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Spectrum Summer Reading Group Gets Unclean

Richard Beck asks us to imagine spitting into a Dixie cup…and then drinking its contents.

Disgusting, right? Although this seems like the natural reaction to have, it’s actually rather odd, if you think about it. We swallow our own saliva all the time. “But,” as Beck notes, “the second saliva is expelled from the body it become something foreign and alien. It is no longer saliva—it is spit.”

The Cost of Discipleship – 1: Grace

This is the first post in a nine-part series for Spectrum’s 2014 Summer Reading Group.

Summer Reading Group: The Cost of Discipleship

The summer is well underway and once again we’re planning to blog through a book together.

Postmodern Apologetics?—5: Marion and A God of Gift and Charity

This is the fifth post of a twelve-part series for Spectrum’s 2013 Summer Reading Group. Each post will be drawn from chapters of Postmodern Apologetics? by Christina M. Gschwandtner.

2013 Summer Reading Group: ‘Postmodern Apologetics?’

The past few summers, we’ve beat back the season’s doldrums by discussing and debating topics ranging from evolution to the emerging church.

To Change the World: Thinking Theologically about Culture

This is the first post in a nine-part series for the SPECTRUM Summer Reading Group. The nine posts will be drawn from the chapters of To Change the World by James Hunter. You can find the reading schedule here.

Do I Have to Believe in Evolution?: Summer Reading Group—II

Part of the difficulty of proving any scientific theory is due to the inductive nature of scientific reasoning, at least, in the empirical sciences. One makes repeated observations, and from those observations, draws inferences. Inferential reasoning, as David Hume points out, provides us with probability, but never certainty. (We’ve seen this truth demonstrated, most recently in the news, with the Casey Anthony trial.)

Between Athens and Jerusalem: Nietzsche for Adventists


With a work entitled The Anti-Christ and declarations like “God is dead” the thought of Frederich Nietzsche seems obviously inimical to Christian faith.

Between Jerusalem and Athens: Kierkegaard for Adventists


“God told me to do it.” In an age of terrorism and clerical scandal, such a claim sounds especially dangerous.

Between Athens and Jerusalem: Hobbes for Adventists


Recently, I had my class read sections from Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan and was surprised by the response.

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