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Final Reflections from Friedensau: What Have We Learned?

By Thursday lunchtime last week, the 19 men at Friedensau Adventist University had told their stories of the various responses of the Seventh-day Church to the First World War and looked at the effects of the war on the church.

War, Virtue and the Quest for a New Adventism

The last day of the conference at Friedensau Adventist University,The Impact of World War I on Seventh-day Adventists,” was a half-day, with qu

New President Named at Union College

Union College has hired its first woman president. Dr. Vinita Sauder replaces John Wagner, retiring this summer.

Viewpoint: A Crisis of Leadership at Washington Adventist University

President of Washington Adventist University Weymouth Spence and Provost Cheryl Kisunzu recently announced that four faculty are being laid off because of budget constraints. Dr. Susan Comilang, chair of the English Department, Joseph Tobing, assistant professor of Computer Science, Dr.

Unprecedented Meeting Examines Church’s Missional Structure

Today the North American Division published this report about its meetings this week.

Viewpoint: A Response to the Adventist Review on the NFL's First Openly Gay Player

In this month’s Adventist Review, Jimmy Phillips writes about the NFL’s draft – specifically on the historical moment of the first openly gay player (Michael Sam) being drafted. Using Sam as a straw man, Phillips uses “scare quotes” to describe Michael’s coming out.

Bringing the Real World to Genesis: The Friendship of Science and Religion

Perhaps no other hard science is so closely linked to theology than is physics, for it has a lot to say about the formation of the universe as we know it, as well as significant data about how the solar system formed. It is interesting to retrospectively consider the evolution of scientific thinking over the past century, with the old view being that the universe had always been here, However, with the discovery of physical data strongly suggesting that the universe, as we know it, had a beginning, a revolution of thinking occurred.

Coping with War: Stories, Dilemmas, and a Breakthrough Moment

A dividing wall was cracking tonight — or, better, crumbling.  You could hear and see it — in welcoming words; in faces warm with mutual regard; in conversation that was shedding light instead of heat.

War and Adventist Pragmatism at the German Conference

For the last 24 hours I have been listening to Seventh-day Adventist scholars telling the story of their church’s attitude to and participation in war.  Between them, they have told an amazingly moving and varied story – a story which, like all good stories, raises profound questions about Seventh-day Adventists, the God they worship and the faith and spirituality they practice.

Caring for Words: Pray

The Spectrum blog book club is discussing 

Prophecy, War, Moral Drift and Moral Courage

“Hope is the mark of our Christian existence,” said Bernhard Oesterich.  But does authentic hope involve accurate prediction concerning end-time chronology?  Does authentic hope come down to information — a “message” about what happens next, and when and where, ingeniously derived from Scripture’s apocalyptic material?

Conviction and Moral Drift: War in the Story of Adventism

At Germany’s Friedensau Adventist University, presenters, guests and students have begun a three-day quest for constructive conversation about war and Adventist response to war.  

Review May Close in Hagerstown, Maryland, Under Restructuring Plan

Today the General Conference published the following press release - the latest news in the saga of trying to find a way to salvage the floundering publishing houses in the North American Division:

Where Everybody Knows Your Name...

For many decades a group of people faithfully renewed annual memberships in the Association of Adventist Forums to support quarterly publication of the Spectrum journal. All who received Spectrum had either paid for it themselves or someone else had gifted them a subscription. We therefore generally knew who was in our community of readers, thinkers, believers and searchers because they provided the financial means for what we do.

Miami Union Academy Teacher Wins Excellence Award

The Alumni Awards Foundation has bestowed one of its 2014 Excellence in Teaching Award to Elticia Buisson, social studies teacher at Miami Union Academy. The award was presented to the Oakwood University alumnus at a ceremony on April 26.

Three Angles News - Oakwood Wins $25,000 Grant

1. Oakwood University has won a $25,000 Campus Pride Grant in The Home Depot's 2014 RETOOL YOUR SCHOOL contest. The win comes through a combination of social media activity and a voting score.

Caring for Words Book Club: Play

The Spectrum blog book club is discussing 

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