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Inauguration for Union College President Vinita Sauder Set for March 5

Union College issued the following release today concerning President Vinita Sauder:

Viewpoint: The Five Percent Solution Can Make the Education “Vision” Viable Again

The impending closing of Mt. Vernon Academy has generated much discussion. The problem, according to Dr. Thambi Thomas, the former Pacific Union Conference associate director for education, is not just with boarding academies, but with K-12 day schools as well. What follows below is the executive summary of a paper Dr. Thomas presented at the NAD Education Summit in October 2010 that looks at the problem from a different perspective and offers a few of what he calls "let's-think-outside-the-box" solutions.

Executive Summary

Documentary Film at Andrews University Brings Social Consciousness to Adventism

In this digital era, films are not only a main source of entertainment, but also one of the most effective ways of communicating ideas. Documentaries in particular are a form of visual storytelling that can address important social issues through the lens of nonfiction narrative.

Walla Walla University’s Amnesty International Promotes Human Rights, Equality.

The 12-member Walla Walla University chapter of Amnesty International has big dreams of ridding the world of inequality. They work to achieve this goal through their partnership with the global nonprofit.

La Sierra's Film Program Trains the Next Generation of Adventist Storytellers

Stories are crucial to the identity of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The Adventist denomination grew out of vivid narratives of a people overcoming trials, shared and re-shared until the stories reached around the globe. For the Seventh-day Adventist community to maintain and evolve its identity, it is important that the denomination's future professionals, particularly those in Adventist higher education, master the art of storytelling.

Can Crowd Funding Save Mt. Vernon Academy from Closing?

Pastor Patrick Graham is director of the Allegheny East Conference Department of Youth Ministries, and he might have a fix for Mt. Vernon Academy's financial woes. Might. The solution depends less on Graham himself, and more on the generosity of the Adventist public and their belief in Mt. Vernon's value and viability as a school.

Mt. Vernon Academy Must Raise $3M by March 10 or Cease Operations

The Ohio Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, in a special constituency session today, voted to give Mt. Vernon Academy until March 10, 2015 to come up with $3 million or begin taking steps necessary to cease operations.

La Sierra University Receives National Recognition for Community Service and Engagement

The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching announced Jan. 7 La Sierra University’s community engagement re-classification, a designation that recognizes an institution’s collaboration with its local, national, and global communities for a variety of purposes including the enrichment of research, enhancement of teaching and learning, strengthening of democratic values and civic responsibility as well as contribution to the public good.

Self-accrediting Authority for Avondale College Will Usher In New Era

Avondale College of Higher Education has become the first Australian non-university higher education provider granted self-accrediting authority by the country’s national regulator.

The classification from the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) means Avondale can self-accredit all of its higher education courses, including higher degrees by coursework and by research.

Canadian University College Board Approves Changing Official Name To Burman University

The following release was issued on the Canadian University College website:

December 15, 2015 - On December 15, 2014 the CUC Board of Trustees approved changing its name from Canadian University College to Burman University.

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