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Perspective: Even The General Conference in Session Doesn't Believe all 28 Fundamental Beliefs

Do you have to believe all 28 Fundamental Beliefs in order to be an Adventist? This is a common question pastors are asked. If you were to talk to most Adventists, they would admit that there is at least one Fundamental Belief they are uncomfortable with. My response to this question has always been three-fold:

1. If you want to be considered an Adventist, wh oam I to tell you that you aren’t? If you find the Adventist church provides you meaningful worship, fellowship, and service experiences please stay.

Un delegado y pastor de la Asociación de California responde al comunicado de la Asociación General

Esta carta abierta es una respuesta a la declaración de los Ejecutivos de la Asociación General con respecto a la elección de Sandra Roberts como presidente de la Asociación Sureste de California (SECC por sus siglas en inglés).

Ejecutivos de la Asociación General:

Soy pastor y fui delegado en la asamblea de la SECC en la que voté por Sandra Roberts para que fuera presidente de la Asociación. Sabía que esta decisión sería controvertida y rechazada por el liderazgo de la Asociación General.

An SECC Delegate Responds to GC Executive Officers

This open letter is a response to the statement from the General Conference Executive Officers regarding the election of Sandra Roberts as Southeastern California Conference President.

General Conference Executive Officers,

What Would Ellen White Say to Church Leaders?

Last week I asked what Martin Luther King would say about the current ordination struggle. Today I am asking what Ellen White would say.

What Would MLK Say to Church Leaders?

 I often find myself turning to the sermons and writings of Martin Luther King, Jr. when contemplating issues of justice. In light of the debate surrounding women’s ordination, I turned again to his writings, specifically his “Letter from Birmingham Jail,”[i] for guidance. In reading this letter again, I was struck at how relevant it is for the discussion today.

Is Being Unique a Virtue?

Screen shot 2010-07-16 at 10.02.41 AM.png

Should the Seventh-day Adventist Church strive to remain unique and distinctive in its beliefs and practices? Is our uniqueness a virtue?

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