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Atlantic Union Conference and Atlantic Union College Respond to Student Petition

Atlantic Union Conference and Atlantic Union College have released a joint response to a student-led petition against the school that began circulating online last week. More on the student petition can be read here. The conference and college’s joint response can be read in full below:

Student Petition Urges: End Atlantic Union College’s Scam!

A group of current and former Atlantic Union College students have created a petition against the school titled, “

Loma Linda University Starts LGBTQ Support Group (Education News Shorts)

Loma Linda University Starts LGBTQ Support Group.

Loma Linda University Program Enhances K-12 STEM Programs

More than 200 kindergarten through 12th grade teachers recently attended the seventh annual EXSEED Conference at Loma Linda University where they had the opportunity to dissect sharks, catch rainbows with pizza boxes and interact with a Loma Linda University sea turtle researcher in Honduras via Skype, among dozens of other workshops and experiences.

Loma Linda University Reaffirms Support of LGBT Individuals

In what is becoming a common forum for proclaiming policy changes, President Donald Trump took to Twitter Wednesday morning to announce a ban on transgender individuals in the U.S. Military.

Oakwood University Aeolians Win World Choir Title

Cheers and prayers of thanksgiving rang out in the United Kingdom and across North America as word quickly spread that the Oakwood University Aeolians Choir won the World Choir Title (Choir of the World) in the choral category during the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfo in Wales on July 8, 2017. The University also received a second award as Jason Ferdinand, the Aeolians' director, was named Outstanding Director of the World Choral Festival. 

Andrews University Announces New Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion

Andrews University has announced that Michael Nixon will serve as its first Vice President for Diversity & Inclusion. The creation of this position was announced in February as part of the University’s response to the #ItIsTimeAU video that made waves across social media.

Adventist University of Health Sciences' Provost to Succeed Founding President

In a press release on June 27, Adventist University of Health Sciences announced that current provost Dr. Edwin Hernández will replace Dr. David Greenlaw as president when Greenlaw retires on July 31. The press release is included in full below:

Adventist University of Health Sciences (ADU) Board of Trustees' has announced that Dr. Edwin Hernández, ADU's current provost and an educator with over 30 years of experience, will succeed Dr. David Greenlaw, ADU's founding president, upon his retirement on July 31st, 2017.

The Need for a Top-down Approach to STEM Education in Adventist Schools

Over the course of history, there are turning points that revolutionized how we live. The use of bronze changed how we made tools and household implements. Then came the discovery of iron which, combined with the discovery of gunpowder by the Chinese, completely revolutionized everything from farming and hunting to warfare. Then in the late 1700s, the perfection and use of the steam engine turned our world upside down and began the Industrial Revolution with mass production and machines of all types.

Quality of Newbold Education on Par with State-Funded Universities

Newbold College of Higher Education recently underwent its quadrennial Higher Education Review by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), the body appointed by the government to assure the quality of higher education provision throughout the UK.

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