Spoiler Alert For the Ultimate Cliffhanger

It was Shakespeare who opined, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” These famous words from the pastoral comedy, “As You Like It,” serve as the first two lines of a monologue depicting the seven acts experienced by every human on the journey from birth to death. However, in our age of reality television where newsrooms have been hijacked by shameless ideologues and provocateurs of sensationalism, the relevance of these lines extends beyond the individual to include all who have become objects of the public eye.

Not Surprised

Last week, the big news in Adventism came from Uganda. On Monday of that week Pastor Balsious Ruguri, church president for East and Central Africa, came out in support of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Uganda. The bill, which is colloquially known as the “Kill the Gays” bill, makes it a crime to engage in homosexual activity in the country. Penalties includelife imprisonment and the death penalty in some cases.

Our Nutty Fringe

On the day the Waco standoff came to a climax, I was on my way to a class with a dozen other pastors of various denominations for my doctoral program at the San Francisco Theological Seminary. Naturally, everyone was talking about it when I arrived. I remember the teacher turning to me as I walked in and saying, “Loren can tell us about these Waco people. They’re Seventh-day Adventists.”

Come and See

            The gospel According to John is a fascinating document. There is little doubt that of the four gospels, it is the one that since antiquity has inspired Christians the most. According to Mark shines for its sharp focus on the one who came to give his life a ransom for many and will appear triumphant at the imminent Parousía.

Life Lessons From the Crocodile Hunter

I’m not an avid nature enthusiast, but I always cherish opportunities to get closer to God’s creation. I’ve made my fair share of treks to the Chattanooga and Shedd aquaria, and plan to visit the world’s biggest in Atlanta in the off season when I can appreciate the multitude of specimens in relative quiet. I’ve visited a few botanical gardens, from the grandiose assortment at Kew in the United Kingdom to the quaint collection in Huntsville, Alabama, where I currently reside.

Christmas Lost and Found

They’ve decked the malls.  The supermarket music is oblivious (mostly) to the Christmas songs you find in Luke.  And even the “lead article” in the December Ministry, the Adventist magazine for pastors, misses the meaning of the Incarnation.  

It’s harder than ever to perceive Jesus through the season’s ribbons and wrapping.

One Thing

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday on the calendar. As a society we spend so much time focusing on the negative, focusing on what makes us different. We have just come out of an election that at least seemed as divisive as ever. Thanksgiving gives us a day to step back and be thankful for all of the many blessings that God gives us. I am certainly thankful for my family, my friends, and for the successes that God has engineered in my life throughout the past year. My heart and prayers also go out to those who have had tragedy meet them at some point over the last year.

Praying for (What We’ve Already Decided Is) God’s Will

The events at the recent Annual Council meeting in response to a few unions initiating women’s ordination shouldn’t have surprised anyone. Hierarchical organizations will always make sure the top of the hierarchy gets the last word. But that’s normal, and I’m not sure why anyone would have expected anything else. Neither should we be surprised at the steady magnetic draw that these leaders feel toward the least adventurous option, nor their reluctance to trust fully a democratic system. We must expect that, too.

Where Are You From?

            To the surprise of many, According to John exhibits elements characteristic of docetism. This doctrine says that the disciples saw Jesus alive after his crucifixion because the Logos who became incarnate was a divine being and therefore did not suffer death. In other words, it was not the mission of the Logos to die as an expiatory sacrifice, but to reveal to human beings the way of salvation. His saving mission did not require death and resurrection.

Romney’s Race for the White House

There is absolutely no logical reason why Mitt Romney should be leading Barack Obama in any state. More than any campaign in recent history, the Romney camp has adopted a strategy of flagrant lies and delirious deception, and it appears to be working for them. The extent Romney’s surrogates go to cover the lies would make a beetroot blush.

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