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Overcoming the LGT Formula

I love the gospel. There is so much power and beauty in it — it is the one biblical theme I never get tired of.

Join Us for the 2014 Spectrum/AF Conference

The 2014 Spectrum/Adventist Forum Conference will take place October 3-5 at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina.  Entitled The Great Adventist Stories, it will highlight different perspectives on the original and ongoing story of The Great Controversy, the relatively recent trauma of The Great Disappointment and our communal longing for The Great Advent Hope.  These shared Adventist stories are all grounded in the stories of the Bible which find common ground

New Trans European Division President Nominated

Raafat Kamal, the field secretary and assistant to the president of the Trans European Division, has been nominated to serve as the new president of the Division in a meeting of the Division Executive Committee with General Conference President Ted N.C. Wilson. The nomination goes to the July 10 meeting of the General Conference Administrative Committee for approval.

Michigan Conference Did Not Support Pipim's Re-Baptism

The president of the Michigan Conference, Jay Gallimore, sent a memo yesterday to all conference ministers and staff, saying he believed the Ann Arbor Church had made the right decision not to re-baptize Samuel-Koranteng Pipim "at this time," and that "rebaptism does not necessarily reestablish spiritual leadership."

Supreme Court Lets Ban on "Conversion Therapy" Stand

As it works to clear its caseload before summer recess, the US Supreme Court said yesterday that it will not hear a case contesting a California ban on “conversion therapy.”

California was the first state to ban the practice, which is aimed at changing the sexual orientation of gay and lesbian minors.

Growing Up Adventist: A Place in the Church

I’m a second generation Seventh-day Adventist woman. I was born in Argentina, in the rural region of Entre Rios. My birth and identity as an Adventist begins here: with convert parents who met at an Adventist university, married, and dedicated both daughters to the church. 

NAD Approves of Supreme Court's Ruling for Hobby Lobby

The North American Division of the SDA Church said today that it was “encouraged” by the US Supreme Court’s ruling for Hobby Lobby. In the 5-4 decision, the Court decided that the for-profit, family-owned (“closely held”) corporation does not have to offer female employees all Food and Drug Administration-approved contraceptives, as the Affordable Health Care mandates.

SDA Church Asks for Exemption in Order Banning LGBT Discrimination

Dwayne Leslie, director of legislative affairs at the General Conference, was one of a list of over 100 religious leaders who signed a letter this week asking US President Barack Obama for religious freedom protection in the executive order he plans to sign prohibiting federal contractors from considering sexual orientation or gender identity in hiring decisions.

First Woman Associate Dean Appointed at Andrews Seminary

Andrews University has appointed a woman as associate dean at the seminary - the first time a woman has held this post. The Adventist Review published a story about new associate dean Teresa Reeve yesterday.

Samuel Koranteng-Pipim Re-baptized

Samuel Koranteng-Pipim was re-baptized last Friday, June 20, at the Columbus Ghanaian Seventh-day Adventist Church in Columbus, Ohio, three years after his ministry for the church was terminated.

Three Angles News - Adventist and Catholic Health Systems to Partner

1. The Catholic Alexian Brothers Health System and Adventist Midwest Health have signed a letter of intent to form a partnership.  Both healthcare company CEOs said that “under their nonbinding agreement, each company will maintain control of its assets, identities and different religious priorities."

Critical Blog Posts, Pushing Women's Ordination Gets Mormons Excommunicated

The Mormon church has excommunicated the founder of a prominent women's group called Ordain Women, finding her guilty of apostasy (defined as "repeated and public advocacy of positions that oppose church teachings") in a disciplinary hearing last weekend.

Kate Kelly created the organization that advocates for women to join the priesthood in the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

October Annual Council Next Step for TOSC Findings

After three years of intensive meetings, the Theology of Ordination Study Committee (TOSC) Chair Artur Stele presented the committee’s report to the General Conference Administrative Committee (ADCOM) on June 18, where it was simply received. ADCOM took no further action regarding the three possible ways forward in the TOSC recommendations, according to attendees, but will simply forward the report to Annual Council.

Making History: A Review of Ellen Harmon White: American Prophet

A major new book on Ellen G. White was reviewed by Harvard religious history professor David Holland and Denis Fortin in the latest issue of the Spectrum journal, Volume 42, Issue 2, Spring 2014. We are posting Holland's review here. For anyone who would like to obtain a copy of the journal, including the other review by Denis Fortin and an excerpt of the book, as well as reviews of The Ellen G.

Go to Campmeeting Online

It's campmeeting season, but these days, you don't have to pitch your tent. You don't even have to get in your car. Now maybe watchng a service isn't the same as being a part of it, but you can attend many more campmeetings with the benefit of live streaming than was ever possible in the old days.

Altruistic Giving is Smart Giving

First, the good news: As you can see in the ad on this page, we have surpassed our goal in the Global Community Campaign. Thank you so much for your support. 

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