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Introducing: Best of Spectrum Comments, June 18-25, 2015

In order to highlight the great feedback we often receive as comments to the articles on the Spectrum Website, the editorial team introduces what will be a regular Friday feature: The Best of the Comments. Spectrum editors will select comments representing the best in respectful discourse and furthering the conversations that begin with Spectrum's articles and news stories. Here are nine comments we especially appreciated this week with links to the articles under which the comments appeared. -Editors


Frank A. Knittel Passes Away

The Chattanoogan announced today the passing of Frank A. Knittel, an Adventist university administrator, business owner, pastor, and professor, who also served in the United States Army. Knittel, 87, was a resident of Ooltewah, Tennessee near Southern Adventist University, and was a member of the Collegedale Community Church of Seventh-day Adventists. He is survived by his wife, Helen Dean Knittel, his son, Jeff Knittel, his daughter, Sherry Knittel Drew, five grandchildren, and nieces and nephews.

Revival & Reformation Planning Team Responds to 11 Days of Prayer Article

On January 3, Spectrum published a satirical article by Sevvy, a blogger at the humor website BarelyAdventist.com, entitled, "GC Schedules Worldwide 10 Days of Prayer Over 11 Days." While that article was a humor piece, the General Conference Revival and Reformation planning team, responsible for the Ten Days of Prayer initiative, took it seriously enough to issue the following email response offering an explanation of th

New Trans European Division President Nominated

Raafat Kamal, the field secretary and assistant to the president of the Trans European Division, has been nominated to serve as the new president of the Division in a meeting of the Division Executive Committee with General Conference President Ted N.C. Wilson. The nomination goes to the July 10 meeting of the General Conference Administrative Committee for approval.

SONscreen 2014: Looking Back and Ahead

UPDATED May 8 with festival organizer's comments.

Looking back at SONscreen 2014, some of the filmmakers who attended from around the US reflect on the Adventist film festival.

Adventists In The Military: The Death of a Peace Church?

This presentation concludes the Advent Movement series at the Azure Hills Church in Grand Terrace, CA. Ron Osborn considers Adventists’ changing attitudes on military involvement.

The Azure Hills Church in Grand Terrace California has been hosting a multi-part series on Adventist history entitled "The Advent Movement: Progress or Regress?" In the video below, USC adjunct professor of Politics and International Relations, Ronald Osborn, addresses Adventists’ changing attitude on military involvement from strident anti-war non-combatancy to a much more lax attitude.

North American Division Reports on Women's Ordination News

In a helpful document that gathers the recent motions and actions of conferences and unions across the North American Division (NAD) as well as General Conference actions, the NAD Communication Department has published the first official report on the current women's ordination discussion. While individual union and conferences have posted and published reports of their local actions, the NAD report is the first one to bring together all of the actions.

Leaders Respond to the GC/NAD Conflict Over Equality for Adventist Women

Martin Weber, D.Min. — Director of Communication, Mid-America Union Conference
Elder Dan Jackson has brought an unprecedented quality of leadership to North America, in my opinion: visionary, inspiring, courageous and compassionate. Thus I am saddened by his apology that accompanied the reversal of Policy E-60 related to women in leadership. To quote: “. . . We were doing so under the assumption that the North American Division had a constituency separate and distinct from the General Conference. Unfortunately, we were wrong and we sincerely apologize.”

Paulsen Honored by King Harald V of Norway

Dr. Jan Paulsen, former Seventh-day Adventist world church President, has been appointed Commander of the Royal Norwegian Order of Merit by King Harald V of Norway. In the announcement released to the media February 2, the Royal Palace states that “H. M. The King has appointed Jan Paulsen Commander of the Royal Norwegian Order of Merit for meritorious work for the good of humanity.”

For Pastor Paulsen, 77, the news came as a “complete surprise.”

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