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Zulema Ibarra

The Root of the Problem

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When an epidemic arises, groups do not just work to address the containment of the epidemic, trying to treat those who can be saved and providing hospice care for those who will die. When a disease ravages through a community, it is a given that there will be groups working towards the annihilation of the root of the problem, the pathogen that is causing the deaths. Maybe during some far-off century, people would leave the epidemic to the whims of precarious gods. But now, it would be considered irresponsible for the root of the problem to remain ignored.

La Sierra University Students Rally For Votes


Monday was a big day for hopeful supporters of Barack Obama at La Sierra University. Mike Tyler, Zulema Ibara, and Amanda O'Reilly-- all seniors at LSU-- had barely gotten the materials and resources by which to conduct a rally on their campus.

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