist Health System Agrees to Record Settlement in Whistleblower Lawsuit

Altamonte Springs, Florida-based Adventist Health System will pay nearly $119 million to settle a 2013 lawsuit brought by three whistleblowers, all former employees of Park Ridge Health in Henderson, North Carolina. The settlement nearly doubles a previous U.S. record settlement of $69.5 million, paid just last week by Broward Health, whose headquarters are in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in a "scheme of mutual enrichment" between Broward and its physicians.

Adventist Health System said in a statement Monday,

Kamala Harris Approves Adventist Health's Acquisition of Lodi Memorial

With the formal approval of California Attorney General Kamala Harris on May 18, Lodi Health, the parent company of Lodi Memorial Hospital in North-Central California, finalizes its affiliation with Adventist Health. With the affiliation approved, Adventist Health will assume governance of Lodi Memorial, and will provide some $100 million in capital improvements over the next thirteen years to Lodi Memorial for medical technology upgrades and compliance with state and federal regulations under the Affordable Care Act.

Orthopedic Team from Loma Linda University Health Responds to Quake-ridden Nepal

Loma Linda University Health deployed an orthopedic surgical team to quake-ridden Nepal on Wednesday, May 6. The six-person team consists of two orthopedic surgeons, an anesthesiologist, an OR scrub tech, an orthopedic resident, and a logistics and support person. They are currently on site at Scheer Memorial Hospital of Seventh-day Adventists with an anticipated return date of Friday, May 15.

Adventist Hospital in Nepal Provides Open-air Health Care After Devastating Quake

“Around lunchtime as my friends and I were on the second story of a shop in Pokahara we started to feel the building move. Everyone quickly headed for the stairs while remaining fairly composed.

Loma Linda University Health Installs Health(ier) Vending Machines

Loma Linda University Health has begun stocking their campus vending machines with healthier options in an ongoing effort to promote holistic health and wellness.

The process of replacing the array of vending machine junk food with healthier choices has been a months-long effort. Loma Linda University Health encompasses eight professional schools and six hospitals in Southern California’s Inland Empire. There are more than fifty vending machines spread across their campuses that needed a healthy upgrade.

Lodi Memorial Hospital Will Receive $100M in Affiliation With Adventist Health

Sacramento Business Journal has reported that Lodi Memorial Hospital in San Joaquin County, California, voted to complete an affiliation with Adventist Health, a Seventh-day Adventist, not-for-profit integrated health care system serving communities in California, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington. Members of the Lodi Memorial Hospital Association voted 189 to 14 to move forward with plans to affiliate with Roseville-based Adventist Health.

The History that Makes Loma Linda University's Work in San Bernardino Possible

On December 10, Loma Linda University Health broke ground in San Bernardino, California on a new teaching and medical services facility that will provide jobs and health care to one of the American cities hardest hit by the Great Recession. Spectrum wrote about the ground breaking here. Subsequently, Dr.

Loma Linda University Health Expands With $10 Million Tribal Casino Gift

SAN BERNARDINO - General Conference President Ted N. C. Wilson and Vice President Lowell Cooper, two top leaders of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, joined city leaders and health care administrators in a ground-breaking ceremony Wednesday for San Manuel Gateway College, a new learning facility set to open in Spring of 2016.

The Ear: Richard Rawson Discusses Innovation and Whole-Person Healthcare

Richard Rawson is CEO of Loma Linda University Medical Center-Murrieta, in Murietta, California, and serves also as lead strategy officer for Loma Linda Health.  He considers it fun to think through what “mission-driven strategy” can mean for organizations.

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