What Dare We Pray?

Our friend Abbey is dying.

I Finished the Work

            In the synoptic gospels Jesus’ healings and exorcisms are called dúnamis. English versions translate this term as “wonder”, “virtue”, “miracle”. The Greek word means “strength”, “power”. The words “dynamo” and “dynamite” are derived from it.

Old Yearnings for the New Year

I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions and it’s been years since I spent hours on the first day of the year calling everyone in my address book. The truth is, the annual resetting of the calendar brings me more pain than joy. I’ve long rejected the samsara influenced myth that sees the first day of January as some sort of magical reset button. Oh, I wish we did have an opportunity to do some things over, but experience has taught me that this is absolutely impossible.

Adventism and the Intersex Problem

The Adventist church, like many conservative Christian denominations, takes an official position condemning homosexuality. The 1999 General Conference Annual Council approved a position statement, found on the church’s website at  that states:

Christmas Meditations*

 As a young mother, I would often sing my baby to sleep with the song about Jesus blessing the children.

Is Christmas Contaminated?

I had a colleague (this was years ago) who was assigned to a small town church whose members opposed any celebration of Christmas. When December came, the church members would drive past and peer in the parsonage windows, to check whether the new pastor’s family had Christmas decorations. So when my friend’s wife insisted they have a Christmas tree for their little boy, they had to set it up in the bathtub, that being the only room the church members couldn’t readily see into!

On the Third Day

            One of the characteristics of the gospel According to John is that the main events in the life of Jesus are connected to Jewish feasts or specific times. The expulsion of the money changers and traders from the temple happened on a Passover (2:13). The feeding of the five thousand took place on another Passover (6: 4). Apparently Jesus did not go up to Jerusalem for this one. The healing of the paralytic at the portals of the Pool of Bethesda in Jerusalem was done on “a feast of the Jews” (5: 1).

Random Thoughts on Republican Primary Candidates, Georgia, and the Kingdom


This season’s Republican primary battle makes one wonder if the leading contestants have secretly signed a deal with a reality television promoter. It appears that every day brings a story more shocking than the previous revelation as the drama intensifies by the minute. While the plot thickens, the needle on the public shockometer hardly registers as people’s sensitivities are seemingly immunized to the bizarre dysfunction.

Georgia on His Mind

Jots & Tittles

In Matthew 5, Jesus talks of the importance of little things, things as small as the dot over an i.   Lynne Truss in her 2004 best seller makes the same point in the title of her book,” Eats, Shoots and Leaves”.  Is this a statement about a murderous dinner guest?  Or, sans comma, could it describe the diet of a panda?   

The Mormon Moment

Recently I watched an interview with the polished and handsome Mitt Romney. He’ll quite possibly be the nominee for his party next year, and even if he isn’t, he’ll have left a big footprint on the American political landscape. I don’t like everything he stands for (if you can figure out what that is), but he’s clearly smart and pragmatic and, from what I can tell, at least as moral as some of the previous inhabitants of that office.

And he’s a Mormon.

The Hour is Coming, and Now is

            The gospel According to John invites us to enter an environment quite different from the one we have become accustomed to in the synoptic gospels. In these gospels Jesus preaches about the kingdom of God by means of parables that describe activities and objects of everyday village life. In According to John, as we have already pointed out in previous columns, Jesus preaches himself as the One Sent by the Father. His message is “I Am”.

Has America Forgotten About Slavery?

March 25, 2007, marked the bicentennial of the Abolition of the Slave Trade Act passed by the English Parliament in 1807. The Act put an end to the trading of African slaves that had gone on unhindered from 1562 when Queen Elizabeth I endorsed the slaving activities of John Hawkins.

NAD Year-end Meetings—Sunday Morning

Sunday morning delegates to North American Division year-end meetings addressed the Great Controversy Project, a favorite initiative of the General Conference President, Ted Wilson.  The project involves raising the money and finding the will for mass distribution of Ellen White’s famous book, and many NAD leaders appear to have mixed feelings about it.

NAD Year-end Meetings—Day I

“Hope and Wholeness.”  That, in a phrase, is what the North American Division has embraced as its mission. 

Friday morning the North American Division year-end meeting began with a reading of world Adventism’s current mission statement, an admirable if somewhat conventional document of about a paragraph in length.  Then NAD President Dan Jackson introduced a summary version that would express, for North America, the kernel of the world church’s statement.

A Primer on Contemporary Catholicism

It was my mentor, Dr. Jack Provansha, who introduced me to Hans Kung, a Catholic theologian from the University of Tubingen. (1)  Having read Kung, (and not being struck dead by lightening) I went on to read other serious Catholic theologians such as John Wijngaards, Karl Rahner,  Edward Schillebeeck, Anthony Tambasco and more devotional  writers such as Father John Powell.   I discovered the novels and the ‘who-done-it’s’ by the Catholic sociologist, Andrew Greeley and found these to be a great source for understanding the cultural context of Catholicism.

The Great Adventist Mythology

In the first church where I served as a pastoral intern, Carmen and I always chuckled when we heard in Sabbath School classes the assertion that before the time of the end Billy Graham would accept the Sabbath and join the Seventh-day Adventist church. I don’t know the origin of this story (I suspect Emilio Knechtle who was, I think, acquainted with Graham) but it was stated as a fact. It was mentioned frequently, and never questioned: people simply nodded as though it were something every Adventist knew.

To Bear Witness to the Truth

           The other day I found in a second hand book store a copy of Felipe Fernández-Armesto’s Truth. The title and the author caught my attention so I bought it, and I am reading it. Fernández-Armesto does not pretend to tell his readers what truth is. His purpose is to show how through the centuries human beings have searched ways to distinguish truth from falsehood. He has written a history of the search for truth.

Must We Be Silent?

“Then they will reply, ‘Lord, when did we ever see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or naked or sick or in prison, and not help you?’ And he will answer, ‘I tell you the truth, when you refused to help the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were refusing to help me.’” (Matthew 25:44-45)

Could Baby Jesus Solve Quadratic Equations?

Consider this thought experiment:

You are placed in a time machine and transported back to Bethlehem shortly after Jesus’s birth. You enter the stable and see Jesus, Mary and Joseph, and perhaps a few shepherds. Approaching the baby you kneel and gently ask Him (in your native, modern, non-Aramaic language): “Dear Jesus, What are the solutions to the equation: 3x4 + 20x2 + 50 = 2x4 + 5x2 -4?”

What response do you think you might get?

The Upper Room, Part II*

Throughout his ministry Jesus deliberately and intentionally broke and challenged societal stereotypes and cultural taboos.   He spoke to women publically; he encouraged women to speak out publically.  He taught women equally with men; he gave them the Spirit of understanding and freedom to study.  The apostle chosen by him to take the news of the resurrection to the disciples was a woman.  “Go and tell,” he said to Mary. 

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