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Todd Leonard

Drop the Mic: Reincarnating the Adventist Faith Part 5

“We have this hope that burns within our hearts/Hope in the coming of the Lord.”1 The soon coming of Christ, the end of evil, the death of death; no more crying, mourning or pain; a new heaven and a new earth—these are the angelic trumpet blasts of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. More than one Adventist leader has said that when we lose sight of Christ’s second coming and the promise of the new earth, we’ll lose our energy and drive. We will be a church without a mission.

Drop the Mic: Reincarnating the Adventist Faith Part 4

So far in this series, we have come to grips with two facts about Adventism in North America:

1. Adventist Bible-based evangelism is less and less effective in bringing people into the Adventist church.

2. New converts discover that they do not experience the transformational benefits and connection with God that were explicitly and implicitly promised to them when they decided to join the Adventist church. And, it appears to them, most veteran Adventist members do not have the vibrant relationship with God nor have experienced great personal transformation either.

Drop the Mic: Reincarnating the Adventist Faith Part 3

In the first article of this series, we looked at our denomination’s decreasing effectiveness in evangelistic conversion and member retention. We can’t expect to bring people to God and into our churches with a Bible-based evangelistic model when they don’t consider the scriptures to be authoritative. And we can’t expect people to stay in our churches when they discover that the spiritual experiences that we promised them rarely come true when they join our church.

Drop the Mic: Reincarnating the Adventist Faith Part 2

“I’m a very good man. I’m just a very bad wizard.”

In part one of this series, I reminded us of the sad reality of the decline of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America. And I suggested that the traditional Adventist evangelistic model was increasingly incapable of reversing that trend and bringing new people into relationship with God and our denomination because of two flaws, one primarily methodological and one deeply spiritual:

Drop the Mic: Reincarnating the Adventist Faith Part 1

Then Toto Pulled Back the Curtain . . .

“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain. The Great and Powerful Oz has spoken.”

Love, Sex, Orientation & Companionship: A Review of "Journey Interrupted"

Coming Out Ministries (COM) is an organization that is devoted to helping people find “redemption, victory, healing, and freedom from homosexuality.” COM board members, Brian and Anne Savinsky,

Vote to Help an Adventist School Get Fifty Laptops

The Shoal Creek Adventist Elementary School in Sharpsburg, GA (just south of Atlanta) with about 50 students is in the running to receive 50 laptops from Charter Cable. They are in third place in the voting and need about 2000 votes to jump up to the top two, which will both receive 50 laptops. The deadline for votes is September 20.

Click here to directly vote for the school
. (Takes about a minute, email address required.)

Summer Reading Group: Deep Ecclesiology

Screen shot 2010-07-29 at 8.36.01 AM_0.png

This is the seventh post in a nine-part series for the SPECTRUM/re-church Summer Reading Group. The nine posts will be drawn from chapters of Deep Church, by Jim Belcher. You can find the reading schedule here.

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