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Lecture: Dr Carole Ferch-Johnson

Sat, 06/03/2017
Dr Carole Ferch-Johnson

Lecture: Dr Carole Ferch-Johnson | June 3
“Talking hands and listening feet in the narratives of Acts.”

“Accidental academic” Dr Carole Ferch-Johnson has examined the way the early church represented Christ and His mission through the media of human hands and feet. In particular, she’s studied the significance of hands and feet in two narratives from Acts: the healing by Peter and John of the lame beggar at the temple (Acts 3) and the conversion of Saul on the road to Damascus (Acts 9).

To better understand the words for hands and feet, Carole examined their use in Acts and Luke and in: the Greek writings from Judaism of that era; the writings of Greek authors quoted by Luke in Acts; and, because the narratives address healing, the medical works of Hippocrates and Soranus.

In her lecture, Carole will explain how her study provided new insights into the narratives and share practical implications.

Carole’s PhD grew out of her life work as an educator in people skills and her years of experience in pastoral care. As a retiree, Carole studied Ancient Greek at Macquarie University and, with a master’s degree from Andrews University, applied to begin a doctorate at Avondale College of Higher Education. She graduated in December 2016.

Presented by Avondale College of Higher Education and Sydney Adventist Forum.

Ella Hughes Chapel, Avondale College of Higher Education (Lake Macquarie campus), Saturday, June 3, 3.30 pm.

Freewill offering.,

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