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Sabbath Word: The Problem With the Argument for Women's Ordination

Kessia Reyne Bennett has served as a university chaplain, an evangelist, a pastor, and a social media professional. She is currently pursuing a PhD in systematic theology from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois.

On January 24, she spoke at Loma Linda University Church's Re:Live Sabbath School during a weekend focused on the topic of women's ordination called "Women's Ordination: The Road to San Antonio." In her sermon entitled "Rights and Wrongs," Bennett addressed the problem with the argument for women's ordination.

Southern Adventist University Student Found Dead in Dorm

A press release on the Southern Adventist University website announced the death of Kimberly Andreu on Tuesday, March 24. Kimberly's Facebook profile indicates that she previously studied at Instituto Adventista Paranense in Ivatuba, Brazil. According to preliminary findings, her death was the result of natural causes. She was 21 years old.

The release from Southern Adventist University follows:

BuzzFeed Asks Whether Ben Carson's Political Ambitions Could Ruin His Legacy

BuzzFeed News Reporter Joel Anderson has considered the impact Dr. Ben Carson's presidential run might have on his legacy. The world renowned neurosurgeon has taken steps toward a run at the White House, and Anderson wonders whether the latest episode in Carson's exceptional biography will ruin the unblemished view of Carson as "folk hero" (a title assigned by the New York Times in 1993) earned in one of the most difficult and prestigious occupations in America.

Time to Join the Fray on the Dress Debate

This is the dress that everyone is talking about right now. Here's the basic story from the NYTimes:

The mother of the bride at a wedding wore white and gold. Or was it blue and black?

Spousal Abuse and Tending the Flock

Spousal abuse is a delicate topic in any community, but can be especially difficult to discuss within a conservative Christian environment where the stigma and ramifications of divorce often leave victims feeling as if they’ve experienced abuse all over again—this time at the hands of the church. For this reason, the author of this piece has been granted anonymity to share her story, which she tells here for the first time. 


The Christmas Story as Told by Children

The story of Christmas as told by the children of St Paul's Church, Auckland, New Zealand.

An Interview with BarelyAdventist

If you haven’t come across BarelyAdventist yet, you need to immediately go check it out. The satire and humor site is reframing old Adventist jokes and social critiques in an attempt to stimulate growth within the community. So far, they have remained anonymous, which meant that we had to do this interview over google chat. I spoke to their lead writer whose user name is Stripples Rule.

Spectrum-Café Hispano muere de éxito

A nuestros lectores: A lo largo de la semana pasada, el cada vez mayor número de visitas que registra la web de Spectrum-Café Hispano llegó hasta el punto de “colmar el vaso”.  Esto se tradujo en dificultades para acceder al servidor (las páginas se cargan con más lentitud) y en ocasiones, el acceso a esta web quedó simplemente bloqueado.

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