Kenya: Adventist University Reopens


Some faculty, students and staff are returning to the University of Eastern Africa, Baraton, after post-election violence in Kenya forced a January 6 evacuation of some 280 people from the campus. The school reopened Monday January 14 with classes starting two days later.

The school's vice-chancellor, Nathaniel Walemba, said he is expecting some sixteen hundred students out of the full twenty-three-hundred-student body to return this quarter. Some of the lecturers have not yet returned from the church's regional headquarters in Nairobi after being evacuated.

Kenya: Workers at Adventist University Evacuated


Church leaders evacuated 280 students, staff and international workers from Seventh-day Adventist-owned University of Eastern Africa, Baraton, to Nairobi on January 6. More than one hundred staff members had earlier taken refuge at a local police station amid violence fueled by contested election results in Kenya last week.

Kenya Violence: Adventist University Living in Fear


"It all began soon after the election results were announced. A number of groups from the local community broke into war songs and raided the shopping centre next to the university."

Caesar Wamalika, chaplain at the University of Eastern Africa in Baraton, in Kenya's Rift Valley, describes recent developments on campus

Arrested Oakwood Students Suspended for Semester

All sixteen students arrested during a clash with police at Oakwood University last month are suspended for the Spring 2008 semester, college officials said Wednesday.

The announcement came after the school's three-week internal investigation of a December 9 melee that left two city police officers injured.

"While the sixteen students under question may apply for future entrance, all appeals are subject to institutional review," university president Delbert W. Baker said during a January 2 press conference.

Oakwood College Officials "Regret" Confrontation with Police on Campus


Administrators of Seventh-day Adventist-owned Oakwood College in Huntsville, Alabama, United States, say they “regret” a confrontation between students and city police on campus the evening of December 8.

Police arrested 14 students and two other people after a crowd surrounded a police car and became hostile, Huntsville Police reported in a December 10 news release.

“Hey, What’d You Put for No. 17?”


It’s no secret that college and university students are cheating, but some seem surprised it’s happening on Adventist campuses. And not only are Adventist students cheating—they don’t necessarily think what they’re doing is wrong.

Colleges Confront Money Problems


Major transitions may be in the offing for at least three Seventh- day Adventist colleges: Pacific Union College, Atlantic Union College, and Columbia Union College.

Pacific Union College faces significant ongoing fiscal challenges. Administrators have sought to address these challenges by means of a plan to develop some of the land owned by PUC and located near the college site. The planned development would lead to an "Angwin eco-village," a "a state-of-the-art 'green' community," according to the college.

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