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GC 2015

Delegate Diaries: Treasury Report Explains the World Purse

When Bob Lemon gets up to speak, it's time for me to sit down, shut up, listen and learn all I can. This is no time for political slapstick.  With Bob there is not a shred of self promotion, personal agenda or partisanship. His calm lumbering presence conceals a sharp mind, comprehensive horizon, deep experience and scintillating humour.  All this, with self-effacing humility.

The Church's Financial Picture and Its Newly-Appointed Treasurer

On Friday, July 3, during the afternoon business meeting of the General Conference Session, Juan Prestol-Puesán, undertreasurer of the General Conference, was elected General Conference Treasurer to replace the retiring Bob E. Lemon.

Outside the Alamo 1: Diversity University

In the morning, they arrive. From every direction, carrying a whelming arsenal like General Santa Anna, representing every race and nearly every nation on earth, dressed modestly and crossing crosswalks in orderly confusion, masses stream toward the Adventist hive.

Drama on Alamodome Floor as Ted Wilson Re-elected President of Seventh-day Adventist Church

At approximately 12:20pm, local time, Elder Ted N. C. Wilson was re-elected president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church to applause from the floor of the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas. Twenty minutes earlier, the General Conference Nominating Committee brought his name to delegates at the end of the morning business meeting.

Three Delegates Reflect on Ted Wilson's Re-election

As the delegates exited the floor minutes after voting for Ted Wilson's return to as General Conference President of Seventh-day Adventists, we interviewed three—a youth director from Malawi, a missionary from Grenada, and a physician from California.

Here they share their reactions to the morning business session on Day 2 of the General Conference Session.

Will There Be Discussion or Rubberstamping of Church Manual Changes?

As most Adventists on the planet know, the primary buzz about the 2015 General Conference in San Antonio focuses on women’s ordination. There is also considerable conversation about proposed changes to the Statement of Fundamental Beliefs. However, the many Facebook and blog posts about the upcoming session have given little attention to the proposed changes in the Seventh-day Adventist Church Manual.

Wilson's Message on Day One: It’s Our Fault, But We Did a Great Job.

At about 10:30 Thursday morning, delegates watched a video produced by the General Conference Revival and Reformation Committee.  A fictionalized enactment of conversation among Adventist leaders in 1901, and based on an Ellen White letter from twenty months later, the video addresses the delay of the Second Coming.  The startling thesis, put into the mouth of George Irwin, th

Testing, Testing... Electronic Voting Malfunctioning at General Conference

The 60th General Conference Session came to order on Thursday with 1,868 of the 2,566 delegates present, but the business session had barely begun when glitches started happening. First, it was the electronic voting mechanisms.

Delegate Diaries Day 1: Mood Music at General Conference Session

Well here I am again, wide awake when I should be fast asleep, reflecting on the day just gone: the first day of the 60th General Conference Session.

How do you survive all those committees? I am often asked.

Why Adventism's Representative Government Doesn't Represent Adventism

During the afternoon business session on the 2015 General Conference Session's opening day, session chair Benjamin Schoun announced the 252 members of the nominating committee who will name a president and the church's other top leaders. When the names were presented, the list appeared on only two screens in the cavernous Alamodome, displayed in a font small enough to make the names illegible from many places in the dome. Further, the list scrolled up the screen slightly slower than film credits, but fast enough to make reading them next to impossible.

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