T. Joe Willey

The Great Controversy Over Plagiary: The Last Interview of Walter Rea (Part Two)

This is the second part of a two part series of conversations between T. Joe Willey and former Seventh-day Adventist pastor and author of The White Lie, Walter T. Rea. Read the first part of this series here.

The Great Controversy Over Plagiary: The Last Interview of Walter Rea

Can we hold something in the back of our head that we are absolutely sure about, and that most of the brethren stand with us on?—can we hold those things back and be true to ourselves? And furthermore, are we safe in doing it? Is it well to let our people in general go on holding to the verbal inspiration of the Testimonies? When we do that, aren’t we preparing for a crisis that will be very serious some day?

Twisting the Tail of the Comet: Bill Loveless at the Beginning

Today a memorial service for William A. Loveless, a beloved pastor who impacted countless lives during his notable career, is being held at the Loma Linda University Church at 2pm.

How Much Does It Really Cost to Go to an Adventist College?

The moral case for doing a better job of giving Americans the opportunity to succeed is very compelling. The economic case is just as strong. If more Americans are educated, more will be employed, their collective earnings will be greater, and the overall productivity of the American workforce will be higher.

Book Review: The Bible, Rocks and Time: Geological Evidence for the Age of the Earth

The Bible, Rocks and Time: Geological Evidence for the Age of the Earth by Davis A. Young & Ralph F. Stearley. InterVarsity Press. pp. 510. 2008. $22.50

Tensions between Secularization and Sectarianism in Adventist Higher Education

My son Bruce, a journalist for the newspaper Good Times in Santa Cruz, was assigned to write a story about the possible effects of climate change on the Bristle Cone Pines in the White Mountains of California.  He arranged to

The Man Who Talked With God

“I talked to God … Yes I did—Actually and Literally … You too may experience that strange mystical power which comes from talking with God, and when you do, if there is poverty, unrest, unhappiness, ill-health or material lack in your life, well—the same Power is able to do for you what it did for me.”   - Advertisement by Frank B. Robinson.

Does God Speak Through Lightning?

On Sabbath afternoon, December 28, 2013, in a Malawi SDA church, lightning killed eight worshippers, and injured 40 more.  A few samples from the online forum in the Nyasa Times demonstrates how individuals attach significance to a natural tragedy, taking it as a sign of how God thinks and making Him into a culturally-constructed supernatural agent. 

Where Great Minds Meet: A Sabbath School and its Website

Every Sabbath at 10:30am individuals from all walks of life gather upstairs in a lecture room in Centennial Hall on the Loma Linda University campus.  Each week they come to listen to an hour-long presentation followed by another hour of spirited dialogue with the speaker.  Everyone is given the opportunity to ask a question, express a view, or offer an inspired opinion following the presentation.  A timekeeper imposes a three-minute limit on class members who speak during the second hour and one minute on a related interjection into the thread of the dialogue that was just g

The “Woman Clothed with the Sun” Who Failed to Give Birth to the Second Messiah

I was at first in doubt whether it would be advisable to introduce any mention of this wretched body of fanatics in the present work: but since they have established regular houses of worship … since the delusion has spread abroad amongst the middle and lower classes to a considerable, nay, to an incredible extent, and especially since a daring prediction of a pretended Messiah, to be born of this woman about the latter end of the present year (1814) has received a species of countenance which could hardly have been believed without the support of undoubted testimony, the Southc

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