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Walla Walla Prepares to Launch Master's in Media Ministry

The Walla Walla University Department of Communications recently announced a new master’s program in media ministry set to debut in the fall of 2015, contingent on student interest.The newly created master’s program will attempt to close the gap between ministry and media. While early Adventists embraced the popular media of the 1800’s to share the gospel, the church of the 21st century has been slow to encourage mastery of digital communication.

Southern Adventist University President Gordon Bietz Will Retire in 2016

In a release on the Southern Adventist University website today, Dr. Gordon Bietz announced plans to retire in 2016 after what will have been his 19th year as president. He revealed to the SAU Board of Trustees earlier in the day his intent to retire at the end of next school year.

What Sundance Film Festival Feels Like to a PUC Film Student

We stepped out of baggage claim and into the cold Salt Lake City wind. After cramming inside a shuttle car, my fellow students and I set off to Park City, home of the Sundance Film Festival. On the long drive to the hotel, we got to know our driver, a local university student studying geology. One of us asked her why she chose the field, and answer was that she was always fascinated by nature. As a kid, she used to bring back handfuls of funny looking rocks from family hikes. When we arrived at the hotel, she helped us unload our bags and we thanked her for the ride.

PUC Film Prof: "Give Young Adventist Artists Space to Speak Their Language"

There are things that school can’t teach us.  As vital as education was in Rajeev Sigamoney’s Film career, he finds in visual story telling important lessons that cannot be found in a classroom. “We go to school to learn how to do math or understand how things work, but no one really teaches us there, what to do when somebody bullies us or how you’re supposed to respond to falling in love,” he says.

Viewpoint: It Really Is Complicated

Last week, Washington Adventist University hosted a week-long spiritual revival entitled It’s (not) Complicated. According to the poster taped all over restroom stalls and bulletin boards across campus, the main objective of the revival was to discuss the Christian perspective on dating, relationships, spiritual living, sex, and homosexuality.

Newbold Academic Press Launches with Festschrift for Michael Pearson

Newbold College of Higher Education, a Seventh-day Adventist College in Berkshire, England, has launched a new publishing venture, Newbold Academic Press. The press's first publication, released Saturday, March 28, was "Journeys to Wisdom: A Festschrift in Honour of Michael Pearson."

READ: The Full Text of Union College's Apology for Past Racism

In January 2014, Dr. Mark Robison, professor of English at Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska, was making preparations for an original Union College drama “Fifty Years Later,” commemorating the fifty years since Dr. Martin Luther King's “I Have a Dream” speech. Robison had invited Oscar Harriott, his friend and deputy ombudsman at the Nebraska State Capitol, to tell stories about “the bad old days.” Harriott, a Lincoln resident, told the actors and writers stories about his time at Union College--both shocking and inspiring.

Valley Grande Academy Will Likely Close After This School Year

Just weeks after the announcement that Mt. Vernon Academy in Ohio will cease operations at the end of the current school year, news broke that another Adventist academy will likely close this year as well. Leaders in the Texas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists voted on February 26 to close Valley Grande Adventist Academy, a K-12 school in Weslaco, Texas.

Andrews University President Apologizes for Student Article

On Wednesday evening, March 3, Niels-Erik Andreasen, president of Andrews University, issued an apolgy for an article that appeared in Andrews’ official student newspaper, the Student Movement. The article, written by Andrews student Nathan Davis, appeared in the February 25 edition of The Student Movement and was entitled “On Black History Month.”  Davis, who

Union College Formally Apologizes for Racial Discrimination in The School's Past

Kyle Berg is a senior language arts student at Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska, and in early February, he nervously stood before Union's Board of Trustees to address the school's racist past. Berg wrote for The Clocktower, Union's official student paper,

From the 1930s to the 1960s, Union College participated in racial discrimination and segregation on campus. My point was that Union did take part in this, and my part was to insist that a formal apology be made by the college.

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