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GC 2015

The Actual Significance of the San Antonio Ordination Vote

On Wednesday, General Conference Session delegates in San Antonio, Texas will vote on what has been the most talked about (and perhaps least understood) issue in the Seventh-day Adventist Church in this quinquennium--ordination. For all of the discussion of the issue, many misperceptions of its significance persists.

Delegate Diaries: Points of Dis-order

We are in a spot of bother here in San Antonio.

If the electronic voting system had worked as it should have done from the first click, there would have been no argument. Sorry Meridia or IT boys: YOU GOOFED. The voting card is red.

Sabbath Parade

Adventists from more than 160 countries made their way to the Alamodome for the Sabbath worship service. The sermon was given by General Conference Secretary G. T. Ng. Music was provided by a mass choir and orchestra. But before the Alamodome filled with somewhere around 50,000 worshippers, they had to get there. They walked from their hotels. They drove from around Texas and surrounding states.

Here is a photo gallery of the church-bound crowd. See anyone you know?

Outside the Alamo 2: NAD Leaves the Nest

Dreams change. As Stephen Colbert quipped in his commencement address at Northwestern University, “If we’d all stuck with our first dream, the world would be overrun with cowboys and princesses.”

Maybe you’ve heard. The North American Division (NAD), after 152 years and countless texts saying <We shd break up Aftr lunch?> is moving out of the General Conference (GC) building in the land from which silver springs.

Surprises at the GC Exhibit Halls

The Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio is more than just a long 10 or 15-minute walk from the tense business sessions in the Alamodome. It’s a different world. Here among the more than 600 colorful booths, exhibitors and visitors from around the world wander the aisles collecting free pens, buttons and books; watching live broadcasts from different media outlets; and trying free food samples.

A Summary of Sabbath’s Sermon

G.T. Ng, who will return to his post as General Conference Secretary, began his Sabbath morning sermon, “From Despair to Mission,” with the lighthearted humor that has become his trademark. To loud laughter, he told a story that involved the question “Who Are You?” and turned on a botched use, by a non-English speaker, of the phrase “Me, too.” Then he asked worshippers whether, if asked that same question, they would really know who they are.

Delegates Show Support for Electronic, Secret Voting

General Conference delegates from around the world raise questions about what's causing the electronic voting system problem, express confidence in the electronic voting system, and suggest a solution. This video from Spectrum Media provides the candid responses of several delegates.

Meridia Electronic Voting Devices Scrapped at General Conference Session

Throughout the 60th General Conference Session, electronic voting devices from Meridia Interactive Solutions, who according to the company's website, works with 95% of Fortune 500 companies, and 100% of the nation’s pharmaceutical companies own a Meridia system, have malfunctioned at every turn, according to General Conference leaders. The technical problems culminated on Sunday, July 5, in the permanent discarding of voting devices in favor of vote by paper cards, and in special cases, secret paper ballot votes.

A Woman and a Man and a Pulpit

A woman born in Zimbabwe strode to the pulpit Friday morning. A man from Connecticut, perhaps the best-known of all currently practicing Adventist evangelists, did so on Friday night. And the General Conference session’s twin themes—both at the heart of President Wilson’s vision—came to expression again. From the standpoint of session leaders, San Antonio is about the Second Coming and it’s about evangelism.

Delegates React to Adventist Church Financial Report

Three delegates—Inter-American Division, General Conference, Trans-European Division—reflect on the GC Treasurer's report on Friday, July 3, 2015. The report was presented by outgoing Treasurer Bob Lemon, who has announced his retirement. Undertreasurer Juan Prestol-Puesán will replace Lemon as General Conference Treasurer.

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