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Pacific Union Conference Votes in Favor of Divisions Deciding Ordination Policies

A news release on the Pacific Union Conference website puts the union on record in favor of allowing divisions to proceed with the ordination of women. The Pacific Union Conference has long led the move toward ordination equality within the Seventh-day Adventist Church. In September of 2012, union executive committee members approved fourteen female candidates for ordination

Sabbath Potluck at Spectrum Cafe: Krista Ballew's Heirloom Tomato Tart Will Change Your Life

Unlike most young women her age, Krista Ballew prefers the farmers market over the outlet mall. Northern California native and 2013 Pacific Union College graduate, Ballew can lose herself for hours among rows of locally grown produce as she looks for inspiration for her evening meal. As a nurse working for the neonatal ICU unit in Loma Linda University Medical Center, Ballew knows it’s important to eat mindfully, but her healthy cooking skills developed long before she set foot in a nutrition class. From the time she was a little girl, Ballew’s mother Rhonda taught her the art of cooking.

Chris Picco Loses Wife and Son Only Days Apart

Musician and recording artist Chris Picco from Loma Linda, California lost his wife, Ashley Picco, and his son, Lennon James Picco, within three days of one another. On August 26, Ashley, age 30, shared publicly on her Facebook page a photo of the couple's legs and feet with a tiny pair of shoes between them with the words, "Coming Soon," one week after their seven-year wedding anniversary.

Adventists In The News: "SDA Church in Uganda Gets New Archbishop"

Here are four headlines from around the world in this week's roundup of Adventists in the news:

Youth Pastor Leaves Adventist Church Employment - In the Name of God

Shayne Daughenbaugh, known affectionately as the bearded pastor, has a rich history of serving young people. After graduating from Union College in 1996, he served as a chaplain at Bakersfield Adventist Academy in California and as youth pastor at the Hillcrest Adventist Church.

Southwestern Adventist University Inaugurates President Ken Shaw, Raises Over $100K

Southwestern Adventist University inaugurated Dr. Ken Shaw as the 25th president Friday, November 7, on Shaw’s 130th day in office. The new president’s wife, Ann Shaw, and family were in attendance. The ceremony began with the inauguration procession, accompanied by the Southwestern Wind Symphony and local bagpiper, Matt Willis. The procession was led by ceremony marshal Dr. Marcel Sargeant, Professor of Education and Psychology, followed by the Board of Trustees, former presidents, delegates from schools across the nation, faculty emeriti, current faculty and staff, and the president.

Veteran's Day Stories: Adventist Non-combatant Served as Secret Lab Rat

Today, November 11, the United States marks Veteran's Day to honor those who have served in the American Armed forces. Seventh-day Adventists have historically had a tenuous relationship with military service. Famously, Adventist conscientious objectors like Desmond Doss put Adventists on the map for their non-combatancy. Today, Adventists tend to be far less strident about non-combatancy. At Spectrum, we mark this American holiday by remembering an Adventist non-combatant who served as a test subject for the U.S. Army. -Ed

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Viewpoint: Henderson Preached and The World Did Not End

This past weekend my church, the Arlington Seventh-day Adventist Church, hosted the current pariah of Adventist circles, none other than Pacific Union College’s Jonathan Henderson. In case you have been under a rock for the last few weeks, Jonathan presented a sermon for PUC’s Fall Revival entitled "Adam and Steve."

Middle East University Hopes To Attract American Students to Study Arabic in Lebanon

Middle East University began a U.S. marketing trip with a November 5-7 stop at Walla Walla University to recruit students to study Arabic in Lebanon through the Adventist Colleges Abroad program.

Founded at La Sierra University 51 years ago, the ACA program started with 22 adventurous La Sierra students and three Pacific Union College students. They traveled across the ocean by boat to study French at Collonges-sous-Salève, a mountainside village overlooking Geneva, Switzerland.

Pacific Union College Student: "I Was Heartbroken and Angered"

In 2005 I was a third grader at Skagit Adventist School, now Academy, in Burlington, Washington. My class was the largest class in the school, 19 kids, something we were all very proud of.  Mrs. Gaver, described by some of my former classmates as “out there,” taught third grade that year. She was brilliant. She made third grade a year of learning through fun.

NAD Reminds Adventist Satirists That There Is Nothing Funny About Women's Ordination

At the 2014 NAD Year-End Meetings, President Dan Jackson made a special announcement banning the use of humor or satire in the discussion of female ordination. Jackson reminded everyone that given tense times in the run-up to next year's GC Session vote on female ordination, "no one should so much as smile" while discussing the divisive issue.

Hyundai's $250K Grant Will Fund LLU Cancer Research

Hyundai Motor Company, a multinational South Korean car manufacturer, has donated $250,000 to fund Loma Linda University's leukemia research. Hyundai awarded the grant to Dr. Kimberley Payne, an associate professor at Loma Linda University School of Medicine and director of translational research at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Payne lost her younger brother to leukemia, according to a report in the Redlands Daily Facts. She told the Facts that her work on behalf of children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia matters to her not just professionally, but personally:

Adventists In The News: Eliel Cruz Joins Religion News Service as LGBT Blogger

This is our weekly roundup of Seventh-day Adventists in the news.

WWU Student Body President's Inside Look at NAD Year-end Meetings

Unity does not entail uniformity. Elder Dan Jackson, chair of the Seventh-day Adventist North American Division Executive Committee and NAD President, reiterated the importance of diverse perspectives.

UPDATED: Walla Walla Nursing Program Accreditation Reinstated With Warning

In August, we reported that two Seventh-day Adventist universities in North America, Walla Walla University and Washington Adventist University, lost accreditation for their nursing programs.

North American Division Seeks Higher Ground, Votes Statement on Civil Discourse

SILVER SPRING - The North American Division (NAD) Executive Committee unanimously adopted a statement that encourages “respectful, Christ-like dialogue” between Christians, particularly in regards to the upcoming 2015 General Conference Session vote on women’s ordination.

North American Division Votes to Move Out of GC Building

Following an afternoon of spirited debate the Executive Committee of the North American Division (NAD) Year-end Meeting approved two motions regarding the potential relocation of the NAD headquarters: 1) to accept the recommendation by the President’s NAD Council and NAD and Union Officers (NADOUP) that the NAD headquarters be moved to someplace within the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area; and 2) that the NAD should proceed with the relocation process.

Makers of "Seventh-Gay Adventists" Say New Film Project Answers the Question, "What Next?"

Daneen Akers and Stephen Eyer, the husband-wife team behind the "Seventh-Gay Adventists" film, have started raising funds for a new companion film that they say will offer answers to the question "What is next?" for Seventh-day Adventists who have started important conversations about homosexuality.

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