Does Adventism really understand what Creation is all about?

The way this title articulates the question on Creation evidences an apparently ungenerous doubt toward  Adventism. Adventism has been, in contemporary religious history, the community that may have, more intensively and creatively than others, called back the attention, by theological perspective as much as by religious practice (see for instance the Adventist protological, soteriological, eschatological, anthropological or ethical reflection on the Sabbath), toward Creation as a key point in theological construction.

Celebrating Sexual Scandal: Exposing the Spirit of Sodom

I wonder how many people believed President Clinton when he looked into the camera and with a steeled face and a semblance of righteous indignation declared to the American people, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” Just in case people did not know “which” of his accusers he was referencing, he was clear to specify “Miss Lewinsky.” Or maybe he didn’t really intend to be specific—there are thousands of “Miss Lewinskys” out there who never even knew him. I’m surprised he never used this line of logic when being questioned by the grand jury.

What Adventism Should Be Like

Several months back a website commenter asked: “why do the "non-traditionalists" think the church should exist. … those calling for change in our beliefs should at least have a clear idea of why the church should exist. If one doesn't know why an institution should even exist, it's hard to take them seriously on how it ought to be changed.” I suppose I would be classified by many readers here as a “non-traditionalist” but I don’t, of course, speak for anyone but myself.

Take the Risk!

The Parable of the Talents, found in Matthew 25:14-30, is one of the more popular of Jesus’ parables. As such it gets used to make all kinds of points. Some points are good, like usage of it to make the point that salvation is unique.

“It’s really very simple.”

It still surprises me when reading history to be reminded that communist theory permeated the intellectual and literary world in the first half of the 20th century. It’s difficult at this distance to understand why a system that was known even then to be failing spectacularly in practice continued to find adherents to its theory among the intellectual elite of Europe and America well into the 1960’s—among people who lived in anything but egalitarian solidarity with the workers.[1] A quartet of writers—Stephen Spender, W.H.

The Hermeneutical Challenge on Same-sex Marriage

Three somehow unexpected related events, occurred the last days of June, push and give us, as Adventist community, the opportunity to make a pause, to think and to reflect on a particular topic. God doesn’t speak only through the Holy Bible. He does speak as well through the events we daily live together with people who may be don’t believe and he also does through the new awareness these events provoke in us as individuals and as a Christian church.

Stonewalling Sixteenth Street: Exposing the Spirit of Sodom

Last week’s Supreme Court ruling that appears to have set the stage for federalized same sex marriage, could not have come at a better time for the organizer’s of New York’s annual Gay Pride Parade.

What Changed?

A few months ago, Michael Peabody, Juan Perla, Alexander Carpenter, and I discussed the pending oral arguments on the cases of Hollingsworth v. Perry and U.S. v. Windsor.

The Season of the "Sad Passions" - On Today's SDA European Church

Argentinean born psychiatrist and philosopher Miguel Benasayag, now living and working in Paris, published, few years ago, a little book (“Les passions tristes: Souffrance psychique et crise sociale”) on what could be called “cultural sadness”. Picking up and applying Spinoza’s category of “sad passions” he describes the diffuse psychological pessimism, particularly present today in European young people, but tries to read it on a socio-cultural level.

Dreams from Their Fathers

This year, the prestigious Morehouse College was among the fortunate few to be afforded the privilege of having a sitting president deliver the graduation address. Thousands sat reverently in the open arena as the stubborn drizzle soaked their newly acquired garments. The gray skies and persistent precipitation were not enough to damp the spirits of the graduates and celebrants who were transfixed on the one whose presence transformed a routine event into an unforgettable moment.

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